What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (9): Hell and the Human Realm

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | November 22, 2020


Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

Hell and the Human Realm

Since ancient times, the topic of hell has been discussed in religious faiths of both East and West. Hell is often regarded as the place where a person's soul receives punishment. In ancient Buddhist records and the poem “The Divine Comedy” by Italian poet Dante Alighieri, hell is described in vivid detail. So does hell exist simultaneously along with the human world? I will illustrate with some examples of people and incidents, uncovering the truth behind them and how they relate to hell.

I will first discuss the Soviet's “well to hell” (i.e. Russia's Kola Super deep Borehole), which shocked the world. During the 1960s, the U.S. and Soviets were in the midst of the Cold War. Both nations were secretly competing with each other in science and technology, military, and space exploration. Soviet scientists decided to use a simple and crude method to explore the Earth. They planned to bore straight to the Earth's crust in this super-drilling project. Its code name was “Earth's telescope”. They hoped to probe Earth's depths and mysteries. So the Soviets poured the whole nation's strength into this. They dispatched numerous scientists to the front line to utilize a heavy-duty drilling machine. They began to secretly drill in north Siberia on the Kola Peninsula. It was very time-consuming and took 20 years. They drilled vertically 13,000 meters deep. What was strange was that the government suddenly stopped this huge engineering project in 1994. All scientists withdrew from the site, and all equipment was discarded and just left behind. According to those familiar with the situation, the real reason for the project's abandonment was that a supernatural phenomenon occurred during the drilling process. It was especially scary, for the sounds of numerous miserable people howling could be heard from inside the drilled hole. Also, a demon followed the drill bit and climbed up from the bottom of the well, so the drilling was forced to stop. Some say they had drilled to hell's gate and heard sounds from hell. The crazy incident was swept under the rug, and 20 years quickly passed. They had discovered so many bizarre and strange things yet no research was followed. So did the Soviet's borehole really reach hell? From a cultivator's standpoint, they certainly did.

I used supernormal abilities to observe that the Soviets had indeed drilled 13,000 meters underground and had reached the gate of the western hell. It is the white people's hell in a corresponding dimension of the human world. Imprisoned in this gloomy underground world are all the lives from the western world who committed serious crimes. They are not only from this dimension of particles within the scope of the Milky Way, but also from other planets in different dimensions. Millions of lives are imprisoned there. Some lives are human in appearance, while others are half human half beast, including the souls of all sorts of animals. They are sealed in that underground dimension, which is all dark, gloomy, and cold. They have nothing to eat or drink! Strictly speaking, this is a hub of the secular world that leads to hell. The area of the underground world is enormous. It is equivalent to two-thirds of the total land size of today's Russia. The miserable sounds heard that year [during the drilling] were precisely the imprisoned, hopeless souls who had sinned and were howling in grief. They were in extreme pain and were cruelly trying to eat each other. Every second of every minute they were experiencing utter torment. But this is by no means the end. The ghost soldiers watching over this area appear like zombies in western ghost stories. Their eye sockets are gray, and they have no pupils. They look frightening and malevolent. They have dry claws for hands, and their fingernails are long and sharp like knife blades. They wear black robes. Apart from the ghost soldiers taking guard, there is also a mythological beast in hell—a three-headed dog. They look similar to police dogs, and there are about 700–800 of them here. They are abnormally ferocious. The king of the western hell is also a cultivator who practices cultivation in the Alps simultaneously. He has an intimate connection with the Holy See [in the Vatican]. He was entrusted by the Holy See to deal with the monsters and evil spirits that brought calamity and chaos to the human world. This cultivator's status in the Holy See is a top secret. Hell's king has been cultivating in the human world for 1,000 years. He lives in the basement of an ancient castle in the Alps located near France. He was the first owner of that ancient castle. The ancient castle has stood 1,000 years and is still as stable and firm as ever. He uses his powers to make himself invisible, so he can freely go in and out of the ancient castle. Those living in the castle now have no idea of his existence. I mentioned above that a demon had followed the drill bit and crawled up out of the “well to hell.” I used supernormal abilities to see that some evil spirits from hell had actually come to the surface of the human dimension. But the king of hell used his abilities to eradicate them all. This is because hell's lives are not permitted to interfere with ordinary people's society. I also found that among those laborers operating the heavy-duty drilling equipment were ghost soldiers from hell who had incarnated as humans. They had incarnated to accomplish a decree from the gods: to use the heavy-duty drill to open hell's gate. The intention was to warn today's people that hell truly exists, and that if they do not accumulate virtue by doing compassionate deeds and instead arbitrarily do evil deeds, then they will indeed fall down into hell upon death.

