Dragon’s Son Reincarnation

Fang Hua from Heilongjiang, edited by practitioners

PureInsight | December 21, 2023

[PureInsight.org] I am a Dafa practitioner and I am 84 years old. During my practice, I understood many high-level Fa principles by studying the works of Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong.

On January 20, 2023, Master authorized the Epoch Times to publish an article, How Humankind Came to Be. Master wrote, "The reason people came to this world and became human was to atone for their sins and karma, and to make significant spiritual progress. People came to this world to gain salvation. They came and assumed human form to await the Creator and His salvation back to their heavenly kingdom."

Master's words reminded me of all the strange behaviors that my oldest son after he was born. I witness with my own eyes the accurate portrayal of the reincarnation of sentient beings in the three realms and the next life to eliminate their sins.

1. The Dragon Emerges from the Deep Pond to Explore the Human World

In the spring of 1962, I got married and moved from Jilin province to a small mountain village in Heilongjiang province. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers, beautiful and rich, and it is also a magical place.

To the north of the mountain village, there is a large river that runs from east to west. At the foot of the mountain in the northeast, a Dashi Lazi (large, encircling stone) was split out of nowhere. The river flows here, flows southward, and then turns eastward.

An old man told me the legendary story of Dashi Lazi: The water under the feet of this Dashi Lazi is unpredictable, and there is a silver dragon living in it. Fishermen dare not fish in this area for fear of disturbing the dragon. This dragon occasionally appears when it is rainy and foggy. When it appears, it would first roar with the wind and rain, then it would be clothed in colorful clouds, soar into the clouds and ride on the mist, circling and dancing in the sky; it would swallow clouds and spit out mist. Sometimes it disappears and re-appears. The scene was truly spectacular and shocking! The dragon blesses this area with good weather and peaceful people. Therefore, this village is called "Taiping Village (pseudonym)." Since then, I have been looking forward to seeing the dragon.

Time passed quickly, and one morning in the summer of 2012, the legendary magical scene appeared: after three consecutive days of heavy rain, the humidity was heavy, and the fog was hazy. Most of the people outside witnessed the scene of the dragon coming out of the deep pond to explore the human world. Some young people took pictures of the dragon's horns, some took pictures of the dragon's tail... and some even recorded the video, which was circulated to each other in the village, creating a sensation. It was said that many people in neighboring villages also saw this very spectacular scene. From this point of view, people live side by side with the dragon and live in peace with each other.

2. The Divine Dragon Entrusts a Dream and Is Reincarnated into the Human World

Here, I will tell you about a strange thing that I personally experienced, which is indeed related to the divine dragon.

One day in the summer of 1962, I helped my oldest sister to wash clothes on the bank of the river. For some reason, my sister suddenly shouted, "Fang Hua!" I was startled, and when I raised my head, I felt my face was wet. I saw her running towards me with long strides. I do not know what happened. She asked me wide-eyed: "What did you just do?!" "I drank some water; what's wrong?" I asked.

"Are you pregnant?" "I don't know."

"Do you still have your period?" "I haven't had my period for three and a half months."

My oldest sister immediately said in surprise, "Congratulations, you are pregnant! You are still carrying a dragon fetus!" I was stunned, "Ah?! Why do you say that?"

"I've heard this a lot, so I naturally understand it!" She explained while demonstrating: "Just now, you leaned forward and stuck your head in the water, and you said you drank a little water; this is like the dragon sucking the water! So! I conclude that you are pregnant with a dragon fetus!" She looked happily and spoke to the point. I replied disapprovingly, "You have heard too much, so you are daydreaming."

As time went by, my belly grew bigger and my body became clumsier. One early morning in January of the next year, before I got up, I had a very clear dream: I was sitting in the room, and suddenly there was a flash of light, and the whole room suddenly became like a palace, and then, a stream of lightning flew from nowhere. The divine dragon, shining with golden light, was circling and flying above me. I was a little scared and wanted to see what happened. Suddenly there were sounds of pursuit all around. I knew it was the heavenly soldiers and generals chasing me here. I hurriedly wanted to jump out of the window to escape. Just when I was about to jump, I heard someone from behind shouting "Fang Hua!" Who called me? I looked back and saw no one, only the dragon behind me, staring at me. Regardless of everything, I jumped out. Unexpectedly, the dragon also followed. I looked around, and there was no place to hide. When my feet touched the ground, I felt something soft under my feet. When I lowered my head, I saw it was a quilt. I quickly opened the quilt, got in, and covered my head. I curled up into a ball inside, shaking all over. Before I could think about it, I felt pain in my stomach. I held my stomach, gritted my teeth, and endured it, not daring to move. Later, the pain became more and more intense. I finally couldn't help but roll over and said "Oh my God!" and woke up.

