Anomalous Facts--Anomaly #4 History Begins 10,000 Years Ago

William Barkley

PureInsight | June 25, 2001

Our course textbook states on page 4 that 'The earliest cultural period—the Paleolithic—dates from the first use of stone tools some one or two million years ago to about 10,000 B.C.E. During this immensely long span, people were hunters, fishers, and gatherers—but not producers—of food.' The rest of the text then concerns itself with mankind’s growth and development in the last 10,000 years. This beginning at approximately 10,000 years ago coincides very nicely with the next anomaly to be discussed. This is Professor Hapgood’s crustal displacement paradigm, or pole shift discussed in his book, Path of the Pole.

The forward of the first edition of Hapgood’s book was written by Albert Einstein in 6 paragraphs. I will use only the first 2 paragraphs from his forward. While this is a rather lengthy direct quote, because it was written by Einstein, I believe it is worthwhile to provide it in this report.

'I frequently receive communications from people who wish to consult me concerning their unpublished ideas. It goes without saying that these ideas are very seldom possessed of scientific validity. The very first communication, however, that I received from Mr. Hapgood electrified me. His idea is original, of great simplicity, and—if it continues to prove itself—of great importance to everything that is related to the history of the earth’s surface.

A great many empirical data indicate that at each point on the earth’s surface that has been carefully studied, many climatic changes have taken place, apparently quite suddenly. This according to Hapgood, is explicable if the virtually rigid outer crust of the earth undergoes, from time to time, extensive displacement over the viscous, plastic, possibly fluid inner layers. Such displacements may take place as the consequence of comparatively slight forces exerted on the crust, derived from the earth’s momentum of rotation, which in turn will tend to alter the axis of rotation of the earth’s crust.'

Here we have a situation where even though a renowned scientist like Einstein said that Hapgood’s ideas should be seriously considered, they were virtually ignored. Hapgood’s book provides a wide ranging summary of discrepancies and conflicts within and between the fields of geology, biology, physics and meteorology. On page 46 Hapgood quotes Coleman, one of the leading authorities on the ice ages: 'Scores of methods of accounting for the ice ages have been proposed, and probably no other geological problem has been so seriously discussed, not only by glaciologists, but by meteorologists and biologists; yet no theory is generally accepted. The opinions of those who have written on the subject are hopelessly in contradiction with one another, and good authorities are arrayed on opposite sides...'.

Essentially, Hapgood presents an extremely good case for periodic planetary cataclysms caused by a sudden shifting of the earth’s crust. The cause is a massive build-up of ice which is substantially offset from the earth’s axis of rotation. He documents the extensive evidence showing that the locations of the earth’s poles undergo recurring shifts. Imagine the earth, a sphere, spinning on it’s axis in dynamic equilibrium. The earth’s crust, a few miles thick, is floating on an inner sphere of relatively viscous liquid. Over a period of time a tremendous mass of ice builds up in a location several hundred miles from either of the poles. This would cause a dynamically unbalanced rotation of the earth, causing the entire crust to shift or rotate on the underlying core in order to re-establish dynamic equilibrium. The axis of rotation would not move. It is just that the places on the earth’s crust that used to be the locations of the North and South poles would be suddenly moved to other locations while new North and South poles are created. Since the earth’s crust, including it’s oceans, continents and surrounding blanket of air, are moving at approximately 1000 miles per hour at the equator, they have great momentum. If the crust is slipping to find a new equilibrium then the oceans will be moving over the continents, which will be undergoing inconceivable earthquakes! Imagine what the atmosphere is doing!

In Chapter 11, The Evidence of Violent Extinction in South America, Hapgood discusses the fact that many explorers and scientists have discovered the remains of humans and many huge Pleistocene animals in jumbled piles in numerous locations throughout South America. It is as though a giant wave or waves washed across the continent, ripping up and mixing everything together.

It is Hapgood’s contention that the last pole shift occurred approximately 10,000 years ago. As I stated previously, this time frame coincides rather well with the beginning of this present historical period of mankind. So, what if a few survivors from the last crustal displacement started our present civilization(s) some 10,000 years ago?

Editor’s note: Again, we learn from Zhuan Falun that the earth has been through many, many cataclysmic events. We also learn that the reason for these cyclic events is directly related to humanity’s morality! This fact is extremely difficult to accept for individuals educated by the religion of modern science. Science cannot measure morality but in Zhuan Falun we discover that morality and the purity of our mind/nature determines our future, both as individuals and as a civilization.

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