An Experience Promoting Shen Yun: Saving More People

Kuang Ci

PureInsight | June 26, 2013


Awakening sentient beings to act as live media

“Disciple: Master previously mentioned that at a minimum over fifty percent of the sentient beings in the mainland should be saved. How does the situation look right now? If we could continue to be diligent and have righteous thoughts, would there be a hope of exceeding that goal? Could we reach sixty to seventy percent?

Master: When the gods at each level saw the state of things in this world they made certain arrangements, with the result being that at every level the arrangement was that but one out of ten people on the earth would remain. Based on how much you have done so far, the number is not enough. It's not that I want to keep some specific amount. Rather, we should save as many as possible, and at a minimum half should be able to remain; or ideally, it could be seventy or eighty percent. So that's why I have asked you to do your utmost to save them. I know that the majority of the people in this world came from above, which is a scenario different from what the gods saw when they made those arrangements back at the beginning. Had they realized what kind of human beings would be here today, that they would come from higher planes, they would not have dared to set the figure at one out of ten people back then. But as it stands, the evil has arranged things to such an extent, and they are things that no one can retract. So, faced with this kind of evil-wrought impediment, we cannot let up in our efforts to clarify the truth” (Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website's Founding) From last November to this April, I realized several new implications about this segment of Fa; I found that as long as I consistently spent time studying Fa diligently and looking inwards, I could actually save one out of every two people. I paid visits at top speed and with full concentration to tens of bosses without eating or drinking, while thinking of how to speak better on the way from one company to the next. Upon entering, I focused directly on people’s hearts without listening to or bringing up ordinary people’s news. I tried to remove all distracting thoughts, striving to keep a pure thought during the Shen Yun promotion. When resting, I conserved strength and stored energy for the sake of studying Fa with heart. When problems arose, my first thought was to look inward and definitely not view others negatively. A week and three days before the performance, I reached an optimal state. Every day I finished work, I also reached my best state. No matter how big a company or how high ranking a boss, I would calmly and clearly explain the values of Shen Yun and then mobilize them to become live media.

While discussing the topic with me, a practitioner told me that I had visited 3,000 bosses in two months. I was very surprised. Why wasn’t there a full house? Looking inward, I thought it was all because of me, seeking for quantity when talking to bosses. I hastily bid farewell and went to visit the next boss even if the current one was willing to listen, so I had to change the original truth clarification phrases drastically. Apart from several essential factors in Shen Yun’s examination, I spoke directly toward people’s hearts. I told them my home is in another city so far away, yet I still volunteer every year like this. This show must be unparalleled; otherwise I would never do this sincerely and speak everywhere I visited for free. People in your city all know Shen Yun is coming, but no one knows Shen Yun, so you need fans like me to explain what it is. Hurry and attend. Many patients say their diseases were cured after watching the show; some fashion designers say they found inspiration from the show; some Hollywood movie stars say Shen Yun gave them new ideas for their next work; some reporters say that this is a new Renaissance. In fact this is ancient traditional culture that does not exist anymore. A 40-year Broadway critic said that if he rated other performances 3 stars, he would give Shen Yun five stars. Last week there were 10 full-house shows in Los Angeles, and more than 100 seats were added to each show. (Bosses frequently cheered and exclaimed upon hearing this statement, “Really?” It was a reserved phrase.) Due to the global economic crisis in the last six years, many theater audiences dwindled or became nonexistent. However, Shen Yun has been an unprecedented grand occasion in the past six years. With audience members spreading the word, the audience numbers always grew from year to year, and there have been many full-houses. I told them you must cherish this time; perhaps you have been waiting for or seeking this all your life, yet you do not realize it when it comes to your doorstep. Many audience members say that everything they have been awaiting their entire lives, was included in this performance. Some audience members say there was an electric feeling that restored memories long forgotten. These great shows are forbidden in mainland China by the communist party. (This was absolutely a reserved sentence; many people decided to go upon hearing this. They all said, “if the communist party is against it, it must be a good thing, and I will go.” Some would ask, “Why?”) I told them that it was because the communist party was atheist and did not believe in Gods, but traditional culture and classical arts are all linked to Gods. Human beings were created by Gods. Where would you go if you did not believe in Gods? Isn’t it like your mother gave birth to you, yet you do not believe she exists?

