Clear Out the Lust Demon's Strange Interference

Wan Guyuan

PureInsight | March 1, 2022

[] I never would have expected that the demon of lust would have concealed itself in my calf, and interfered with my cultivation practice for half a year.

In the spring of this year, I discovered some small red dots that had appeared on my calf. I thought: This is a good thing. It is certainly the pathogenic qi from my body being expelled outward through this passageway. Unexpectedly, more and more small red dots emerged, and eventually formed into a whole, covering my calf. I still ignored it. I thought so long as it does not interfere with my Fa study, exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth, then it is fine. However, this thought itself was recognizing it, pursuing it, nourishing it. It began to wildly spread and expand.

By summer, it was black and itchy. When I felt it with my hand, the skin felt flabby, itchy and just weird. I began to often scratch and massage my calf, but this resulted in it maturing. From time to time, a sticky, pale yellow liquid would ooze from it. I thought this poisonous liquid being expelled outward was purification. When I thought about it carefully, I was in actuality pursuing it. As you pursue it, you constantly pour energy into it. In no time, it developed into an oval-shaped dark-green ulcer.

My wife found out about this dark-green ulcer, and asked me intently how this came about. I smiled and told her that it is nothing, that it is the state of a cultivator's karma elimination. She sometimes helped me to massage it by pressing it, which felt very comfortable. Sometimes when I exercised or studied the Fa I could not calm down, I was distraught with anxiety. I kept thinking about poking and touching it. I thought it was not right that it was interfering with my cultivation practice. The problem had become serious. Put accurately, it was those evil demons and rotten ghosts that had seized upon my gaps to persecute me. I began to send forth righteous thoughts to clear it out, but the results were not substantial. Sometimes when I studied the Fa, it was so itchy I could not bear it, and could not continue studying the Fa. I could only abruptly scratch it roughly. However, this never alleviated the itchiness. Moreover, it would intermittently be unbearably itchy from inside to outside. Once I had scratched it till the ulcer broke open, filthy blood oozed out. On a few occasions, my wife stopped me wildly scratching it. She said I had ringworm, and it was infectious. She said she was going to take me to the hospital. I anxiously said, “It's alright, it's OK! It'll be fine in a few days.” Although I said it was fine, I felt it strange. How come it has prolonged so long if it was karma elimination? If it was interference from evil demons and rotten ghosts, how come sending forth righteous thoughts doesn't seem to work? I could not find the underlying cause of it, no matter how much I turned it over in my mind.

One evening, I dreamed I was in a gloomy room. A girl wearing a dark green gauze nimbly stood before me. She looked at me licentiously. I did not pay attention to her, but just bowed my head and did not speak. She slowly approached me. Then she touched me, and her true appearance was revealed: a dark-green lust demon! Her face was dark green. Shocked, I abruptly woke up in a cold sweat.

The lust demon's dark-green face from the dream kept appearing before my eyes. “Dark-green?” My gosh! That ulcer on my calf is dark green in color. Oh! My calf was harboring the lust demon! I sent forth righteous thoughts as much as possible over the next few days, resolutely cleaning it out! The dark-green lust demon, which had interfered with me for half a year, had been thoroughly dissolved. The dark-green ulcer on my calf dried out in a matter of days. It is really a case of: With a righteous heart, the demons dissolve!

Upon thinking about this whole issue, I realized that I had yet to completely clean out the attachment to lust. I still need to study the Fa, cultivate my xinxing, and strive hard to cultivate upward.

The Fa-rectification is surging forth ferociously, but the evil demons and rotten ghosts are interfering with our surfaces in a more concealed manner, but they are very fickle. Especially with regards to how the Chinese Communist Party is indulging people's desires, ruining people's morality, bringing chaos to the world. As cultivators, so long as we have the human mindset, then we have attachments. As long as we have attachments, we have gaps. The evil can exploit these gaps, and we can be interfered with. Painful lessons have taught us: Do not humanly nourish the evil demons; every thought of ours should be on the Fa.

Master said in Fa Teaching Given at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference from Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Volume III, “Why don’t you stop and think about it: Why is someone interfering with you? Why is it able to interfere with you? Is it because you have an attachment, or because you have something you can’t let go of? Why don’t you look at yourself? The true reason lies with you yourself, and that’s the only reason it can exploit your gap!”

For us cultivators, whenever we come across trouble we need to look within, cultivate inward, cultivate ourselves, brighten our hearts through Fa study, dispel attachments and attain righteous enlightenment. Do not be deluded by fantasies. Catch up and keep pace with the course of Fa-rectification.

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