Records of Reincarnation: Messenger of Plague and Tudishen Reincarnate into Humans

De Hui

PureInsight | January 25, 2021

[] During the Republic of China era, someone collected reincarnation records and wrote the book Reincarnation Collections. One story detailed beings from other dimensions, namely the messenger of plague and Tudishen (God of the Soil and the Ground), reincarnating into humans. I will share this with everyone.

In Jiangyin of Jiangsu province, there was a town called Shengang. In Shengang, there was a Jizi Temple, named after Ji Zha, a famous figure from the Spring and Autumn period. Spare rooms in the temple were transformed by the government into a local elementary school. The principal of the school was Zhang Jiu Gao, a man known for his goodness, a Confucian gentleman-like character.

More than a decade into the Republic of China, in the first month of the year, Zhang Jiu Gao’s grandson, Zhang Bao Yu, died at a very young age. The same year, on July 20, his eldest son Zhang Ying Zhen contracted the plague and died as well. Zhang Jiu Gao, who had done good deeds his entire life, suddenly lost both his eldest son and grandson. This was a true family misfortune. He was filled with sorrow and loss and could not help but doubt the principle that good is rewarded.

At around 9 AM on July 22, three days after Zhang Jiu Gao’s eldest son died, his second oldest son, Zhang Ying Jie, was out shopping for groceries when he suddenly saw his deceased brother and grandson Zhang Bao Yu walking towards him. He barely had time to exclaim “Big brother!” before he collapsed to the ground. Passersby rushed to help. To everyone’s surprise, when Zhang Ying Jie woke up, he spoke in Zhang Ying Zhen’s voice, loudly proclaiming, “I am Zhang Ying Zhen.” He asked for paper and pen and wrote down a 四言文 (si yan wen, a classical Chinese poem with lines composed of four characters each). The general idea is as follows: He was not a human being in his past life, but instead a messenger in another dimension who oversaw plagues. He made a mistake while transmitting the plague, and two people who were not supposed to die were accidentally killed. Because of this, he and the local Tudishen were punished. They reincarnated into the human realm, becoming Zhang Ying Zhen and his brother. His death in the midst of a plague was simply to repay for his sin, which, once paid off, allowed him to return to his position. He also wrote a few words persuading people to do good. After writing everything down, he called for Zhang Jiu Gao and his wife. He said many comforting words to them and then knelt down and bowed eight times as gratitude towards them for raising him. Then he left, and Zhang Ying Jie woke up.

A rough translation of the si yan wen is as follows:

I am the messenger of plague, originally named Lu.
In an epidemic in Shandong, two people died by mistake.
My second brother was the Tudishen of that time.
To pay for our sins, we were banished to this mortal world.
After countless years of searching, we were finally born here.
Although we did not accomplish anything major during our lives, we never did wrong either. Now that it is time for me to return, how can any doctor heal my mortal body?
Infecting others and now me, this is merely a cycle.
The karmic cause and effect is clear, as proven through history.  
Father, mother, I am not your real son. For family matters, my second brother can help. If I have time, I will help secretly.
My wife is chaste and pure, and although this is tragic for her, the gods are respectful and will grant her a good life.
My son was my left-hand man, a trusty servant in my past life, and will not become heir to the family.
Now I must say, and brother please take note, that doing good brings most joy. But true goodness becomes ever more indistinguishable from fakery, so what is true goodness?
Be filial to your parents and respect others the same.
When your neighbors contract the virus, it is because of me. Remember to not be arrogant.
Kindness will satisfy me.

In this record, the messenger of plague and Tudishen were punished for their sins by reincarnating into the human world. If we reflect carefully, there is actually a lot to take in: the principle of retribution for both good and evil does not only apply to humans, but also to beings in other dimensions; the being who punished the two must have been from an even higher level; it can then be inferred that plagues and other major events are arranged and controlled by high-level gods, and lower-level gods and beings carry out said arrangements.

Speaking of this, many people may think of the current coronavirus pandemic. Many experts in the field of cultivation today have discovered that this virus is targeting the CCP as well as pro-CCP organizations. Why is this? For decades, the CCP has launched nonstop campaigns, punishing and killing countless people. Now their crime of persecuting religious practitioners is especially heinous. There are virtually no CCP officials who are not driven by greed, lust, or desire. They have severely corrupted mankind, so Heaven must eliminate them. Now is the moment when “Heaven will eliminate the CCP,” and all gods are cooperating. All members and supporters of the CCP are targets of pandemics and other natural disasters. But Heaven is compassionate and virtuous, so disasters of mass destruction have not happened yet. This is Heaven waiting for you to make the right choice.

What should the world’s people do to make the right decision, thus ensuring their safety? The answer is to stay far away from the CCP – do not identify with it. Cast it aside, and those who were once inducted into their organizations must withdraw immediately. Quitting is not done through the CCP, but instead through overseas websites or volunteers who help people quit the CCP. Heaven is compassionate and only looks at people’s hearts, so using an alias or nickname will have the same effect without affecting your daily life in China. Tao Te Ching states, “The greatest methods are simple.” Such a simple way to stay safe is actually the true way that aligns with the law of the Great Tao. It is safe and does not cost a penny, so why not do it?

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