At my realm of cultivation, I have seen that there are different gates of hell corresponding to the secular world for humans of different skin colors. They are all around 8,000 to 10,000 meters underground. I mentioned that today's Russian underground is the gate of the western hell. Under the Xinjiang Junggar Basin is the gate of hell for the Arabs. Underneath, there are two underground rivers. Future humans will probably open up and develop these underground rivers. The boundless sea of sand, which is the desert there, will then turn into an oasis. In the Mediterranean exists the gate of hell for the Egyptians. The gate of hell for the black people is underground in Sierra Leone. I have said quite a bit, so where is the gate of hell for the yellow people? I will talk about it here.

I saw that hell's gate for the yellow people is located 8,000 meters underneath Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan. There's a concealed cave on Mount Qingcheng that leads directly to the underworld. This is the transfer station for yellow people going to the netherworld. It is altogether divided into seven large levels. It is about one third of modern China's total territory in size. All the yellow people, including past animal and plant species [that pertain to the yellow race] in the Milky Way are concentrated here. From top to bottom of the seven levels are different areas detaining different kinds of lives. They are all here waiting to go to different dimensions. The first level is the thoroughfare for humans. Lives that come here are those who have not done any great compassionate deeds or major bad deeds. They can take the middle road on the thoroughfare, which directly leads to the netherworld (a dimension lower than our current one), where they will be ghosts. Those who did good deeds in their past life will have better living conditions in the netherworld. There is another type of life that, while alive, believed in an evil religion and brought chaos to the world, damaging human morality. Amongst humans, they committed evil and harmed people. They are tortured in hell as punishment. The last kind are those who have violated heaven's laws and have not made the Three Withdrawals. They have even gone so far as to bring devastation to righteous cultivators' Fa-rectification cultivation. These types are all alone and drawn onto the darkest passage. At the mouth of this passage are two ghosts both with an ox head and horse face. They are about 2.2 meters in height, very impressive and courageous, but threatening. They fiercely examine each and every soul that walks by here. In the distant gloom of the abyss, one can hear the sounds of criminals howling in grief as they are punished. It is most frightening. There are some 10-20 ugly ghost messengers holding ledgers, which they use for roll call. They call out the names of all the sinners and then lead their souls away. Those who had their names called out are taken to a building that looks like the government offices reminiscent of the styles in the Ming-Qing dynasties. There are 18 large red-colored rooms inside. They are the examination rooms for prisoners. At the door stands an underworld messenger wearing a black official's hat and red official's robes. He organizes all the ghosts to stand in line. Once one's name is called out, one is led into the examination room. The magistrate will examine the ghost's history by checking a register listing all the merits and demerits from when the ghost was a human. He will calculate all the compassionate and evil deeds committed and determine which path the criminal will take. Some ghosts' registers are covered by the CCP red mark from the first page to the last. Atop reads two words—「死囚」—which means, “prisoners awaiting execution.” This type of prisoner's sin cannot be pardoned. When examining the merits and demerits of these types, some of them weep over the evil deeds they committed when alive. They crease their brows and rack their brains about how to evade guilt. Some people's eyes, however, reveal an ominous glint and have no regret. Their situation is going to be miserable. The magistrate, wearing the clothes of an ancient official, judges the souls who are dressed in modern clothes. For those souls who used to embrace atheism when alive, this scene is an extreme mockery that is discrepant to their atheistic views. The whole scene is as if one has passed into another space-time. All the things they used to not believe in, such as gods, cause and effect, and karmic retribution, are all before their eyes.

