It Is Nice to Be a Master’s Disciple

A Dafa Disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | October 31, 2021

[] Dafa is boundless and Buddha's grace is mighty. On the twentieth anniversary of the founding of "Zheng Jian Weekly", I wrote down a few things that I encountered in my life to share with fellow practitioners.

1. The Car Brakes failed

One morning in the winter of 2008, I rented a small car to go to the countryside to do business. When I was out of the city, it snowed heavily. It had been snowing for most of the day. When I returned to the city at night, a layer of ice formed on top of the road. The driver was not driving fast, and he was about to reach the city. The car suddenly failed to brake and rushed to the side of the road... In an emergency, I thought of Master, and I yelled in my heart, "Master, help me"! The car fell into a ditch beside the road. I bumped my knee but it did not hurt at all. There was nothing wrong with the driver and me, except that the bumper of the car was dented but the damage was not great. We looked at ditch after getting off the car. There are two big pits on the left and right sides but the car just missed them. Otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous. It was the compassionate Master who saved me.

2. I Got on a Bus to Go Home When a Ticket Is Hard to Buy

My home was in a small county in the northeast, and the traffic was not very convenient at that time. The transportation is mainly bus. It is difficult to buy tickets during the Spring Festival. On the 27th of the twelfth lunar month of 2008, I bought three tickets to go home a few days in advance and prepared to take my nephew and niece home from the provincial capital for the New Year. On that day, we departed from my brother’s house two hours in advance but the local bus was delayed in coming. Therefore, I decided to take a taxi but ran into a traffic jam again. By now it was very close to the time the long-distance bus was about to leave and the taxi was still on the same spot. The driver said helplessly: "Don't go, you won't be able to catch the car there."

In my desperate and helpless situation, I thought of Master, and I begged Master to help me in my heart. I also told the driver that I still have to go to the bus terminal. If I don't go to the bus terminal, the three tickets will be invalid. It is difficult to buy them again. By the time we arrived at the terminal, the long distance bus had left. In desperation, I found a man in uniform and asked him what to do? He pointed to a woman and said, "You can ask her, she is in charge". I took the two children to see her, tearfully explained the situation. She said, “The bus driver had been waiting for you for a long time. You give me the tickets, I will contact the bus driver and you can take a taxi and chase after the bus.” Ten minutes later we caught up with the bus, which was also waiting for us near the toll booth, and we finally got on the bus to go home. Normally, the tickets were invalid after the bus left but we got an exception and boarded the bus to go home. I know that the compassionate Master had helped again.

3. The Big Bus I Was Sitting on Caught Fire

It was the winter of that year when I took bus from the provincial capital, and it started to snow as soon as I got on the bus. I felt a little uncomfortable, as it was sunny when I went out, and the sky changed when I got in the bus. I recite the "Nine-Character Mantra" silently in my heart. The snow is getting heavier, the snow all over the sky is falling, and the wind is blowing. It is dark. Just about ten kilometers away from the city, a small car passed from behind and stopped the big bus. The driver of the car got out of the car and spoke a few words with the bus driver. The bus driver quickly picked up the fire extinguisher and ran off the bus. It turned out that the chassis of the bus caught fire, and the fire was about to burn to the fuel tank. The consequences would be disastrous to burn to the fuel tank. It was the compassionate Master who saved me again.

When Dafa was spreading, I walked into cultivation and met Master who made me your disciple. It is great to be a disciple of the respected Master! Thank you, Master!


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