Awakening the Once Young Fellow Practitioner to Return with Master

A Dafa Disciple in Hebei

PureInsight | January 21, 2018

[] One day my daughter suddenly had symptoms of low blood sugar, this has happened several times in the past few years. I quickly took her to the hospital where my son is. A professor requested that she get blood tests the next morning on an empty stomach. When the results came back, the professor recommended getting a CT scan to see if there was a tumor.


When we returned home, I tried to convince my daughter to stop getting tests and instead to think about what a practitioner should do. My daughter agreed to stop getting tests, start studying the Fa and doing the exercises more, and rely solely on Master. From that day on, my daughter never had thoughts of going to the hospital. She studied the Fa and did the exercises every day, and her body returned to normal. Symptoms of low blood sugar never relapsed.

Accompanying my daughter to the hospital that day touched me significantly. When my daughter was in middle school, under her mother’s and my influence, she intermittently did the exercises with us. As a result of heavy coursework in high school, she basically stopped practicing. The persecution began when she entered college. On July 20, she went to Beijing with fellow practitioners to validate the Fa. On the way to the gym, their car was hijacked, so she jumped out into the fields and twisted her legs. Fortunately a non-local practitioner helped her home. From then on, she became diligent. In college, she used the dimly lit hallway light to study the Fa. After graduation, she was once illegally detained by the evil for distributing truth-clarification materials in Beijing.

One year I visited my daughter and saw that she and her classmates all cultivated alone. None of them had good cultivation states. There was no environment for group Fa study, so I helped them create a Fa study group that met once a week, which was very beneficial for them becoming more diligent in cultivation. Later as a result of a fellow practitioner being detained in a labor camp, the Fa study group was disbanded. My daughter says those fellow practitioners are now all immersed in the ordinary world busy making money and basically not cultivating. My daughter also only studies the Fa and practices the exercises when she’s home with me and stops when she leaves. Whenever her symptoms of low blood sugar relapse, she remembers to study the Fa and do the exercises, but becomes like an ordinary person again when those symptoms disappear. I asked her how could it be considered cultivation if she held onto Buddha with one hand and humanity with the other? Everything else aside, you should at least think about the beings in your universe! She told me to stop worrying about her and just worry about myself.

My daughter’s half cultivation state was worrying. Upon searching inward, I found that my daughter’s state was a mirror of my own. I found the attachment to sentimentality (my wife was persecuted to death a few years ago). I missed my wife, I was attached to my grandson, I kept nagging my sons and daughters, I was relaxed and lazy about doing the three things, my attachment to comfort was quite strong, and long-term sickness karma manifestations on my body persisted. A cultivator’s state directly influences family members’ attitudes towards Dafa. Why did my daughter say, “Stop worrying about me, and just worry about yourself.” It is because I did not display Dafa’s beauty to them. Seeing my perpetually ill state diminished their positive outlook on Dafa. The importance of cultivating oneself well in order to validate the Fa and save sentient beings is evident!

I remember on one year’s full moon, we invited all the young fellow practitioners who came back to celebrate the New Year to have a small Fa conference. Around twenty people came. Now some of them have found jobs, while others are still in college. Those who shared cultivation experiences moved everyone else greatly. Now over a decade later, to my knowledge only a few of those once young disciples still cultivate. As for how much responsibility we as parents have, we should really look inwards.

Take myself as an example. My daughter’s current state is as described above. My son cultivated for a period of time in the past, but due to living stresses as well as the emotional trauma of his mother passing away, he stopped cultivation. This truly involves the parents being unable to take responsibility. Especially if one’s own cultivation state is not good, one is unable to provide additional righteous thoughts for the children, negatively influencing their faith in solid cultivation.

Given how many young practitioners stopped cultivation in our one town, the number around the country must be enormous. My personal understanding is that a cultivator’s young children disciples are not simple beings. They are very likely to be a king or lord of a high realm. If they are unable to return as a result of us, what will be the fate of their universe and the sentient beings within? How enormous will our responsibility be, and how can we explain it to Master! Fa rectification has not ended, so we still have time to rectify. I would advise fellow practitioners to take the time to find those young disciples that once cultivated with us, awaken them to not miss this rare opportunity, and tell them to catch up to Master’s Fa rectification progress and return with Master!

Because of my daughter’s cultivation state, I wanted to write this article. Please point out anything inappropriate.


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