Master’s Miraculous Blessing After a Severe Fall

Jilin Dafa Cultivator

PureInsight | February 13, 2021

[] One evening recently, I accidentally fell while getting off a bus and severely injured my waist. With Master’s enlightenment, reinforcement, and help, I quickly recovered completely within a few hours. Moreover, miracles occurred in the process, which were deeply moving. I would like to write them down and report to Master to express my immense gratitude. I would also like to share Master's encouragement and high hopes for everyone with fellow cultivators in order to encourage mutual diligence.


 (1) Sudden and Severe Fall, Master Enriched My Righteous Thoughts Through Others’ Mouths

In northeast China in late November, there was heavy rain and snow for several days, and the roads were covered with ice, making it very difficult to walk. One afternoon when I went out to clarify the truth, it was very late when I returned. I was taking the bus, and when I got off during a transfer, I accidentally slipped on the road ice and fell. My back slammed against the iron frame on the edge of the bus door. I immediately felt a heart-piercing pain accompanied by slight dizziness. I could not get up. At that time, I was at a loss and did not know what to do.

“It is all right,” shouted a young man on the platform. A female passenger agreed, “If you think it is nothing, you will be fine. Do not worry about it.” Two other passengers hurried to the front and helped me up. They concernedly checked on me. The young man was still shouting repeatedly, “It is okay.” I realized in my mind that it was Master using these people’s mouths to enrich my righteous thoughts. At the same time, I realized that this sudden tribulation was deliberately arranged by the old forces. Master does not accept this tribulation, so I should not either. Everything is a test.

When I walked to another platform, two women followed me to make sure I was alright. They later asked, “Are you really okay after falling so hard?” I replied, “I practice Falun Dafa, so I am protected by Master's Fashen, and there will be no problems. If I did not cultivate, I would be in trouble today.”


 (2) Looking Inward and Denying All Persecution with Master’s Reinforcement

With Master's reinforcement, I arrived home smoothly. When I got home, the severe pain returned. My back pain was so sharp that I could not straighten my back. My legs were so painful that I could not stand still, and it was difficult to walk. My waist hurt even while sitting and was more painful lying down. At that time, I felt like I could not do anything and needed someone else to help. How did I get to this point? What should I do? The more pain I felt, the more anxious and angrier I became. I felt my teeth moving and the dentures no longer fitting, so I could not eat. What should I do? At this moment, many negative factors poured out. When I denied one, another would emerge. I realized that this was the relentless persecution by the old forces to pressure me into accepting this arrangement.

Why did the old forces cruelly make this arrangement for me? Master once said in Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference, “For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool.” I looked inwards for recent events and any incorrect notions in my heart at the time, and I found them all at once. Last night, a fellow cultivator slipped, fell, passed out, and suffered a lot. A fellow cultivator came to me and asked me to send forth righteous thoughts. I was cooking, so I said I would join later. At that time, I complained about this in my heart and did not have compassion or the group mentality to help others. I neither denied nor eradicated my attachments and the roots of “selfishness” that arose at that time. The old forces took advantage of this loophole and seized the excuse to make such a vicious arrangement for me. I immediately realized that there were too many "loopholes" in my cultivation, far from the requirements of the Fa. As a cultivator, I strongly repented for my mistakes. The evil seized my non-righteous thought that day as evidence and arranged the tribulation. Even if I have "loopholes", the Fa can help me rectify them, and I have Master in charge. The old forces do not deserve to intervene in my cultivation. Whoever alters my cultivation arrangements is committing a sin. I deeply felt that my cultivation was not good or solid. I let Master down! The loopholes I left time and time again allowed the evil to find excuses to arrange my tribulations. In 2010, my right leg was injured, and the bones were misaligned, but Master cured this condition. At the end of 2019, the evil took advantage of the persecution and caused my right ankle and foot bones to fold inward, which fully recovered thanks to Master’s Fashen. This time I fell and was severely wounded, giving Master more to worry about. I know that time is tight, and Dafa disciples still have a major mission. Before catastrophe arrives, we are competing with the old forces to clarify the truth. Every additional person who knows the truth will be saved, so I do not want to spend time staying home and healing. I begged Master to help me again recover immediately with everything back to normal the next day. That way I could do the "three things" well to help Master in Fa-rectification.