As humankind's morality falls like a landslide, many people in society will sell out or betray someone for their own interests or commit any crime imaginable for money. Nowadays, in order to match the crimes committed by humans, the methods of torture in hell have increased manifold. It has even increased so far as to 1,800 torture methods. The severity of the different torture methods is assigned to the different levels and dimensions of hell's 18 levels. Many different torture methods are unheard of. For example, for those who slandered the Buddha Fa, beat and scolded Dafa disciples, or even tortured them to death, these kinds of souls are taken to a steep cliff atop a mountain peak. The mountain is completely covered with incomparably sharp daggers. Ghosts will push the souls off the cliff into a valley. As the body hits the steep, slanted ground and starts rolling, it is incessantly pierced by sharp blades. In a split second, the body is badly mutilated, and the pain penetrates right into the bones. This torture is repeated constantly at every moment. Day after day it continues without end. There is another kind of torture for those evil doers who cruelly tortured Dafa disciples. After these sinners die, they fall into hell and are skinned by a ghost with a pig head and human body. Then, their tendons are all pulled out. Their badly mutilated bodies are hooked above hell's raging inferno to be roasted, all the way until every inch of their muscles is charred. As these sinners are tortured, they are conscious. Those getting skinned and their tendons pulled out are in ten times more pain as a similar situation in the human world. When these sinners are tortured, they cannot faint, nor can they die. The severe pain is constant without end. Those heartbreaking howls resound all around the gloomy dimension of hell. After the sinners’ bodies are scorched and charred, ghosts use sharp knives to scrape off the remaining flesh. They keep scraping until they see the bone. Every round of torture ends with the ghost soldiers chanting some incantations, then immersing the sinner's soul into a sticky liquid. The dilapidated body slowly recovers to normal. As the body recovers, it is also extremely painful. They wait for the sinner's body to completely recover, and then they repeat the torture all over again. It cycles on and on like this, day and night incessantly. This is only one form of torture in hell.

Due to all living beings' increasing their karma, the number of people being tortured in hell is also increasing. The majority of those falling into hell now are those who had a bad attitude toward Dafa and committed evil against Dafa disciples as well as those who wrecked human society through various means. These souls are subjected to hell's 1,800 forms of torture to be abused and tormented. Every inch of their flesh and every cell is in acute pain. The endless torture destroys the sinners’ will. They are unable to see any hope in this place. In the intervals between each round of torture, they have a very short moment of time to reflect, and that is when they feel remorse over their evil behavior in how they treated Dafa disciples. They also regret the irredeemable losses they brought to others in society. Regardless of how well-regarded the sinners were when alive with their high status and power, they are now but lowly ghost prisoners. They are remorseful, but there is no way out for them. At the bottom of their hearts, their greatest wish is for someone to perform religious ceremonies to help their souls find peace and save them. But even if they have something to say, who can they tell? When the gods in heaven see these souls tortured and in such miserable conditions, although they pity them, they can only sigh as they are powerless to do anything. Below the 18th level of hell there is a sealed dimension where serious criminals are imprisoned, waiting to be knocked into the Gate of No Life. Plenty of these lives were those who persecuted Dafa and Dafa disciples. Many are also those who corrupted human society's ethics and even ruined people's righteous faith and righteous thoughts. They are powerless to make up for their wicked words and deeds. Until now, they are still locked up in hell. After constantly experiencing hell's 1,800 kinds of torture, these souls will be knocked down into the Gate of No Life.

