Dafa Rescued Me from Death's Door

A Dafa Practitioner from China

PureInsight | November 4, 2002

I was once a critically ill patient who had been sentenced to death by the hospital.

I was born in a farming village. I had been especially studious in school, hoping to escape farm life. Heaven was kind to me, and I finally got into medical school as I had dreamed. I wanted to become a doctor because I'd had poor health since childhood. During my college years, I was often fatigued due to malnutrition, but I thought it was anemia and never really worried about it.

When graduation was near, I began my clinical training at hospitals. During this period, my fatigue increased daily, and I seemed to be losing my vision. After college, I stepped into society with my own beautiful dreams, busily making a living like many other people my age. With the increasing workload, I slowly became emaciated. I became so fatigued that I couldn't even walk straight. That was when I felt something might be wrong with me and decided to have a complete check-up. The doctor told me that I had a brain tumour.

My family was devastated. They began to seek everywhere for medical help, but all the hospitals suggested surgical removal of the tumour. At present there is no medical technology that can guarantee no side-effects for a brain operation, let alone one to remove a tumour the size of a goose egg. If the doctor should accidentally damage one single nerve in my brain, I could become blind or paralysed forever. Even worse, I could become a vegetable. Besides, brain surgery was costly. I also knew that, even if the operation was successful, any complication after the operation might be deadly.

I was very hesitant to have surgery. I didn't want to gamble my young life. Instead of risking life as a vegetable should the surgery fail, I would much rather live one day at a time. Sometimes the headache was so fierce, though, that the thought of death registered pleasantly in my mind. I fell into a deep depression. I didn't want to eat or drink, and became disheartened. I told myself that I was a person with an incurable disease and there was no hope left for me.

One day, a relative from my hometown came to visit me. He had been inflicted with stomach cancer twice. After he started to practice Falun Gong, like a miracle, the stomach cancer disappeared without any medical treatment. He came to visit me that day for the sole purpose of introducing Falun Gong to me.

Actually I had always been a firm believer in empirical science, but since I had nowhere else to turn, I started to read the Zhuan Falun he brought me. It was a strange thing. Before I finished reading Lecture One, I began to feel very hungry and craved something to eat, a feeling that I hadn't had for days. I immediately sent my nephew to buy a bowl of noodles, which I devoured instantly. After that, I finished reading the whole book of Zhuan Falun without a break.

The next day, I went with my mother-in-law to learn the Falun Gong exercises at a nearby practice site. Because of my brain tumour, my mother-in-law decided to accompany me in order to keep me motivated to practice Falun Gong. With persistent Fa study and Falun Gong practice, I began to regain strength and spirit day by day. I started to regain my sense of taste. Two months later, my fatigue and headaches had been substantially reduced. I used to catch cold easily, but now I became almost immune to colds. I looked like a thoroughly remoulded person. My yellowish complexion and dark purple lips had turned rosy. No one could believe that I could restore my health so well and so quickly.

After I started to practice Falun Gong, I not only was able to live a normal, healthy life, but I also experienced a mental transformation. Before, I was fiercely competitive, always defending my mistakes or bickering with others over trivial issues. I am a completely changed person since I began to cultivate in Falun Dafa. Once, in the middle of the night, my brother-in-law, who was drunk, rushed to the door of my bedroom. He pounded on the door, and threatened to kill me, shouting, "You are nothing but a hick! Who do you think you are to treat me with that patronizing attitude?" Because I was abruptly awakened from my sleep, for a moment I thought he was scolding his son. I got out of bed, and decided to open the door and try to calm him down a bit. It struck me that he might punch his fist through the glass window on the door before I opened it. The window glass was shattered into pieces, but fortunately, I had only two long cuts on both of my hands. I did not see the cuts in the dark at the time, felt only the pain. I endured it all, because our Teacher requires us "to not fight back when you are beaten or sworn at." (From "People with Great Inborn Quality" in Chapter Nine of Zhuan Falun) If I had not practiced Falun Gong, most likely I would have fought with him at all costs in response to his verbal insult. But I chose not to fight back, leaving my brother-in-law to curse all he wanted. This is the power of Dafa. Teacher has taught us, "The key issue is whether you can take lightly and care less about the issues of individual gain and interpersonal conflicts." (From "Loss and Gain" in Lecture Four of Zhuan Falun) Falun Dafa has transformed me into a good person, and I will try my best to do even better.

As a witness of the true benefits of Falun Dafa, I would like to recommend Zhuan Falun, the Law of the Universe, to everyone so that everyone would benefit from cultivating in Falun Dafa, become good people, and contribute positively to society.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/9/27/18673.html

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