It turned out to be a dream! I was soaked all over. I did not give a second thought. Should I be surprised or sad? Oops! My stomach hurts, just like the severe pain in my dream. I rolled and screamed, waking up my husband.

Seeing me like this, my husband asked, "Are you about to give birth?" I squeezed out from between my teeth: "Quickly, quickly... find the doctor!" There was no midwife in my village, he had to go to Jiangdong Village which was four miles away.

My husband comforted me, "I'll find your sister first." My mother was a doctor who delivered babies. When my sister was young, she often followed our mother everywhere to deliver babies, so she had some midwifery knowledge.

3. The Dream Comes True, and the Dragon Is Reincarnated

After my husband left, I was in extreme pain. After an unknown amount of time, my son was finally born. I was exhausted and fell asleep.

At some point, my sister came. As soon as she entered the door, she saw me sleeping soundly at the end of the bed. A naked baby was thrown on the end of the bed, kicking his limbs and crying hoarsely, "Wow!" She suppressed her anger and immediately picked up the baby. When she saw it, the umbilical cord wrapped around my son’s neck, and his face changed color! She immediately solved the issue, then washed the child, wrapped it in a small quilt, calmed her down, and said to the child, "Little baby, you are very lucky. If I were to come a little later, your life would be gone!" The child cried loudly. The crying woke me up. When my sister saw me waking up, she smiled and said, "Congratulations on the birth of your son!" Then her face sank, and she scolded, "I've never seen a mother like you. You know how cold it is, but you lie on the bed and cover yourself with a quilt to sleep. But you left a naked child on the edge of the bed..." What she said made me confused.

I felt baffled. The child was on my right side when I lay down, and the quilt covered both of us. How did the child leave me and go to the edge of the bed? Was he climbing? Or did he walk there?

My husband did not return until two or three o'clock in the afternoon. He did not see the midwife because the midwife was out somewhere to deliver the baby. My husband was exhausted, but when he saw his son, he was overjoyed.

4. No Illness, but Crying for Three Years

With the arrival of my son, various strange things emerged. Many things about my son were different from ordinary children.

The arrival of my son naturally added joy and vitality to the family. However, within a few days, it was replaced by worry and helplessness. He cried non-stop day and night, except when sleeping and bathing. He was often sobbing even when feeding. We went to the county and district hospitals for check-ups, and they all said there was nothing wrong with the child and gave up treatment.

My son cried for three years and developed a severe hernia; I suffered from serious eye diseases: my eyes were stinging, sore, blurry, and wept endlessly. I took medicines from many hospitals, but no cure. It was not until I practiced Dafa ten years ago that my eyes were completely cured. My husband was always dozing off at work. He often miscalculated the accounts, gave the wrong money, and suffered losses many times. My son stopped crying when he was three years old and could speak.

5. Water Kung Fu, Self-taught without a Teacher

No matter how much my son cried, as soon as he was given a bath, he stopped crying immediately and let us wash himself from head to toe. His face was filled with comfort, contentment, and happiness, and he smiled at you occasionally. Only then did his father and I feel the joy and pride of being parents.

My son also liked to play in the water. He played in the water basin for a long time and would not come out until we called him several times. When it rained, he liked being outside; when the rain stopped, he played in the water with his bare feet.

In the summer when my son was six years old, I took him to wash clothes on the bank of the river. I asked him only to play around water as high as his ankles, and he agreed very well. He was obedient at first, but then I let my guard down. If he were not careful, he would end up in water that is waist-deep for adults. When I found him, he only showed his little head and smiled at me! I was confused at that time! My neighbor Xiaofang (pseudonym) and I did not know how to swim! I am only 1.5 meters tall! If a wave hit him, he would be hopeless! At that time, I cried, "Wow," and cried his name. While crying, I took Xiaofang's hand and walked towards the deep water. Unexpectedly, his little head plunged into the water and disappeared. I thought to myself, "It's over! It's over! My son is going to drown..." I burst into tears and was about to collapse. At this moment, I felt something hugging my legs in the water. I was startled, and he came out of the water and giggled at me. Angrily, I stretched out my hand to hit him. Unexpectedly, he slipped faster than a loach and instantly disappeared into the water. I was happy and surprised that he climbed on the bank about two meters away. This was his first time coming to the river! No one taught him how to swim.

