Learn to Understand Shen Yun by Looking at the Official Website

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | May 22, 2014

[PureInsight.org] I have been troubled in recent years for being unable to truly understand the beauty of Shen Yun. Thinking deeply, under the education of the communist culture of the evil CCP since I was young, I only knew cramming by rote memorization. The normal study time was used to pass the tests. Music, physical education, and art belonged to minor subjects that were not included in the final standard exams so I did not really study for them. Therefore, my level of liberal arts was low so I did not appreciate art. From another aspect, what I had been unconsciously listening to and seeing since I was young were crazy songs and dances with demon nature, which resulted in the current situation where I am unable to truly understand the beauty of Shen Yun.

I carefully looked at the official website of Shen Yun several days ago. There was a link to multimedia. After clicking on it, there was a ‘Classical Chinese Dance Intro’ and ten videos of the introduction of Shen Yun dancers. I started to understand various deeper meanings of Shen Yun after carefully watching these videos. There were the hard-working rehearsals of Shen Yun performers in the back, the selfless cooperation, the pure mindset, and many more which opened my mind. Many aspects showing the beauty of Shen Yun performances were hard to put into words.

So I suggested that disciples in mainland China take a look at the official website of Shen Yun more often when time was available. Understanding classical Chinese dance and looking at the video materials of the introduction of Shen Yun performers can really break through the shell of the evil communist party’s indoctrination. From what I know, many fellow practitioners focus on the opening and ending of the show every year searching out significant prophesies pertaining to the future. Frankly speaking, it is still a different form of attachment to the time of Fa-rectification. It is not having truly understood the beauty and the magnificent meaning of Shen Yun to saving sentient beings!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/129275


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