I spoke to one after another in this manner. Some bosses in watchmakers or tailors shops listened while working. In the end they said, “I think we will see each other in the theatre. You are a wonderful salesman.” I said immediately that I did not earn money by doing this. I was not a salesman but rather a volunteer. I did not make a living through this. I only have a wish that when traditional culture and arts are revived, traditional morality will be revived as well. At that time, we will both have contributed. Yes, it will be difficult, but it will be like countless water drops coming together to form big rivers. Everyone can do what they can and contribute a little. You can distribute fliers or hang posters according to your shop’s situation. I have gone many places to present the short three-minute video on my iPad. Everyone can become a volunteer. Tell your best friend about the three-and-a-half-minute video online. You must recommend it, and after watching they will definitely think it is a top-class performance. Apart from the excitement, your friends might invite you to go. There were so many of these examples two years ago. An HR boss in a Holland bank thought it was more than worthwhile and bought the 200 best tickets for his employees and relatives. A Taiwanese boss remarked after watching, “If I had not come today, I would have regretted it for a lifetime.” Why not make the extra effort together to become volunteers to revive traditional culture, traditional arts and ultimately traditional ethics? Make the effort to become a volunteer, and the human race will have hope.

I just want to share an experience: I prioritized mobilizing sentient beings to act as live media to promote Shen Yun. This is very important. My thoughts and phrases all focused on this aspect so that growth would occur once I left.

“Whatever form it may take, if what you are doing saves people it is magnificent” (Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting)

Things will turn worse if you rely on ordinary people

In order to focus on saving more people, I had not watched NTDTV dramas in the past five months. I have become more unwilling to watch them now because I feel time is limited. During this period I also was not in the mood to watch the news. Upon returning to my dorms every day, I opened the explanations and Common Misconceptions About Traditional Chinese Culture section on the Shen Yun website. Then I recited and recorded them to listen in the kitchen, or I listened to audience members’ feedback from Shen Yun reports without missing a single report from Sound of Hope or NTDTV. I talked to new bosses every day. Every day before I set out I would study a new Fa-Rectification Period lecture from the past three years, and I would attend group Fa study and experience sharing after coming back in the evening. I also listened to “Cultivation Scope” on Clear Wisdom in the kitchen every day. Basically I had no time to think about things other than promoting Shen Yun. Only then did I talk well and save one out of every two people. I had a very clear mind, pure and concentrated thoughts. This could not be achieved when I had friction with people that wore down on character or when I paid attention to ordinary people’s news. Without a pure and clear heart one can never save people. I did not eat or drink for several hours to ensure a concentrated mind.

Last year the Wang and Bo incident occurred, and the Investigative Report on Masanjia Labor Camp was publicly published this year in China. Everything leaped and exploded along with the number of people we saved. Matter and mind are one and the same. The evil party collapsed like dominoes. We did not rely on ordinary people, and the number of people we saved changed proportionally. Some practitioners were surprised that the evil party’s leadership publicly published the Investigative Report on Masanjia. In fact, this had been made clear many times in Master’s lectures during these 14 years of Fa-Rectification. Knowing the truth is the only hope of being saved. No matter what ordinary people do, Dafa disciples play the leading roles.

