How I Wish I Could Bring Truth Clarification Materials Back to China

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | November 29, 2019

[] Today (during the Mid-Autumn Festival) I met an old friend and learned that he had travelled to Thailand recently. He has heard about the truth of Dafa many times and has an understanding of Dafa.

He told me about his trip to Thailand. He said that most countries are very open and are unlike China. He met several Dafa disciples at different places in Thailand such as the Thai Royal Palace and Pattaya City. Some Dafa practitioners gave him some truth clarification documents. He received three truth-clarification copies about the Communist Party, Dafa spreading throughout the world, and Mao Zedong. Many people in his tour group were also able to receive the truth clarification materials. They even talked about them at the hotel.

He has been very excited and respectful in talking about these. He also referred to Master Li as Teacher Li and Dafa disciples as students of Teacher Li.

He said, "How I wish that I could have brought the truth clarification documents back to China. It was a pity that the truth clarification materials were picked up by the security at the airport. The Communist Party is so guilty and evil!"

I said, "You have broadened your horizons with a new understanding of the world. I told you about the truth of Dafa spreading through the world and the evil Communist Party….. Now you have your own personal understanding of it. Your righteousness will bring you good luck!"


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