I told Master in my heart: I will do as I say. I am now writing a letter of persuasion to a relative as originally planned. Even if it hurts when I sit, I will keep writing so that the pain will be eliminated with all the negative factors. It cannot control my mind. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible.” That night, despite the pain that made me contort my face in agony, my mind was filled with righteous thoughts. Master gave me a steady stream of wisdom that flowed through the tip of my pen to the letter paper. I finished writing the letter just before midnight.


(3) Seeing Miracles Under Trance

After sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, it was already half past midnight. I was still in pain and suffering without a trace of sleepiness. At this time, one of Master’s teachings in Zhuan Falun appeared in my mind, “And so I have to stress that we will be powerless to help you if you are set on getting healed and can’t get past that idea.” Yes, I believe in Master’s arrangements. I need to relinquish my attachments and meditate. At this time, because I gave up my attachments and concerns, I did not think about anything. Under Master’s powerful reinforcement, all the discomfort and pain disappeared. Soon I entered a state of tranquility and then trance. I felt better than usual. When I entered trance, a magical scene appeared.

The layout of my bedroom changed into a tall and spacious hall. On both sides were thick wooden doors shaped like those in Italian temples. The room was very bright. The interior (large hall) furnishings were simple and solemn. I sat in bed in the middle of the hall. Some elegant, solemn, and extraordinary people wearing neat suits came to visit me. They looked solemn and majestic. They stood in a row around my bed for a while. Although there was no communication via language exchange as in the human world, the meaning of their expressions was very clear, and it was completely communicated through the mind. Then they left from the eastern door. In my mind, I warmly escorted them to the door.

Just after they left, another group of sentient beings came in through the eastern door. The first thing that caught my eyes were three tall young women wearing ethnic costumes standing by the door, their heads against the door frame. Those who came in one after another were dressed in casual civilian clothes of varying colors. The most striking thing was that they all wore blue anti-pandemic masks on their faces. When they came to my bed, they looked at me with concern and all left after a short time. In that scene, I do not know why I was so happy and excited. It felt like the enthusiasm and excitement of seeing relatives after a long time. I walked them out warmly as they left.

After I exited trance, my emotions seemed to revel in the atmosphere of joy, and there was no pain at all. When I got up in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all my activities were completely normal, and my recovery was as usual. From injury to recovery was only a few hours under Master’s care. I quickly emerged from the tribulation.

After experiencing this tribulation, I learned so much. In a nutshell, the main points are as follows:

1. Dafa disciples should consciously form a mechanism for looking inwards to cultivate xinxing and rectify their own thoughts at all times. If any thought is not on the Fa, immediately rectify and clear it. Being clear-headed at all times is a sign of maturity. One cannot always be careless and confused. Cultivation is serious, and one cannot let the old forces find excuses to take advantage of loopholes and create tribulations.

2. When tribulations arise, the keys are to think based on the Fa, give up all human attachments, maintain righteous thoughts, and believe in the Fa.

3. Look for your own “loopholes” (e.g., problems in your xinxing, excuses the old forces use to arrange tribulations). Immediately rectify any loopholes and understand and rectify the situation from the Fa. Deny and disintegrate all the old forces arrangements with righteous thoughts.

4. Negating via thoughts and acting accordingly can quickly dissolve the evil persecution. In this process, cultivating the mind is very important to constantly eliminate various human attachments and notions, especially interference from negative external factors so that one’s "true self" can play a leading role. This is righteous faith, righteous enlightenment, righteous thoughts, and righteous actions.

5. Master allowed me to see sights of other dimensions during trance. This is how I realized that guardians of the universe and righteous gods in the first cohort were sent by Master as reinforcements so that I could fully recover as soon as possible. This is the true manifestation of Master's immense power and mighty virtue in the universe! This is great encouragement for me and other fellow practitioners! The sentient beings who visited me in the second cohort expressed their expectations and hope for my cultivation status through their caring facial expressions. If in the future I reach the standard of returning to my origin and true nature, these beings will also have the hope of "going home".

It seems one is not only responsible for one’s cultivation, but also for the salvation and destiny of sentient beings. I must cultivate myself well, continue to ascend to higher realms in saving people, and finally lead all sentient beings to return with Master. I must live up to expectations to repay Master's holy grace.

There are two purposes for writing my above experience emerging from the tribulation and sharing some of my insights. The first purpose is to warn myself, and the second purpose is to encourage fellow practitioners and share my experience to improve together. Let us believe in Master and the Fa with righteous thoughts and righteous actions on this final path of cultivation. Save more people to complete the important historical mission. Cultivate diligently to reach the highest standard required by Dafa as soon as possible. (Heshi)

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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