By doing well in coordination, my foot ache stopped

One day my foot ache stopped. The inner side of my heel had been aching for a year. Though I exchanged ideas with many practitioners and tried looking inward in many ways, I did not thoroughly break through the ache problem. So I thought, “What kind of good deeds, deeds conforming to Dafa disciples’ standards, have I done in these days?” Then I realized it was good to unconditionally cooperate with the coordinator. He said training must be taken before attending Shen Yun promotion examinations, so I told all Chinese practitioners to come attend the training. Several of them attended the training under my advice. This is cooperation. In addition, I did not complain about the practitioner who caused a food problem in our dormitory, making us vomit and have diarrhea. I did not even hold a grudge and was just unaffected inside and thanked him. By controlling my mouth, everything can be settled. The reason lies with me. This event also conformed to Dafa’s standards. Look inward when emergencies occur and everything will be settled. Something else I did well in those days was, firmly believing that my explanation of Shen Yun could save the other person. The experience sharing manuscript of the “Cultivation Scope” contains a sentence: “A policeman asked a practitioner, ‘Do you believe firmly in your Dafa because you have seen many miracles?’ The practitioner answered, ‘No, quite the opposite. We can see many miracles because we firmly believe in our Master and Dafa.’” So when we explain Shen Yun, if we do not have enough confidence, then sentient beings can sense it and as a result the other person’s emotions cannot be affected. I shared these experiences with practitioners. The above three reasons may be why my foot ache disappeared.

When practitioners cooperate well, ticket sales move forward

When there were character frictions among practitioners, ticket sales stagnated. However, when practitioners looked inward and increased Fa study, all problems were readily solved. I experienced this profoundly. When finding fault with others, problems would accumulate and one would become angrier. Only when one boosts Fa study can everything be readily solved. This was just how it was one week when the ticket sales stagnated. Other dimensions did not admire us. We really had a big hole that the evil exploited. Some people came from cities where they cultivated and studied Fa alone. Often four people would study Fa separately in four different rooms. Later after understanding and tolerating others, thinking, “they can study Fa independently, wasn’t this good concentration?” I no longer complained, as this was not what Master wanted. I only cultivated myself. If others did not attend group study, I would increase my Fa study by myself. Many emergencies in the dormitory no longer affected me. The ticket sales in that week thus moved forward a little more.

Increased number of people saved forms a social environment

“Barriers of every possible sort obstruct people. And if you want to save a lot of people or if what you are attempting is significant in scale, the entire social environment will come to be characterized by such a phenomenon” (What is a Dafa Disciple).

Five months of Shen Yun promotion has come to an end, but I cannot stop now. My family member, an ordinary person, suddenly moved to the downtown area. Why? It must be a hint from Master’s Law Body that I should hurry and save more people in the downtown area. Now it is time to hold more open-air gatherings to expose the evildoings of Masanjia and the organ harvesting, invite VIPs from this city to speak, talk with one after another, cultivate as if just starting, and ask them to air their opinions. They must position themselves at this great moment of distinguishing good and evil. Many previous VIPs have retired and have been substituted by new people in this city. The feedback from ordinary people in the activities was then broadcasted to support severe punishment on the villains who had accumulated heavy blood debts. The evildoers are afraid of international public opinions.

Not enough confidence will result in not enough righteous thoughts

I did many specific things to save people. Take pasting posters as an example. When the effects were not as big as I expected, I knew I had not been studying the Fa with my heart. When emergencies occurred, my first thought was often to look outward. Again and again this segment of the Fa was hinted at me:

“Do you realize something? My Dafa disciples, your righteous thoughts do have an effect. And the combined effect of each of you together is powerful beyond compare. The reason you can’t achieve such an effect is that your faith is lacking, and your righteous thoughts aren’t strong enough” (What is a Dafa Disciple).