6. “I Want to Say Something, but They Won’t Let me Say it!”

My son can talk at the age of three. However, he does not like to talk and will not say a few words for many days. Nothing, just sitting in the corner, silent, often staring at a place in a daze. When he was eight or nine, it is still the same. One day, I asked him why he was like this. He did not answer. I was impatient, so I scolded him severely. He lowered his head and squeezed out a few words through his teeth: "As soon as I was born, I understood everything. I wanted to say it, but I could not. Later, I was able to say it. I want to say it, but I’m not allowed to say it over there!” I asked him, “Where is it over there?” He looked up at me with tears, lowered his head again, and stopped answering, just shedding tears. His action seemed to touch a particular nerve in me, and instantly, a profound family affection returned from my hazy and distant memory! From then on, I had a particular bond with him. His younger brothers and sisters said I favored their older brother.

7. Accumulating Virtue and Doing Good Deeds to Eliminate Sins amidst Suffering

From the age of six or seven until he was more than ten, my son could disassemble flashlights, horseshoe watches, bicycles, sewing machines, black and white televisions, and other appliances at home and then re-assembled them without any problems. Later, he disassembled rice cookers, refrigerators, color TVs, motorcycles, and other items and assembled them without any problems.

There was a motorcycle repair shop in the village (the location of the township government). He stood by and watched the mechanic repair the car. In this way, he could repair household appliances and various motorcycles, and he did so quickly and satisfactorily. At first, he repaired home appliances for relatives and friends, and later for people in the village, without taking any money. Even when a stranger's car broke down on the road, he took the initiative to help. After the repairs were completed, he did not want money or gifts; he refused and never asked for anything in return. He often delayed his own work by helping others and was often scolded by his wife. He had no regrets and always maintained a kind heart.

My son was not only ingenuity, but also honest and kind. He was inevitably bullied outside. From elementary to junior high school, he was often beaten and bullied outside but never talked about it when he came home. I could only know a little about it from the mouth of Xiaotao, the neighbor's child. People regarded him as a chicken and took it out on him if something did not go well with him. The students in his class and those in higher grades or lower grades bullied him. Although my son was a head taller than the bullies were, he never fought back or retaliated when scolded, and always tolerated others.

My son was then in junior high school and was still behaving the same. Once, I heard that others were bullying him again. I was so angry that I satirized and belittled him. This might hurt his self-esteem. Within two days, a parent came to my home with her child and said that my son had beaten her child. She scolded me and asked me to discipline my children. I asked her, "How old is your child?" "Sixteen," she said. I told her, "My child is only fourteen years old; how could he beat up your child? Please go home and ask your child what is going on." She turned around and left angrily.

In the evening, I asked my son what had happened, and he said aggrievedly, "When I went to school in the morning, he asked me to spit in the face of a female classmate, but I didn't. He scolded me and said he would teach me a lesson and see if I would listen in the future. After school at noon, he led five or six people to surround me. He stretched out his hand and hit me. I blocked him with my arm, and he fell to the ground. He yelled for everyone to come together, and everyone jumped on me. I blocked with my left and right arms, and they all fell to the ground, yelling, “Ouch!” I did not hit them. If you don’t believe it, ask Xiao Tao next door." I believed him. Sometimes, when his father could not lift a burlap sack, he could easily pick it up with both hands as if he were playing with it.

From then on, those students hated my son and often falsely accused him. No matter what bad things happened in class, they always blamed my son. The teachers did not care if these rumors were true or not. They just went with it. This made it harder for my son to prove himself, so he had to drop out of school.

8. Innate Supernormal Capability: Third Eye Is Open

During my cultivation, I learned that there are many levels of spaces in the universe and all kinds of life and water. However, ordinary people cannot see it in the delusion. Only those who are cultivators with their third eye open can see it.

When my kids were young, I often talked about the magical origins of my oldest son, and the children all smiled and listened attentively.

