The Pot Shouts, Everything Has a Spirit

Zhen Han

PureInsight | May 21, 2023

[] Everything indeed has a spirit, and their expressions are also quite interesting. Let me share with you what I know.

One day at noon, I was cooking dumplings. The water was boiling, and the dumplings were floating in the pot. During a break when I added cold water, I went to do something else. When I passed by the pot again, I heard the dumplings in the pot shouting, "Lift us up quickly, or our bellies will burst!" I quickly turned off the induction cooker, took out a colander, and scooped up the dumplings, placing them on a plate. One of the smaller dumplings was still gasping for breath and said thankfully, "If you were any later, I would have burst!" I chuckled, realizing I had been careless.

That dumpling's life form would also manifest in another space. Now it is quietly lying on the plate, stretching out two thin arms and holding its belly, thinking, "My little heart was frightened just now. In this short life, who would want to die in the boiling water? At least I made it out of the pot. Soon, the master will eat me."

In fact, when I was making glutinous rice balls, I also heard them talking. They said, "We finally won't be frozen anymore." They were happier when I put them into the pot. The pot would tell me that the rice balls would be ready in a few minutes. Even the range hood would sometimes talk. It complained about the downstairs neighbor whose cooking always made the air smell bad because they used too much garlic. I usually cook with a lighter flavor, and sometimes I forget to use onion, ginger, and garlic. I think the range hood probably doesn't like that smell.

One time when I was making coffee, I absent-mindedly poured a bag of coffee into a cup, only to realize that there was one-third of cold water in it. I was stunned, and I noticed that everything around me was stunned too, including the cup, the kettle, the teapot, and the tray. They all had a thought: What should we do? Can we fix it? I sighed and had to pour boiling water again to adjust it and then drank it. Those lives breathed a sigh of relief, and the water cup said, "The master is easy to please and not picky." The coffee cup said, "The little master pursues taste more, not willing to compromise." The teapot said, "The male master also cares about food, but the least picky is the female master. She is alone at home. She'll just eat whatever to save time. It must be uncomfortable to be her stomach.”

As I listened to them talking, I thought to myself: "I don't mind, I can eat anything. The lives in my stomach sometimes protest, but they love good food." It seems I haven't fixed myself yet, I haven't made them desire-less. The situation is like this: when my husband is not at home for a few days, I take care of my own appetite by eating leftovers, congee, pickled vegetables, buying two cakes to fill my hunger, and buying cornmeal. This saves me a lot of time. After a few days, one day during a meal, a voice in my stomach said, "Look at how you're living these days. You're not broke, and what you're eating is making me nauseous." I suddenly became aware that when I ate before, I had moments of feeling nauseous. After investigating, I realized that there was a protesting life within me. I said to it, "You have to assimilate the great law and not be picky about the food. Making a good meal takes a lot of time." In the evening, I fried eggs and cucumber slices, and this time there was no opposition.

One day, I wanted to cook instant noodles. As I opened the packaging, I remembered the incident where the sour vegetable pack in a certain brand of instant noodles was trampled on by someone. Holding the oil pack, I looked at it and was about to throw it away when the oil pack suddenly spoke, "I really can't be eaten. The production process is terrible." At that moment, the oil pack expressed what was on its mind: “How dirty the oil is—gutter oil. How terrible the contents are.” I said in my mind, "I know, I always throw away the oil pack."

Yesterday, while I was cooking porridge, I grabbed a handful of Job's tears and placed the plastic bag containing them on the balcony railing. While tidying up, I accidentally knocked over the bag, spilling the Job's tears everywhere. Some were inside the bag, some outside. I quickly cleaned it up, thinking to myself, "Why did I forget to seal the bag?" The surrounding lives were all careful, whispering to each other, "You're wasting the master's time again."

I think I'm not very good at tidying up. Sometimes I get impatient and feel a bit dizzy. The lives in my home are all very careful. Some of them stretch their necks to look at me, like the broom. Others carefully collect themselves, like my husband's teapot, microwave, and water glass. I think my energy field is not good, and they feel uncomfortable.

Today, when I opened the lid of the Longjing tea box, I exerted too much force and spilled some tea. I subconsciously went to pick up the spilled tea leaves on the floor when a voice said: "Don't bother, don't you still have Pu'er tea?" I looked, and the tea leaves were dirty, so I cleaned up the floor. When I looked up, the tea cup said, "Drink the Longjing tea quickly and try the Pu'er tea." After a pause, it said, "A few days ago, when the male owner brought back Mao Jian tea, you gave it all away. Why didn't you keep a little? I want to try Mao Jian tea." In my mind, I said, "It's all just the taste of tea, similar with minor differences." Unexpectedly, the microwave spoke up, "A few years ago, your brother brought back some tea from Tibet, but you never tasted it. Instead, you gave it to your father-in-law, and the teacup was regretful for several days." I said, "You can't even drink tea, why do you care about this?" The microwave replied, "I don't drink tea, but the teacup will tell us how it feels about the tea." I said, "Oh, I see."

Before, I saw a fellow practitioner using a computer and the life energy manifested as a feeling of a beautiful sailor moon warrior. One time, the computer wasn't working well, and I said, "There must be an evil interference. If we send forth righteous thoughts, it will be fine." While sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that the green-clothed sailor moon warrior was being pressed down by evil and her hands and feet were tied up. In the righteous thoughts, I saw the evil being eliminated, and the sailor moon warrior broke free from the bondage and stood up, moving her wrists. When the fellow practitioner turned on the computer again, it was back to normal.

Another fellow practitioner had a computer, and the life energy in it was an old man with a hunched back who occasionally coughed. I told the practitioner what I heard, and he also said, "Sometimes I hear the sound of coughing and wonder where it came from. It sounds like the old man's cough."

One practitioner kept many glass pieces that were well-packaged and stored in the yard, but they weren't using them. When I passed by, I heard a voice from inside the package saying, "The owner has kept us all this time, and we haven't been able to reincarnate." I asked the practitioner what was in the package, and he said, "It is glass." I told him what I heard and said, "Things are in a state of flux, and life has its own choices. Put them outside, and if someone wants to use them, they will take them, or they will be sold as scrap."

Regarding these phenomena, Master Li Hongzhi said in Falun Gong, Chapter III Cultivation of Character, "When your Third Eye reaches the level of Law Eyesight, you will discover that the world is a totally different place. When you go outside, rocks, walls, and even trees will talk to you. All objects have life. As soon as an object is formed, a life enters it."

In fact, everything has a spirit, and life is in a state of flux, expressing itself in different ways. Life is all in reincarnation. The frying pan I used to cook with, for example, was a pan used in a hotel kitchen in its past life. When I'm cooking, it tells me when the food is almost ready. It feels like the frying pan has a lot of cooking experience.

Master Li Hongzhi said in Teaching the Fa at Lantau Island, Zhuan Falun Volume II, “With the existence of transmigration, it is possible that a human being will be born a human in one life and an animal in the next. Transmigration is not in fact limited to reincarnating as one of six categories of lives [as traditionally thought]. The six are merely what Buddha Shakyamuni described. A life may reincarnate as a human being, a celestial being, or an asura demon, just as it may reincarnate as something like a wild animal, a domestic animal, or a material object.”

All things have a spirit, which is certainly true. In that quiet room, life has its own joy, and in nature, everything has its own trajectory of life and operation. We only think things are alive because we see them with our eyes. In reality, even stationary objects have active thoughts; it's just that many people are unaware of this.

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