Blessings and Misfortune Both Have Antecedents

Qing He

PureInsight | March 1, 2022

[] My neighbor Ms. Zhao, who sold oden at the shop, disappeared for several days. She was hard-working and would not close her shop for no reason, especially since she had two children attending school. While I was just pondering this, she showed up the next day.

She told me that she went back to her hometown for a funeral. She could not figure out why her relative died.

Apparently, her relative was riding a tricycle to the market. When she returned from the market, a dog chased after her and jumped onto the tricycle. When she arrived home, she could not bear to get rid of the dog. Therefore, she tied it in front of the house and fed it. A week later, when she untied the dog's leash, the dog unexpectedly bit her. She was only injured lightly, so she did not take it seriously. However, she died the next day, and the dog died two days later. She might have died from rabies. The people in the village reckoned that the dog came to claim her life.

My friend Yu also experienced being chased and bitten by a dog. One morning, she bought two steamed buns from a restaurant and went home. When crossing the road, a dog stood quietly at the end of the road. When it saw Yu, it barked violently at her. Yu was taken aback by what happened. When the dog approached her, she threw the buns on the ground. She ran away when the dog started to eat the buns.  

Yu chatted with me about this; I could not help but laugh. We are the same age, but she is a bit different. She has some memories of her past lives. She told me that in a previous life, a couple was very poor but they loved each other. Yu was jealous of the hostess of that house, so she killed her, and the husband felt depressed. That dog was the reincarnation of the husband. Thus, the dog snarled at her with hatred. Ms. Zhao’s relative was bitten by a dog and died, and it was probably because there was a grievance or grudge from its previous life. A disaster can appear to be accidental, but there is reason behind it.

As an old saying goes, "You reap what you sow." However, with reincarnation, who knows their grievances from their previous lives? Disasters that are arranged on one’s path cannot be changed by humans. It is based on destiny. When you go on, you may find that when many people’s lives were at stake, they sincerely recited, "Falun Dafa is good. Zhen-Shan-Ren is good." As a result, the disasters they may have encountered had been altered. For instance, a whole family had gotten the coronavirus. However, they recited the nine-character mantra, and all of them were healed. All those sharing articles published on the Minghui website were written with gratitude.

Sadly, some people would have been able to escape from disaster. However, under the influence of CCP’s atheism, they did not believe in karmic retribution and died from disasters. There are many people like this.

Another practitioner mentioned in his article, “In December 2003, the education division of the prison organized nine police thugs to brainwash me. Mr. Lu, the assistant director of the education division, was the head of the brainwashing group.

Mr. Lu took me to an office and said to me viciously, ‘I give you two options. One is to write the three statements; the other is to die. You can jump down from the fourth floor; otherwise, you will be beaten to death. A room has been prepared for you.’

I was determined and told Mr. Lu, ‘First, I will not write the three statements. Secondly, I will not jump from the fourth floor (I will not commit suicide.) Please be aware that persecuting Dafa disciples will cause karmic retribution.’

Mr. Lu sneered and said, ‘I don’t believe in Gods, Buddhas, or the issue of karma. I will bet you three years. I will ruthlessly beat you for the next three years. If I do not die within three years, I will keep beating you. We’re not afraid of beating Falun Gong practitioners to death.’

During that severe torture, my ribs were broken. The prison authority did not care, and I did not receive any medical treatment at all. I asked Master for help and it was such a miracle, my ribs healed on their own without treatment!

One day when I was having dinner, Mr. Lu suddenly asked me, ‘Are you feeling better?’ I replied, ‘I’m feeling great.’

Lu turned away without any facial expressions. When I returned to the cell, I heard the sound of an ambulance. I heard later that at that moment, Mr. Lu died sitting on a chair in his office. It was an hour from the time I saw him to his death. Then, I remembered the three-year bet that I made with Mr. Lu. From the date of the bet, to Mr. Lu’s death, it was just two years and ten months. As an old saying goes, ‘Goodness is rewarded with good and evil with evil.’”

Many people, like Mr. Lu, who persecuted Falun Gong practitioners died. This is all because of the CCP. The CCP is ruled by atheism, so they dare say, “Don’t believe in gods, Buddhas, or retributions." This is exactly the purpose of the evil specter of the CCP, to destroy people. Many people died because of believing in the CCP’s atheism.

In the face of such a devastating pandemic, only when we abandon atheism can we survive the pandemic. When we recite the nine-character phrases wholeheartedly in the midst of a tribulation, we can truly stay safe.

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