Face the Sudden Demonic Disaster Correctly

Fu Yixin

PureInsight | December 3, 2023

[PureInsight.org] In mid-May of this year, my husband's body suddenly lit up a red light. His left leg dragged on the ground as he walked, and he showed a lack of interest in speaking, slow movements, weakened sensory functions, insensitivity to hot and cold sensations – he would even eat very hot food without hesitation. He also experienced urinary and bowel incontinence, and he couldn't turn over by himself, along with a series of abnormal phenomena.

In this situation, I accompanied my husband to watch videos of 'Guangzhou Lectures' by Master Li Hongzhi. It took us five days to finish watching the whole video, and then another three days for the second time.

Because my husband's intention for practicing Dafa (Falun Gong) was impure and solely for the purpose of treating his illness. His symptoms worsened. On Mother's Day, our daughter called and noticed something was off with how my husband was speaking. She asked me, and I honestly told her the situation. Two days later, my son-in-law drove us to Beijing, and we registered at a top-tier hospital to investigate the cause of my husband's illness.

We arrived in Beijing on May 22nd. On the 23rd, we visited the specialist outpatient clinic. On the 29th, my husband was admitted to the Neurology Department of the top-tier hospital, and the diagnostic process began. During his hospitalization, I continuously played Master's lecture recordings for him, but he was not really attentive. His symptoms worsened day by day. Initially, the doctors told me that my husband might have depression or possibly senile dementia. I categorically denied and refused to accept their conclusions. Every night after hospital visits at 10 p.m, I would practice the fifth set of exercises in a corner and send forth righteous thoughts for over an hour. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I often saw the image of my husband's main soul leaving his body. I kept calling his main soul and continuously cleared the evil spirits in his other dimensional spaces, asking Master to save him. Due to impatience and an attachment to the family, irrational thoughts arose of wanting to shoulder my husband's karmic burden. With this incorrect thought, I unknowingly invited persecution from the evil later on. My husband later underwent a brain MRI, and the doctors suspected it might be a brain tumor. They decided to perform a brain biopsy to confirm the results. After thirteen days in the Neurology Department, my husband was transferred to the Neurosurgery Department.

After transferring to the Neurosurgery Department, my husband's symptoms worsened. One night, he went to the restroom on his own and ended up in the neighboring ward. The duty nurse later had to bring him back and scolded me. He could not control his urination, often wetting the bed, even lying on the wet bed without realizing it. I had to change his clothes daily because sometimes he would urinate while eating. Occasionally, he would spend half a day in the restroom without urinating, but as soon as he got up, he would urinate in his pants again. I had to deal with a husband who had become completely incapable of self-care every day.

I remember the day he had a brain biopsy. That evening, he was not allowed to sleep for six hours, and I watched over him to prevent him from sleeping. However, he refused to cooperate and wanted to sleep. However, when it was time to sleep, he would not sleep. He kept unplugging the instruments attached to him, and when I called the nurse on duty, even their persuasion was in vain. In the end, I had no choice but to tie his hands with a cloth band. My husband had reached a state where he was no longer rational and could not control himself. After spending nine days in the neurosurgery department, we finally ended the 22 days of difficult hospitalization. In those 22 days, I could only sleep very little, often staying awake all night. After my husband was discharged, we returned to our daughter's home, awaiting the results of the biopsy.

Ten days later, the biopsy results came out. It turned out that my husband had "Central Nervous System Brain Lymphoma." The experts recommended immediate treatment in the Hematology Department. My daughter scheduled an appointment with a hematology specialist. On July 4th, my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I went to the Hematology Department of the top-tier hospital together. The expert exchanged a few words with my husband and then asked him to leave. He could discuss the treatment plan with my daughter and son-in-law. Tearfully, my daughter asked the doctor for chemotherapy and radiation for her father. However, the expert said it was not possible. He explained that my husband's immune system was too weak at the moment, and undergoing such treatments would be very dangerous and life-threatening. The doctor emphasized that "Central Nervous System Brain Lymphoma" is very difficult to treat. Moreover, my husband's immune system was very weak at the time, making him unfit for such treatments. In the end, due to my daughter's filial piety, the expert provided a treatment plan known as 'targeted therapy'. This treatment carried significant toxicity, with the instructions stating that for the first week, three tablets should be taken daily; but after a week, the dosage should be halved due to severe side effects that patients might not tolerate. Faced with this reality, helplessness prevailed, and we could only try this treatment and see."

