Record of Reincarnation: A Human Body is Hard to Obtain (3)

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 18, 2022


About a month or so prior to writing this article, a friend of mine wanted to see the ocean with me. It was dusk, and the tide was receding. The moon was rising, yet the sun had yet to fully set. Gazing out at the ocean, I could not help but think of some verses from a classical Chinese poem: “As the bright moon shines over the sea; From far away you share this moment with me.” And, “Sunset glowing clouds and lone goose together fly; One are the Autumn water and the skies on high!” I sat alone on a reef by the seashore, allowing the gentle seawater to flow over my feet. As I wondered about how to better clarify the truth to people, I gazed out at a small island in the ocean. I suddenly saw the following scene with my third eye: Many gods from the ocean had come out to see us. They hoped we could do even better. I said, “I hope you all remember Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. In doing so, you will have a future.” They smiled and said, “We will remember.” At the same time, they hoped that Dafa disciples would take good care of themselves.

After checking out the ocean, my friend invited me to eat a meal. I originally did not want to come out to see the ocean, but I could not refuse my friend's sincere request, so I just followed along. Later, I realized everything is not without reason.

We sat down in a private room within the restaurant. Inside was a fish tank, which doubled as a wall between this and the adjacent room. Twelve red tropical fish swam inside the tank. They merely swam back and forth. People think these fish are free and unrestrained, but actually they are really distressed. A fish that seemed like the leader said to me, “We all broke a rule in heaven and were struck down here. Moreover, we could not get human bodies.” I said, “Well then tell me your story. I will write it down later, and in doing so you all will have participated in validating the Fa. In the future, you will definitely have a good final destination.” Thereupon, the fish told me their story to alert the people in the world.

These fish can be divided into three groups. Each group has four fish. They are categorized into those that lived in the East Sea of heaven (not beyond the Three Realms), the South Sea, and the North Sea.

I will first discuss the first group. These fish were originally from a mountain of immortals in the East Sea, and the four of them served as golden-armored guardians in the orchard. Extremely rare immortal fruits grew here. When a big event occurred in the heaven here, the Jade Emperor would treat the event's guests, who were all celestial beings, to these exquisite immortal fruits. These four guardians had already been on guard for a long time, but after a lengthy period of time, the lives in the universe gradually became worse and less pure. Many impure thoughts came to their minds. For example, they were guarding the immortal orchard but were not permitted to eat any for themselves. If they ate any in secret, they would be violating heaven's law. The food they had to eat was great food in fact. When a life is pure, he would not indulge in any wild fantasies, and even less would he overstep the boundaries of what a life at his level should do. However, if he did cross the line, he would be banished downward. When lives become worse, they are actually unaware of the deviation in themselves. To be frank, the element of “selfishness” exists within them. One day, a golden-armored guardian said, “We have already been guarding this orchard for a very, very long time. We have only been looking at these fruits but never tried any, not even once. Why not take advantage of this fortunate moment when the gods are convening and not paying attention to us to pick a few to try for ourselves? Maybe even our gong potency will grow!?” “Okay!” was the reply of the other three in unison. They split up, picked the fruit, and ate. But who would have imagined that not only did their gong potency not grow after eating the fruit, but their bodies also became heavier. One of the guardians said, “Is it because we violated heaven's law by eating something we should not have, and are now being struck down?” Another said, “Even if we are being struck down, it would not be so quick. Those immortals do not have time to oversee us.” However, they found that their golden armor immediately disappeared, their human form was no more, and when they looked again, they were four fish! At this moment an immortal appeared in the sky above and said in a very loud and clear voice, “You golden-armored guardians stole and ate the immortal fruits. Your gong potency has been depleted and you have been turned into fish. You will be immediately banished to the world of mortals and be fish for many generations. You will forever suffer the torment of being beaten by wind and waves. Unless you come across the enlightened being who descends to the Earth to offer salvation to humans or that enlightened being's disciples who can offer you salvation, you will never have the opportunity to return!” At this moment they understood what regret felt like, but it was already too late. From then on, they have been constantly suffering innumerable hardships in the human world's ocean. The suffering was tremendous. They lived extremely unhappily. They often anxiously hoped that either the enlightened being who would descend to the world to offer humans salvation or His disciples would see and save them. It was probably because their innate sense of right and wrong had not been entirely lost that, under Master's ingenious arrangements, I was able to run into them. Otherwise, if they never met a Dafa disciple, then they would forever be fish suffering.

The four fish in the second group are from the Dragon King's palace in the South Sea. They too were guardians like the first group, and they had served as guardians for a long time. Most likely due to their greed, they were manipulated by a bad deity, which led to the theft of the Dragon King's most valuable treasure. They were punished by the Dragon King and banished to the world of immortals to become fish.

The third group previously served as Fa guardians for an extremely powerful immortal at the seabed of the North Sea. Once, the immortal left the ocean and came across a child that loved to have fun. Out of compassion and mercy, the immortal wanted to dissolve some bad things in the child's heart, which would help the child to later obtain the Dao. So he took the child back with him and entrusted the four guardians to care for the child. Who would have realized how much this child loved to play? He wanted to play with whatever he saw. Initially, the guardians did not mind, but after a while, they too began to enjoy playing. The immortal was greatly saddened upon seeing their change of heart because their xinxing no longer met the requirements for being Fa guardians, so he could only banish them. Just as the immortal hesitated, thinking what to transform them into, a fish slowly swam by. Thereupon, they were transformed into fish!

When a life at any of the various levels of heaven does anything not befitting the standard of that level, whether knowing or unknowingly, their realm will drop. There are too many lives that cannot even obtain a human body in this period of time, so should we not by comparison cherish even more this treasured human body?

Perhaps the predestination is only this once. If one lets it pass by, then one will never have another opportunity to break away from the sea of suffering! Even the question of whether a person's life is guaranteed is hard to say. A human body is hard to obtain. The predestined opportunity is even harder to come by! Cherish this predestined opportunity that Dafa and Dafa disciples keep repeatedly offering you to learn the truth!


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