Break Away From the Arrangements of the Old Forces

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 4, 2002

With respect to the old forces, actually, they influence us in a myriad of ways, for they have arranged everything since we descended from higher levels into the old cosmos. Therefore, the influence of the old forces can be found in our thoughts and actions.

However, our lives can be renewed during the Fa-rectification, which is exactly the process of cultivation in the Fa-rectification period. When we are attached to something, we are actually walking along the path arranged by the old forces. When our thoughts are melted into the Fa, we can break away from their arrangements with righteous thoughts and actions. Once someone gets away from the confines of "selfishness," he has broken away from the old forces' arrangements.

Several years have passed and many times I felt I wasn't reflecting the peaceful state of a practitioner and didn't display the wonderfulness of Dafa. Conflicts, arguments, disputes, and sticking to one's own view--all these reflect that the final stages of the old arrangements are happening now. The law in the old cosmos meant living for oneself, but the law in the new cosmos means living for the sentient beings in the cosmos. If we can give up all of our attachments, selfish ideas, and participate in Fa-rectification according to the standards of Dafa disciples, we will break away from the old arrangements. Only when we cultivate well can we do this well. This is illustrated by being really peaceful. We then display the wonders of Dafa. Through practice, we are actually breaking away from the things that confine us. If each and every one of us could be like this, we would, as a whole, break away from the arrangements of the old forces.

While clarifying the facts, the wonder and benevolence of Dafa can really touch another person. If we could give up all of our attachments, we would naturally reach the state of peace, tranquility, and benevolence. We are the new beings. Every word and every action of ours will influence others. It is a completely new life, a life that will bring the wonderfulness of Dafa to sentient beings.

With regards to "stepping forward," we should not just take these words in the literal sense. The Buddha law has profound connotations. If we can break away from the arrangements of the old forces that will truly be stepping forward.

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