Reincarnation Record: Master's Mighty Grace (2)

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 1, 2022

[] Since the beings in heaven are all very, very capable, when their lives have undergone great corruption, their negative side is revealed. Many of these beings have arranged a complete set of ways to save themselves. Since they are also mixed in with many bad factors, their arrangements have become very impure and cannot achieve the goal of completely saving the firmament and all sentient beings. Because the universe is too big to describe in human language, the old force's arrangements have become something very detailed, orderly and "perfect.” There are also positive and negative beings in the universe. If any being wants to accomplish something, especially something as momentous as saving the entire universe, then the negative factors will play the role of "testing." If life doesn't mutate, these kinds of tests are normal. It's a way for a life to build mighty virtue and cherish what it gets. But the problem is that lives have turned corrupt. Then if these lives interfere with this major event with the excuse of “testing,” then that affects the safety of lives in the entire universe, which is absolutely not allowed! But countless beings do not understand this. In addition, because lives have mutated, the countless elements that comprise lives, including various material factors that directly or indirectly maintain the existence of life, also play an interfering role. For example, cancer cells are not good, but they will not eliminate themselves, will they?

“Millions upon millions
the hardships and perils, blocking my path” (Suffering to Save from Hong Yin)

The problem that Master needs to solve is much, much more complicated than what I described above. And lives are in groups, so there is a certain connection between them. When lives have become corrupt, there will be grievances and more intricate karma between them. Although it is not as sinister as the human world, the negative impact of such a situation will be enormous.

Having said so much of my understanding on the Fa, let me provide a few more specific examples.

After we signed a pledge with Master, Master made more specific arrangements based on each individual's specific situation and the needs of the universe. For example, when you were in the human world, when you would obtain the Fa, when you would form a relationship with someone, when you would improve your xinxing, and so on.

And those mutated beings have also arranged for the beings to come to various environments in the human world. They have also made subtle and meticulous arrangements for the beings to go down, from birth on up to obtaining the Fa, improvement, and even various manifestations and reincarnations at different levels, including in the human world. I remember the moment just before I descended, Master said earnestly, "When the time comes, you must remember and listen to Master's words. You must remember!"

Only now that I think about it, I deeply understand Master's painstaking efforts!

When we were descending to the Earth, there were beings who greatly admired us, while others were very jealous. Some even remarked, “Let's watch them!” (The implication was that they don't believe a life could return to its original position after going down).

Take me as an example. After I signed the pledge with Master, I started to go down. Low-level matter and thoughts were constantly wrapping around my body. In order not to get lost at the lower levels, Master signed pacts with us many times. There were also beings who knew Master was going down to the Earth to rectify the Fa, so they also came down to reincarnate, but they came to "test" Dafa and Dafa disciples.

When we were descending to lower levels, Master had already started to protect us at that time, otherwise we would've most likely been destroyed due to inadvertently violating heaven's rules before reaching the human world. There are also many altered factors in the heavens. In order to maintain their principles and arrangements, they have formed very stubborn forces. During the Fa-rectification, Master calls them the "old forces."

Once I reincarnated as a bodhisattva in a certain level. There was another being who was also reincarnated into a bodhisattva, which was arranged by the old forces in order to later stain my life's path.

I remember there was a small island in the middle of the sea. Once we had gathered together there, all different kinds of gods came and displayed their own abilities. When it was my turn, I picked up my magic implement, which resembled a jade pendant. I let it spin by itself and showed it to the other gods.

That other bodhisattva (who I mentioned above) secretly used her power to move my jade pendant, and caused it to drop into the sea. Immediately, it caused a thousand-meter-high wave in the sea, many living beings in the sea could not stand the wind and waves and lost their lives. All the gods were upset with me, and decided to destroy me. (According to heaven's law, divine implements cannot be used indiscriminately, nor can they interfere with sentient beings' living environments, unless there are extremely special circumstances). At that time, I didn't know what happened.

Suddenly, Master appeared in the sky from the far horizon. All the gods knelt down. At first, Master didn't say anything, but “replayed” the scene that just occurred for everyone to see. It showed how when I was using the Fa implement, that other bodhisattva used her powers to throw my Fa implement into the sea, causing such a big disaster. When this was all revealed, the bodhisattva openly stated, "I'm here to 'test' you. Not only will I stain your life, but I will make you completely disappear from this universe before you even reach the human world!" Then she flew away. All the gods understood at once what had transpired. Then they asked Master: "What should we do with those living beings who died in the sea?" I watched as Master held those dead beings in his hands and performed a very beautiful mudra. All those beings immediately sprang back alive and flew away.

Master said: "As her Master, I do these things for her. In the future, after she obtains the Fa in the human world, she will have her mighty virtue, and then she will bless the lives she had harmed intentionally or unintentionally."

A god asked, "How about if she doesn't cultivate well in the human world, and she's unable to do these things?"

"Then I will give those lives blessings!" Master said mercifully and solemnly.

I could only cry at that time! Later, Master stroked my head like my father and said, "Going down to the lower level is like this, you must cultivate well in the future!!" After that, Master disappeared.

Another time, when I appeared at a lower level, I was a boy serving an arhat. Since much wrapping of matter had occurred there, various mutated factors intertwined and interfered with each other like a spider's net. Once this arhat took me to eliminate a bad god who was destroying beings. The arhat grabbed it with his supernormal ability and ordered me to keep my eyes on him. I tried my best at first. But then the bad god tried to persuade me to let him go with seemingly kind but crooked reasoning. He hoped I would let him go. At first I was unmoved, but I ended up letting him go. Fortunately, the arhat came back and caught him again. But I was to face punishment. When the arhat brought me to the Buddha's hall, the Buddha told me that I had violated heaven's law, and I was to be completely destroyed.

At this moment, Master appeared again. Master said, "This situation has occurred because all living beings have warped, and he (referring to me) came here from a higher place with a mission. Because he is in delusion, he did something he shouldn't have. He will make up for all of these when he returns from cultivation in the human world. At the same time, because you have formed a relationship with him here, he will be able to save everything in your realm at that time!”

“That is too long away to fathom, will that come true?” A Buddha asked in confusion.

"Look, if you don't believe me," said Master, who waved His hand, and a large dimension suddenly appeared before everyone's eyes. In an instant, the dimension was purified and became very beautiful. "Isn't my ability great? If he can't do it, I will give it to you, and I will save you!" The gods bowed down again.

At that time, Master cleaned up a lot of altered thoughts and material factors for me, so that I could continue my descent to the human world and obtain the Fa.

The journey was like:

With the pledge signed, finally arriving on Earth under Master's grace,
Having descended layer by layer to form predestined ties,
Master watches over us, concerned, as we face countless catastrophes,
All to gain a human body in the human world.

Note: What I have shared is limited to my cultivation level.

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