Instant Retribution for Unfilial Children

Li Yan

PureInsight | May 18, 2017

[] My uncle's third son died in a car accident in his 30’s without getting married.

When people in my hometown talked about his death, it was as if they were talking about the death of a pig without pity. Some old people said angrily, “It was retribution!"

I know that my uncle’s son was younger than me. He always offered to help his neighbors and was nice towards everyone except his parents. I always heard his parents scolding him.

Once, I saw my uncle with blood all over his face. I thought that he must have gotten too drunk and fallen down somewhere. “I was beaten by my son because I didn’t agree with him. He pushed me against the door and beat me!” he shouted. The poor father could barely stand after taking his son’s strong fist.

My parents had no sympathy for my uncle and said that it was retribution because he had treated his dad the same way when he was young. Our family always shared meals with my uncle’s dad, who said that my father treated him better than his son did.

My uncle had once beaten his dad badly, and he was looked down upon ever since.

He was famous for his disobedience. Now his son treated him the same way. It was a life lesson. As the saying goes: “Good will be rewarded, and evil will be met with retribution.”

There has been no exception to this saying, from ancient times to present day. There is another Chinese saying: "Filial piety is the first virtue." Filial piety has been a traditional virtue for thousands of years. It has made families happy and a country peaceful and prosperous. However, most Chinese people nowadays do not believe in retribution and put money and personal profit first. As long as they can benefit, they will do anything; they have no conscience or morals. People feel threatened by the poisonous food and fake products that are everywhere in China, and the whole society is in crisis, with everyone hurting each other. The root of this crisis is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The evil Party has been destroying traditional Chinese culture and people’s morality ever since it seized power. People now have no restriction and will do anything. Today, the only hope for China and its people is the disintegration of the CCP.


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