A Reincarnation Dream Every Lifetime was for Obtaining the Fa

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | July 6, 2017


Master said in Hong Yin IV:

Humans came to earth to obtain the Fa
One who is compassionate returns home to heaven
Reincarnating for thousands of years
Coming to earth for just this one opportunity

(Please note: *The translation from Hong Yin IV is not official as the official translation is not out yet.*)

Usually people do not remember much after dreaming. Their logic is also weak, going in various directions, so when they wake up they do not remember it well. However, I had a dream, which cannot be called a dream because it was too vivid, and the logic was too strong. It was as if I personally experienced it. In the dream, I also had my own thoughts and feelings. When I woke up from the dream, I could recall every detail. It has been two or three months now since the dream, but the scenes are still deeply ingrained in my heart. I know it was Master using the dream to hint at me, letting my master consciousness enter another dimension.

I was like a spectator in my dream. I went to a large square where I saw many versions of myself wearing various costumes and outfits and carrying a suitcase. Once everyone gathered at that square, everyone parted their separate ways as if they were all going on a trip or going to complete some task. I could see that they did not want to let go of each other and their worry for each other.

They then dispersed. I followed those who dispersed as if wanting to see what they were going to do. I saw that some became ordinary people who lived everyday lives. When this person encountered many hardships and difficulties, I became sad as well and felt that life was very difficult. Another one became a stray cat who followed its brother. Unfortunately, this “me” only lived for fifteen days before passing away and praying that its brother would live a good life. When I saw that little kitten die, the spectator me felt the fragile sadness of life. Another one became a cookie. Even though it was a cookie, I could feel its thoughts, as if it were always awaiting something. The others played various roles, and even though I did not have time to examine them all in detail, I could feel that they all lived with great difficulty and were not very happy. It was as if they were all waiting for this lifetime to quickly end so that they could begin their mission.

I felt that they were all waiting, but for what? At that time, a thought appeared in my mind telling me that those were my various lifetimes. They all came from the same starting point to play various roles and experienced many hardships so that I could obtain the Fa today. I suddenly understood and burst into tears.

Master hinted at me in this way because I was very not diligent during that time. I thought that there were too many difficulties in life and developed many attachments, as a result of being affected by interference and delusions of the human world. Master is compassionate and does not want to see me fall, so he hinted at me to encourage me to become more diligent. Master said, “Cherish the path you've walked!” (A Congratulatory Message to the Taiwan Fa Conference). Master also said in First Fa Teaching Given in the United States, “When I spoke to students in China, I said that many people don’t realize it. That is, you may feel that, just like anything else in your normal life, you just happened to attend this class, but in all likelihood you went through hardships in order to obtain this Fa over the course of several, or even a dozen, or dozens of previous lives (applause). It’s just that you haven’t realized it. Some people had lost their lives so that they could obtain this Fa. As you go about cultivating, I earnestly and kindly teach the virtue of goodness to you and provide guidance, for I know who you were in history and I know you have sacrificed a lot to obtain it today. I would be letting you down if I didn’t teach you this way”. It is truly so. This time I saw my past vividly and realized that my current so-called “suffering” is nothing in comparison! How could I be affected by these trivial matters to the point that I do not cultivate well? Having obtained the Fa, could one live up to Master’s salvation if one does not cultivate well? Could one live up to one’s many past lifetimes? Wouldn’t the suffering in the past all be in vain?

That dream was so realistic because those were the paths I walked. Looking at it from another perspective, isn’t everything I experience in the present, whether it is conflict, tribulation, or various worldly temptations, just like a dream? Why do I care about it so much? Why am I affected by these things so much that I cannot let go of them? We all know that people in the human world have fallen into delusion. If I am too attached to things in the human world, then aren’t I trapped in a dream? How would I return to my true home!

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference, “Everything in this world is attracting you, not letting you obtain the Fa.” “Everything is tempting people. This society is just tempting people! The purpose of tempting people is not just to prevent you from obtaining the Fa, but also to destroy human society.” My personal understanding is that the various temptations and interference in present society are tugging at our attachments: dazzling objects, entertainment, various online information, cellphone games, difficulties in one’s job, or sentimentality between people; these could all be traps carefully designed by the old forces to trap us in emotions. It can also numb one’s mind, making cultivators unable to be diligent and ordinary people unable to listen to the truth.

Ancient people said: it is difficult to obtain the human body, it is difficult to be born in China, and it is difficult to come by righteous Fa. Through suffering and reincarnation, we were finally able to catch up to this opportunity of time granted by Heaven, geographical advantages, and unity among the people and obtain the Fa. Do not let this delusional dream block our great wish to return home. Finally, I would like to share Master’s teachings from Hong Yin Volume II – “Discarding Attachments” for mutual encouragement:

You may talk cultivation
But you have to discard the attachments
that you hold deep inside
What’s given up is not oneself
But instead the folly of delusion

My personal level is limited. If there is anything inappropriate, I hope Master will forgive me, and fellow practitioners will point them out!

Translated From: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/158408


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