Legendary But True Stories—Books From Heaven

A Dafa Practitioner from Beiji

PureInsight | November 25, 2002

I read a lot of stories during my childhood, including stories about how ordinary people obtained secret books from heaven and became deities. Oh how I wished, back then, that I could obtain a book from heaven! But being educated in an atheistic way as I grew up, I thought these stories were merely fairy tales. And yet, since I had obtained the Fa in 1996, during those several years since I started practicing Falun Gong, I saw, heard and experienced many miracles, so many, that I can only list a few.

1. Story of a Woman Who Walked Horizontally

At the end of 1996 beginning of 1997, after I retired, some practitioners and I went to promote Falun Gong. During this time I witnessed many miracles. One of them happened to a 40 year old villager in Xiaozhudian Village on north side of Yianjiao Township, Shanhe City, Hebei Province. She was born elsewhere and moved to the village after she married a villager. But due to her poor health she couldn't do any heavy work. Later on, she couldn't even walk normally because of spinal pain in her waist area. So she had to support her waist with both hands and shuffle horizontally if she wanted to walk. This woman considered surgery, but couldn't afford it. She didn't know what she was going to do. Then she heard about a video showing in the village that had been arranged by some volunteers. She heard this video showing was for free and it might be able to help her improve her health. She managed to walk to the video show step by step. By the second night, when people left after they finished watching Master Li's videotape lecture and learned the exercises, suddenly an astonished Falun Dafa practitioner said, "That woman who walked in horizontally left walking normally!" I was very pleased to hear that, but I did not know who this woman was. On the third night, the room was full of people. A woman told me, "After I watched the video and learned the exercise that first night, I had loose bowels coming all the way home. After I got home, I vomited until midnight. Last night everything was fine with me after I watched the video and learned the exercise. When I arrived home, my husband lay on the bed, still awake, looking at me when I came in. He doubtfully asked if I was cured. I happily answered, 'Yes, I am cured after I learned the exercises.' He still could not believe it was true and asked me, 'are you not in pain now?' I told him that I was cured and moved my waist to show him. But he did not believe me. Today, my husband got two loads of corn straw with his tractor and I cut all of it at home. My husband was so happy, announcing that we will not buy anything else before we buy a VCR to watch Master's videos. And he wants to learn Falun Gong, too."

2. "Books from heaven" without characters

An old lady in her 50's or 60's lived in a village. She was feeling physically and spiritually so well after learning Falun Gong that she gave the book to one of her relatives, so she could learn it too. Bu then she didn't have a book of her own anymore. She heard that someone in the village had bought a Dafa book but did not need the book anymore because she had given up practicing. The village woman went to that person's home, wanting to buy the book. But the person did not want to sell it to her. Later, the old village woman traded a whole basket of eggs for the book. When she got the book and opened it, she found that Master's name was circled in black ink by the kid of the previous owner of the book. The old lady was very angry and said to the previous owner of the book, "It is OK that you did not want to learn, but you should not damage the book. You see, you allowed your child to mark Master's name like this." Then she took the book, closed it and went back to her home. After she was back home, she held the book reverently. When she opened it, she found that Master's name had disappeared and all the written characters had disappeared, too. The book turned into a pile of blank papers. Even so, the old lady still "read" the book everyday – she just could not bear to put it down and just held the blank book in her hands and turned the pages. After two or three days, she faced the opened book and wondered, "Master, what do you want me to learn? There is not even one word in the book." Immediately, two lines of characters appeared in the book. After she finished reading these two lines, they disappeared and two new lines showed up. In this way, as she continued to read the book, sentences showed up and disappeared continuously, until she almost finished the whole book. Then all the characters reappeared on the pages.

When I heard about this, I remembered those stories about books from heaven I had read in my childhood. Isn't it a book from heaven? Then, a fellow practitioner and I went to take a look at this special book. Curious and with excitement, I took this book and opened it to the inside page that bears the Falun emblem. The three Chinese characters of 'Zhuan Fa Lun' appeared, but there was no writing where Master's name is supposed to be.

It seems that books from heaven really exist. It is not just a fairy tale!

Since its introduction in 1992, Dafa has been known in the world for ten and over 100 million people practice it. There are countless miracles verifying that the book Zhuan Falun really is a book from heaven that Master gives to sentient beings in the universe.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/10/13/18858.html

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