Some Thoughts about the Use of Ultrasound

A Falun Dafa Practitioner from Israel

PureInsight | June 17, 2018

[] I have read some articles on the Minghui website about the use of ultrasound technology on both Falun Dafa practitioners and ordinary people. Nowadays it is a common procedure that many pregnant women are advised to go through to determine both the sex of their baby and the development of the fetus.

While conducting some online research about this subject, I have discovered that despite the common use of ultrasound technology, its effect on the human body can be quite harmful. Two Russian scientists (Garyaev and Berezin) conducted research on the effect of ultrasound on a cell's DNA. They extracted DNA molecules from a cell, placed them into a liquid solution and subjected the molecules to ultrasound. Prior to being subjected to ultrasound, the molecules were vibrating with a certain "musical" rhythm, after being subjected to ultrasound, they all emitted just one monotonous tone. Those same DNA cells continued to show a deformed field even after a week of freezing and later thawing.

Recently, scientists from the Medical School of Boston University found a correlation between Ultrasound and Autism. After surveying more than 400 autistic children they discovered that all of them were exposed to excessive ultrasound sessions while in their mother's wombs.

Usually during the ultrasound session, the baby tries to cover its head with tiny arms or tries to turn away from the ultrasound equipment. There are many accounts of women ending up with miscarriages after undergoing ultrasound, especially if it is done during the early stages of pregnancy or done repeatedly during the course of pregnancy. After contemplating this, I thought that if ultrasound at the early stages of pregnancy was already proven by science to be harmful, how can something harmful suddenly become "not harmful" at the later stages of pregnancy? Something harmful can only bring harm, even if a fetus can withstand that harm better with time, can't it?

When I studied the Fa, I came across the following in Zhuan Falun, "A modern instrument can detect infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, ultrasonic waves, infrasonic waves, electricity, magnetic force, gamma rays, atoms, and neutrons. A qigong master possesses all of these substances, and there are some other substances emitted by qigong masters that are undetectable because no such instrument exists. " "At present, with scientific instruments we have found in a qigong master’s body infrasonic waves, supersonic waves, electromagnetic waves, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, neutrons, atoms, trace metal elements, and other elements."

When I thought about how supersonic waves in a qigong master's body are different from ultrasound technology, I thought of Master's Fa in Teaching the Fa at the Founding Ceremony of the Singaporean Falun Dafa Association regarding the atomic bomb, "As you know, nuclei and atoms are highly radioactive as far as humans are concerned. In other words, they are a kind of energy. In fact, though, substances still more microscopic, such as quarks, have even stronger radioactivity than nuclei, and no one knows how many times stronger the radiation of neutrinos is than that of quarks. The smaller the particle, the stronger its energy. I can say to you that the gong that you cultivate contains strong atoms, neutrons, and even more microscopic substances. Why can the gong that you develop heal illnesses? Why can it change the human body? Why can cultivators perform so many miracles? It is because gong and supernormal abilities are composed of these higher-energy substances. Moreover, these substances, which are developed through cultivation under an Upright Law, are alive and have a kind nature, and they are controlled by the cultivator’s main consciousness and directed by his mind. They are unlike the malicious, destructive effects that result from the nuclear fission that is done using scientific means.

The force released from the explosion of an atomic bomb using scientific means is malicious. It doesn’t go in a specific direction, it is harmful to human beings and other lives, and it is destructive to the human living environment. The energy emitted from cultivators, by contrast, is conscious and can have a positive effect. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences once conducted tests on me to come up with an appraisal, and they could detect energy matter emitted when I was teaching the Fa. The Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences specializes in high-energy physics research. They placed instruments in the conference room’s four corners, as well as in various spots in the middle of the room. An instrument was also placed on the table behind where I was teaching the Fa. During the test, they found that the energies I emitted contained strong neutrons as well as atoms. Of course, that was how far they could go in their testing, as they did not have instruments for more microscopic substances. What surprised them was that the energy fields I emitted were evenly distributed and the energy could be directed. In today’s scientific research, it is known that when nuclear matter is emitted, it doesn’t have a specific direction and no one knows where it will go. Also, it is stronger closer [to the point of detonation] and weaker as you get further away. The radiation harms everything within its range. Clearly, modern science is not perfect, and blindly believing in it will do extreme harm to humanity."

In my limited understanding, the supersonic waves developed through cultivation can't be harmful to the environment, while ultrasound technology can be. I suspect that the effect of ultrasound on regular people is different from that on cultivators. Perhaps it is similar to what Master said about GMO products in Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference, "Disciple: What should Dafa disciples do in daily life about the foods in today’s world that have been contaminated through industrial processes? (Everyone laughs) (Master chuckles)

Master: That really is an issue these days. Mankind’s science is quite shallow. On the surface it seems that genetic modification can reduce the damage to crops by pests, and it may even seem to increase crop yields. But this world was in fact created by divine beings, and man’s foods were made by them. There is meant to be a normal circulation among things in the natural world and the human body, in which each makes use of the other. And during the course of circulation, things can rise to higher levels. The entire universe is a circulatory system. If things here become warped and impure, it affects not just human society but also societies at higher levels. And moreover, warped things can cause the human body to deform.

I told you before that mankind has in fact lived through two earths’ time. When mankind reached the last period of the previous earth, the people looked grotesque. Some had large heads, some short legs, some had one arm longer than the other, and some had crooked facial features.

They turned ugly from poisoning and became deformed. This was caused by genetic modification and industrial pollution.

Dafa disciples are cultivators. Modern man’s surface body is inherently contaminated. And furthermore, there is a lot of karma at the surface. In the cultivation process you are to remove these bad things and purify your mind and body. Whatever is deficient or damaged can even be compensated for. When you return to your position, you must meet the standard for a divine body.

So there shouldn’t be a problem. As long as you cultivate, this isn’t an issue. Adults’ bodies won’t become deformed right away, but [these foods] can cause hair loss. The impact is minor. The impact on future generations is huge, though. But as long as someone is a cultivator, whether a child or an adult, the problem is actually in the process of being resolved; your body, whether contaminated or not, is being transformed."

I have not done any ultrasound tests with my first pregnancy and I gave birth to a healthy baby that grew into a healthy child. I believe it is the effect of Falun Dafa cultivation.
In my understanding, ordinary people, and practitioners especially, should think twice about using ultrasound technology, even though it is a commonly accepted practice nowadays.









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