In the blink of an eye, the children grew up. My daughter remembered the magical origin of her oldest brother when she was a child, and she always wanted to discover some secrets from her oldest brother. She asked many times, but my oldest son always avoided talking. One day, my younger daughter talked to her oldest brother about how human morality has declined to the point where there is no bottom line, and their body is surrounded by karma... Unexpectedly, these words resonated with her older brother, and he took over the conversation, "You are so right! A few days ago, I was waiting for someone at the school gate (more than ten years ago, our whole family moved into the city, my son became a taxi driver), I saw a woman in her forties standing on the north side of the school gate making a phone call, and saw black smoke coming out of her body, like soot..." At this point, his sister could not help saying, "Brother, your third eye is open!" He immediately stopped talking, and his sister begged him to talk more about it again, but he just smiled and did not say another word.

9. Unraveling the Mystery of Dragon’s Son Reincarnation

My daughter, oldest son, and I enjoyed Dafa a few years ago. My oldest son had not been practicing long, but his spouse began interfering. Although she knew that Dafa was good, she feared the evil party's brutal persecution of Dafa's disciples. She said, "When we get old, if our pensions are canceled, we will not be able to survive." This forced my oldest son not to practice Dafa anymore. Unfortunately, the oldest son had no choice but to obey and gave up practicing.

Master said in the article How Humankind Came To Be, "When a person dies it is just a matter of his physical body declining and breaking down, while his true soul (which is who he really is, and which does not die with the passing of his physical body) will continue on in a next life, being reborn. So just as the universe goes through Formation, Stasis, Degeneration, and Destruction, so too do human beings go through birth, aging, illness, and death. These are laws of the universe, to which even higher beings are subject, only the time span is longer, with the process being more drawn out in proportion to how great the beings are. "

Last summer, my oldest son suddenly fell seriously ill. Within a few days, my son who was 1.80 meters tall lost weight from above 100 KG to 35 KG. His body was skinny, but his mind was clear. Two Dafa fellow practitioners came to visit my oldest son and me on a bright morning. Their compassionate and peaceful attitudes moved my son. During the conversation, the oldest son revealed the answer to the mystery of dragon’s son reincarnation, “I used to live in the Dragon Palace, which was magnificent and opulent. Even the flowers, grass, trees, and people shine with golden light. It was simply wonderful and beautiful. Gradually, I did not know when I realized that this place was not as beautiful as another place, so I wanted to go to that place. At this time, several aggressive people, holding whips and weapons high, drove me down from above. As they rushed, they said, ‘Go to the human world and be reincarnated. Don't waste your time!’ I stood still, surrounded by a group of heavenly soldiers. They forced me down. I could not break out, so I thought to myself: I lingered for a while, and then asked them: ‘What is the name of that mother in the world?’  “Called Li Fanghua!’ the heavenly soldiers replied.”

He said, “Therefore, I knew my mother's name before I was born. When I was born, everything changed. It became unsightly and miserable. I want to go back, but there is no door or way. I had no choice but to feel aggrieved and wait. Well, I am finally leaving. I do not miss this place at all. "

After that, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes calmly, and stopped talking. He looked calm, with no pain and no nostalgia for the world. Twenty days later, my son passed away peacefully.

From my oldest son's conversations before his death, I knew he was not a mortal being. He was a divine dragon in the sky who committed a crime and was demoted and punished. It was to allow him to practice Dafa and endure hardships in the human world to eliminate his sins. Jesus said human beings were sinful, reminding them that they committed sins in heaven before being demoted to the mortal world and reincarnated as humans.

From the East to the West, from traditional culture to modern science and modern medicine, the reincarnation of life has been proven to be an objective existence. Legends about dragons have always been spread among the people. Still, modern science cannot explain them clearly, and coupled with the indoctrination of atheism, they cannot enter the "elegant hall of science." This is the tragedy of modern science. Atheism and evolution are lies that corrupt humankind. Modern concepts have captivated people's eyes, and people are on the verge of danger.

Master also said in the article How Humankind Came To Be, “All of the madness now unfolding in the world was planned as such, for the final phase, by divine beings. Their goal was to test the lives here and see whether they were worthy of salvation, and give them a chance to, in the process, work off their sins and karma while going through difficult things. And all of this was done so that people could be saved and gain deliverance back to heaven.”

I hope that through this article, people in the world can feel Master's Fa, awaken all sentient beings, gain enlightenment about life, and find the way back to their true nature and return home!

If there is anything inappropriate in the article, please kindly correct me.

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