Anti-Forced Organ Harvesting, Boycotting Organ Trafficking, French Parliamentarian Proposed 29 Amendments

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PureInsight | October 24, 2019

[] In 2019, the French government proposed to amend the Bioethics Law. Several French parliamentarians proposed 29 amendments to the regulations on organ donation. They required the French government to establish a national organ transplant registration department to track the overseas organs source in France; to severely punish and resist organ trafficking. In recent years, the constantly exposed information about the smuggling of Chinese organs, the forced organ harvesting, and especially the forced live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners have made parliamentarians believe it would be necessary to take action.

Philippe Gosselin, Vice-Chairman of the French Parliamentary Law Committee: "France has a very important ethical principle that the human body is inviolable. This is human dignity. The organs cannot be purchased or be harvested by force."

Bruno BONNELL, Member of Parliament in Rhône, France: "It’s a must to know the source of the organs because we can't let some people in danger to save other people. I restate that people are the same no matter where they are. It is the most important topic in today’s medicine and involves ethics."

In September 2019, several French congressmen proposed amendments to the Bioethics Law organ donation section. They requested tracking overseas organ sources, resisting organ trafficking to maintain ethics, adhere to the inviolability of the human body and the principle about the organs couldn’t be bought and sold.

Herve SAULIGNAC, member of the Parliament of Ardèche, France: “It is very important to tell the Frenchmen what is happening in China. That is to say, there are organs that have been removed without consent, without any ethics and moral norm. We shouldn’t encourage this kind of behavior because it violates our values."

Ms. Corneloup, a member of the French Parliament, proposed the establishment of a national registration system. All organ transplants carried out by French citizens overseas must be registered on the National Register of Overseas Organ Transplants. The case of the forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China was also the main reason for her proposal to introduce amendments.

Joséne Corneloup, a parliamentarian from Saône-et-Loire state: "The European Parliament condemned the forced organ harvesting in China in 2013 and 2016, especially from Falun Gong practitioners and others. I believe the registration of overseas organ transplant patient is better to trace the organ source and also identify the focus of the transplant tourism problem."

A letter from the French parliamentarian, Mr. Alauzet to the Foreign Minister pointed out that China was suspected to do organ harvesting from conscientious prisoners for profit, especially from Falun Gong practitioners, political dissidents and ethnic minorities. It caused organ transplant tourism.

Eric Alauzet, a parliamentarian from Dusit state: "It is important that we are able to track the patients. It will protect the patients and human rights, plus we don’t become an accomplice in the forced organ harvesting for trafficking."

Reporter: In China, Falun Gong practitioners are victims of forced organ harvesting.

Philippe Gosselin, Vice-Chairman of the French Parliamentary Law Committee: "Yes, indeed, I have heard of it. Other Members have heard about it many times. The situation of these victims has been emphasized. This kind of violation of human rights has also been repeated at Parliament. We also question the government and hope the French government would take action."

French MP, Ms. MENARD, proposed to blacklist countries that did not comply with [organ donation and transplant conditions].

Emmanuelle MENARD, the parliamentarian of the State of Elo: "I want to give a list of bad countries like a blacklist. Like the list of countries in tax haven countries, we include countries where we believe that there is a problem of organ donation and organ trafficking."

It was the first time for the proposal of the Overseas Organ Transplant Registration System proposed by the French parliament in Europe. If it could be passed, it would promote the management of organ transplants throughout Europe and multi-country cooperation.

Francois-Michel LAMBERT, Member of Parliament from the state of Rhône Province: "If an organ tracking system can be established in France and promoted to the Europe or the World Health Organization as a symbol of a human rights society, the World Health Organization will request countries to implement it.”

In addition to the Overseas Organ Transplant Registration System and the blacklist, they proposed to severely punish organ trafficking by legal means. From September 24th to 30th, these 29 proposals for the modification of organ donation would be discussed and voted openly in the French National Assembly.
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