When speaking of the Gate of No Life, I am sure lots of people are unfamiliar with it. So where is the Gate of No Life? What has been revealed to me at my realm is that the entrance to the Gate of No Life is located in the dimension of the 18th level of hell, and it is an energy-comprised gate. It is gloomy, empty, hazy, and quiet, like a void. There is not a trace of matter's existence here. There is a 35-meter tall by 15-meter wide stone tablet towering in the dark sky. On it reads four characters in the seal script—「無生之門」, meaning the Gate of No Life. Not far behind the stone table is a light blue colored energy wall that is boundless in height and width. Lightning is seen lighting up this wall every now and then. This place is the dimension where the entrance to the Gate of No Life is located. What I could make out at my realm of cultivation is that the Gate of No Life is a dimension completely created by gods' gong, and it is just a formless mass, like primal chaos mentioned in Chinese mythology. Every particle in this dimension is in the form of a god. The Gate of No Life has long been packed with people who have been weeded out by Fa-rectification. There are high-level lives from different dimensions in the cosmos here as well as those who committed crimes against Dafa disciples in the human world, and so on. The vertical dimension that is the Gate of No Life is divided into 81 levels. A Tathagata with Righteous Fruit status is directly in charge of it all, and specific matters are carried out by a Bodhisattva. There is no concept of sky or ground on the first level in the Gate of No Life. The entire dimension is murky red, and there is no land. There is only a sulfuric acid ocean that covers the entire dimension and leads to nowhere. With careful observation one can see that the ocean's surface is covered with the corpses of sinners. The sulfuric acid ocean is many times more concentrated that sulfuric acid in the human world. It becomes denser and more concentrated the deeper it is. The sulfuric acid ocean is so deep one cannot see the bottom. The more serious the crimes committed, the deeper the soul will sink into this ocean. At every moment, the sulfuric acid burns as though devouring every cell in the bodies of these souls. The 81 levels in the Gate of No Life have different material environments and therefore have different ways of destroying these souls. The sinners are destroyed at every level, and once they have experienced all 81 levels and near complete obliteration, they are finally knocked down into the Land of Extreme Negativity. As our respected Master has spoken of this before, I will not say more than necessary. Because the punishments are way too excessive and bitter at the different levels here … I will not go into detail.

After speaking of hell, let us now discuss the human world. According to how I see it, hell and earth are only ever so slightly partitioned. With the advancements in humankind's science and technology, people's way of living and their material environment have been greatly enriched. As people live in an environment of excessive comfort and many incorrect public opinions, people's faith towards gods have hit rock bottom, hence atheism and the theory of evolution, which wreck people's righteous faith. Many people have created much karma in their pursuit of personal interests. They unknowingly commit evil and even enjoy doing so. Their old debts are not paid back, yet they continuously add more debt. Although they see ample profits accumulating, they are ruining their future's fortune for all eternity as a consequence. Next, I will provide a few examples to serve as a warning and wake up call.

There is a young male actor in Hong Kong who served as the ambassador for many video games. I used my supernormal abilities and saw that because he has served to publicize these games, the resulting negative influence has affected the normal way of living for millions of people. He interfered with the normal family life and order for millions of families. Many people became engrossed in video games and were not the least bit concerned with the people around them. They even missed the predestined chance when Dafa disciples tried to clarify the truth to them. This is not a minor issue. Nowadays, everyone on Earth is here for the Fa. Yet he was interfering with their righteous belief. How is he able to ever pay back such a huge sin? If he does not clearly see the consequences of his actions and try to redeem the losses, the future that awaits him is utterly horrifying to the extreme. I saw that seven generations of his ancestors are all being incessantly whipped day and night by ghosts with ox heads and horse faces. They are covered in bloodstains. They howl in grief. It is miserable. As his ancestors are tortured, they keep cursing, “This unfilial son has trapped us in such a wretched situation. Such an unfilial son, such an unfilial son!” I also saw that a popular male actor in mainland China starred in a depraved drama series and created massive karma. This drama series promotes the immoral romantic relationships between old and young people. This series became very popular nationwide when broadcasted, causing terrible damage to people's morality and ethics and pushing people in a negative direction. What has been revealed to me at my realm of cultivation is that the fortune and lifespans of his seven generations of posterity will be reduced. Their posterity will mostly be handicapped and they will spend their days begging for a living. If he does not redeem the losses he caused, he will inevitably drop into hell forever, and there will never be a day for him to show his face again.