After returning home, I still had to take care of my husband because he could not take care of himself; neither his bodily functions nor his urination were under his control. Faced with this situation, I asked my husband, 'Are you afraid of dying?' He replied, 'Nope.’ I continued, 'Do you think your illness can be cured by the hospital?' He said, 'Very difficult.' I added, 'Do you dare to make a joint commitment with me? Surrender yourself entirely to Dafa, entrust yourself to Master, and Master will definitely save you.' My husband said, 'This seems to be the only way left. Well then, let us try a last-ditch effort. From now on, I will learn Dafa. I will entrust myself to Master.' I said, 'I will accompany you to walk out of death and into the light.'

With our determination set, my husband and I watched Master's 'Guangzhou Lectures,' 'Dalian Lectures,' and 'Australia Lectures' videos together every day. We watched at least two lectures a day. During this process, I encouraged my husband to meditate by crossing his legs. However, his legs were like two stiff sticks that would not bend, let alone the full-lotus position, he could not even sit in the half-lotus position. I encouraged him, 'Take it slowly; you'll surely be able to do it.' My husband practiced and stretched his legs repeatedly, enduring the pain. He persisted. After a few days, he could sit in the half-lotus position. A few days later, he could even cross his legs in both directions. After half a month of practice, my husband finally achieved the meditation in full-lotus position. Initially, it was very painful, causing him to sweat, shiver, and see stars in his vision. Nevertheless, he persisted, persisted, and persisted. Twenty days later, he could maintain the meditation in full lotus position for half an hour. My husband had finally overcome the first major obstacle in his practice. After that, he began doing morning exercises. Up to now, he has been practicing for over a month. He continued practicing Dafa every day, and his physical condition noticeably improved. About ten days of practicing, he gained control over his urination and bowel movements. He could communicate normally with people. However, he still needed my encouragement; he himself could not diligently improve.

On the morning of August 5th, I asked my husband, “Can you truly achieve a hundred percent belief in Master and the Fa?” He raised his hands and said, “I am like this now, uncertain between learning Dafa and seeking medical treatment. There is no definite number for the percentage of success. If I go to the hospital to do a test and my condition improves, then I'll believe in Dafa.” After hearing his words, I burst into tears. I said, “I've figured out why miracles can't happen to you through Dafa. It is because you cannot achieve a hundred percent belief in Master and the Fa. Master has given you so much. Although the medicine should have strong side effects, you have been taking it for over a month without any side effects. Isn't this enough to prove that Master is looking after you? Without Master's care, could you recover so quickly? If you cannot achieve a hundred percent belief in Master and the Fa, even if you undergo a hospital examination, you will get a false appearance. The examination results might still be the same as before. However, you know very well, what role is your current state playing? Is it the effect of the medicine? If the medicine could have such a great effect, the doctor would have cured you a long time ago, right?”

My husband was shocked after hearing this. He said, “Right! What is wrong with me? How can I be considered someone who learns Dafa?” My husband said to me, “Today, I'll stop taking the medicine. I'll wholeheartedly learn Dafa. I'll achieve a hundred percent belief in Master and the Fa.” I said, “If you can't achieve a hundred percent belief in Master and the Fa, can you be worthy of Master’s compassion? Do you know how much Master has sacrificed for you?” My husband said, “I know I was wrong. I apologize to Master.” He joined his palms together, asking Master for forgiveness, and solemnly vowed to achieve a hundred percent belief in Master and the Fa.

During these challenging months of tribulation that befell our family, I constantly held myself to Dafa's standards, helping my husband (fellow practitioner) to comprehend within the Fa. With diligent efforts from both of us, and with Master's blessings, we have now mostly stepped out of the predicament and are moving towards a brighter direction. I believe that within Dafa, we will move away from darkness and into the light.

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