A General Discussion on Gods and Science

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | February 11, 2002

Since science cannot prove the existence of gods, many people therefore claim that gods do not exist. In actuality, we have all forgotten this point: although science cannot prove the existence of gods, neither can it disprove their existence.

If we calm down and think about it carefully, none of the disciplines within the natural sciences have addressed the issue of whether gods exist or not. For example, mathematics tells us that one plus one equals two. This equation is correct regardless of the existence of gods. Physics tells us that “distance is equal to time multiplied by velocity.” That is also correct regardless of the existence of gods. Chemistry states hydrogen + oxygen = water; it is valid regardless of the existence of gods and so on.

The only thing that raises doubts as to the role of gods is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. This has been accepted by people as the truth since they were in middle school. Once it was accepted, people no longer questioned it and hence took it as the truth. In actuality, Darwin’s theory was only a hypothesis. His only evidence comes from the discovery of fossils from different time periods. He then arranged these fossils together in a temporal sequence and subsequently proposed the hypothesis of evolution. Whether it is his evidence or hypothesis, there are several major flaws within them. If these are regarded as evidence for his theory, up until now, no one has found fossils of human beings along the “evolution tree” between 4 million and 8 million years ago, neither has anyone found the transitional species between monkeys and chimps, or between chimps and human.

From the empirical aspect, there are many similar questions that are unexplainable. For instance, why are the tears of monkeys and chimps not salty, whereas human beings’ tears are? Why do chimps from different parts of the world exhibit only slight differences, yet we have evolved into so many different races of people, each race having a vastly different culture and language?

According to the principles of evolution, there exists the corollary of “retention of what is useful and regression of what is useless” for the various organs of all species. However, modern science has already proven that about 90% of the human brain has never been used. Then why haven’t these unused regions of the brain atrophied? In other words, why did our brain develop so many useless parts during the evolution from chimp to human? These are just a few examples. In addition, scientists who apply genetic technology have already obtained evidence that shows that the genes of a chimp have a very low probability of evolving into those of humans.

In fact, many scientists in the world have already questioned Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. In the vast universe, human beings are so insignificant. Is it possible that human beings are really the only intelligent form of living beings? Why has this question been probed so rarely? After all, a god is simply another form of life that is superior to humans, in terms of wisdom, capabilities and existence. What’s so terrifying about this? It is only because nowadays people regard the earning of money as the most important thing. Hence, few are willing to think about such questions. This is a great pity for humanity. And today many scientists are already too complacent about their past accomplishments in the field of science and have consequently lost the spirit and courage to explore the unknown. Some stubbornly hold onto old theories and refuse to accept objective reality. This is a great pity for science.

Upon examining the history of science, many areas in the natural sciences were developed gradually under the guidance of hypotheses. As long as any hypothesis or theory can provide a satisfactory explanation for some observed phenomena, direct practical experimentation and at the same time is reciprocally proved by experimentation, science will temporarily accept it and use it for guiding practical actions. That is, until there emerge better theories to replace it or until there occurs conflicting evidence to disprove it.

It is true that the principles expounded in Falun Dafa differ significantly from modern science in terms of their way of thinking, their nomenclatures and methods. But similarly, Chinese Medicine also differs entirely from Western medicine in terms of philosophy and methodology, and yet it is also an independent field of science in its own right. Not only can Falun Dafa justify itself at the theoretical level, but it can also explain phenomena in nature, life, society, and the universe even better and even more comprehensively. At a practical level, it has guided tens of thousands of cultivators to achieve a complete recovery from untreatable illnesses. It has allowed even more people to obtain better physical health, abundant energy, peace and joy in their hearts, moral elevation, a new understanding of human life and the wonderful state of complete abandonment of fear. This has been proven by millions of practitioners through their cultivation practice.

Many things that empirical science cannot explain have been explained by Falun Dafa.

Many things that empirical science cannot achieve have been achieved by Falun Dafa.

Just from these two aspects, Falun Dafa is not only a science, but a high-level science. I hope those who have the spirits of true scientists will view it correctly with their true scientific nature.

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