The last program of Shen Yun tells us not to rely on ordinary people

Just now our Fa study group discussed about the last program of Shen Yun which shows a scene of an earthquake occurring at Tiananmen. God then comes to subdue the quake, and Tiananmen still retains an undamaged corner. I believe Gods clearly revealed this, so how can we place our hope on the new leader of the CCP (Chinese communist party)? The more we are reliant, the worse the situation becomes. A program commentator with many fans always repeats the phrase: “the CCP is again doing such and such and will be doing such and such next.” We can wait and see what happens… This is just leading everyone to count on the new leader. If cultivators count on ordinary people, the situation will turn worse. Look at the situation now. Each and every website in mainland China has deleted the Investigation Report on Masanjia Labour Camp, haven’t they?

I believe the ending will be a big earthquake; a catastrophe over which political leaders have no control, and Gods and Buddhas will come forward to turn the tide.

Cultivators protected the emperor; the emperor treasures cultivators

I feel there was a profound implication in Shen Yun’s program demonstrating the lives of a group of young monks: a group of benevolent Buddhist disciples rescued the emperor when he encountered disaster, and later the emperor treasured and cared for the Buddhist disciples. Complementing each other, the nation could then be prosperous, and the people were at peace for a long time. I think this was the reason the Great Tang Dynasty reached a period of great prosperity.

Some people realized when watching Shen Yun: in the auditorium, we were like kings, royals and dignitaries in the past enjoying fairy maidens and heavenly music.

After Fa study today I recalled many disappointments during the Shen Yun promotion in the past five months. Many specific matters cost a lot of time but failed to achieve the expected result of saving people. Another reason was the lack of compassionate energy in cultivation. Of course the good state of saving people in the last several days before the show was optimum. When this energy accumulated to that extent, it was always at the end of a day when we were about to pack up, and the compassionate energy really reached its perfection. It wasn’t common but it did exist. It was when trivial things did not affect our inner hearts which were devoted to saving people.

“Compassion is an enormous energy, the energy of righteous gods. The more compassion that is present, the greater this energy becomes, and it can disintegrate anything that is bad” (Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference).

I have a deep feeling about this: grinding a wood chopper will not delay the work of cutting firewood. Likewise, to what extent one studies the Fa and cultivates the heart is the extent to which one understands one’s sense of mission and the level at which the compassionate energy works.

People saw what the 5000 years of traditional culture was like

I think Shen Yun’s Dance of the Yi nationality passed on the message of the great unity and harmony of human beings. I feel the essence of kindness, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trustworthiness from the 5000 years of tradition and from the Confucius school, the Buddha school and the Dao school were all revealed to people through Shen Yun’s performances. Working for six years on the big competitions promoting traditional culture has had many benefits. In addition, the explanations and the “Common Misconceptions About Traditional Chinese Culture” on the Shen Yun website has enabled me to have a deeper understanding and better familiarity. I was able to say things fearlessly when clarifying the truth with such groundwork. Shen Yun tells you the orthodox 5000 years of culture and arts which ordinary people have forgotten. Remember to believe in the Gods as they are ubiquitous. Gods are watching all good and evil. However, human beings have been misled by the theory of evolution and atheism.

Audience members urgently looked for practice sites after watching Shen Yun

A teacher in my city was looking for a Falun Dafa practice site after traveling 500 kilometers to watch Shen Yun in Berlin. I was attending banquets twice in the same restaurant to celebrate the birthdays of two family members. The restaurant boss told the teacher that I would be going there to celebrate birthdays on a certain date. The person then persistently came to the restaurant to have meals. Through many contacts I finally met this person. We made an appointment to have a long chat the following Friday. From this event, I realized that the reason my family moved to the downtown area was that Master’s Law Body was hinting at me to lose no time saving people in densely populated areas and to practice outdoors. “Cultivating as if you were just starting” includes practicing outdoors. Saving people online gradually leading to more indoor practicing time was in fact an excuse. Seeking ease and comfort and slackening in cultivation were the root causes. I realized that “cultivating as if you were just starting” has this implication—practicing outdoors. Actually practicing indoors harbors very deep selfishness and laziness; practicing outdoors is for others. Isn’t it good that more people know these exercises? It will also benefit yourself more and bring more happiness to you.


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