When one is alive and has a human body, one still has the opportunity to make up for one's faults. Once one commits evil and loses the human body, there is no way one can redeem oneself. I saw that Zhu Xianfu, who was previously the deputy secretary for the politics and law committee in Wuchang City of Heilongjiang Province, became head of the Wuchang City 610 Office when Jiang Zemin began persecuting Falun Gong in 1999. He directly manipulated many people to blackmail the family members of Falun Gong practitioners for money. He also secretly conspired to persecute Falun Gong practitioners himself. His unrighteous actions met with heaven’s wrath. On December 20, 2017, he died of lung cancer at age 67. I used my supernormal abilities to see that two ghosts from the underworld wearing ancient-style black official gowns locked Zhu Xianfu up by fastening iron chains around his neck, and then took him away from his home. As Zhu Xianfu's soul was led out of his flesh body, he looked back one last time at his family members. His face was laden with grief, and he was reluctant to leave. As he trembled with fear, he asked the messengers, “Where are we going?” With glaring eyes, one ghost messenger responded, “No need to talk. You will find out.” The other ghost messenger added, “If only you had known that when you were alive, all those evil deeds you committed, such as slandering the Buddha Fa, injuring cultivators, and committing adultery, would land you in hell forever, never to emerge. So there is no need for your noisy talk.” Zhu Xianfu was detained before King Yama's palace hall, and his entire memory was unlocked. Everything he did in life was vividly laid before his eyes. Originally, he incarnated into the world to obtain the Fa, yet he broke the law and committed bad deeds once he had a human body. At that moment, he was so regretful he could not even express himself in words, but it was already too late anyway. King Yama thoroughly investigated the register of good and evil concerning Zhu Xianfu, then angrily yelled, “Sentence this rotten ghost who has persecuted the Buddha Fa to the 18th level of hell where he shall await trial and execution.” King Yama glowered at Zhu Xianfu as he was taken away and thought to himself, “You evil devil!!!” I also saw a familiar face in hell. This guy when alive was a TV news anchor on CCTV. Since dying, he has already experienced all of hell's 18 levels of torture three times. At that moment when I saw him, he was being taken to the Gate of No Life by two ox-head horse-faced ghosts. His eyes were full of dread. Every cell in his body was trembling. He was so distressed over his future of never ever being able to emerge from his painful fate.

It is hard to obtain a human body. To become a Dafa disciple when the righteous Fa is being disseminated is an unprecedented glory. Yet some who have obtained the Fa do not know to treasure the predestined opportunity of Fa-rectification, are not truly cultivating, and have even done bad things among the group of Dafa cultivators that Dafa cannot allow. Some people take advantage of Dafa disciples’ compassion and engage in shady multi-level marketing businesses among Dafa disciples to make a profit in an unrighteous way. Some have bred demons in their minds and burned Dafa books. Furthermore, some have incited students whose main consciousnesses are not strong to burn Dafa books with them. They cheat local practitioners and those from other parts of the country. They vilify and slander those Dafa disciples who have mended their ways and returned to the right path. They call themselves Dafa disciples, but they commit demons' acts and cause disorder. Some have harbored jealousy for a long time and do not cultivate their speech. They slander their fellow practitioners and create divides among the group. More seriously, they even misappropriate the financial contributions made by practitioners that were intended to save people. The money goes missing. The coordinator requires that practitioner to return the money, but that practitioner viciously slanders the other practitioners who donated the money and those who know the truth about where the money went. Some act in the name of a coordinator, yet repeatedly err in terms of the issue of male and female relations. For female practitioners with whom he has come in contact, this resulted in a huge drop in their cultivation state. There are plenty of such people who do not study or do the exercises. The losses they have brought about is beyond measure. I saw that the main spirits of many of these evil doers have already left their flesh bodies many years ago. Their bodies are crammed with karma and possessing evil spirits. Some people's main spirits just linger around their flesh bodies. Some people's godly sides have been pushed into hell to be tortured. Their godly bodies in the many levels beyond the Three Realms have been destroyed with practically nothing left. Master has been bearing an enormous amount to extend the time of Fa-rectification. The chance for Fa-rectification cultivation is really almost over. Do not let this opportunity of Fa-rectification cultivation slip by. Once the human body is lost, all opportunities to make up for one's faults are gone.

A human life is but as brief as the autumn scenery. In the long course of a life's existence, several decades in the mundane world passes in the blink of an eye. The Creator and all the multitude of gods are paying close attention without a moment's pause to people's every word and action. Treat Dafa disciples with compassion and examine ourselves with righteous thoughts. Doing so will pave the road for the most beautiful future.

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