Chinese Harp: "New Music for the Four Seasons"

PureInsight | November 21, 2005

Music composed by Jing Shui
Lyrics written by Jie Si
Guzheng (Chinese harp) performed by Qing Zhu

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Spring --- all creatures renewed
At the dawn of spring, everything is green as far as eye can see.
Birds are chirping everywhere and our heart answers to heaven.
After thousands of years, our life and all creatures on earth are finally renewed.
The highly lofty Falun Dafa is spread in the human realm.

Summer --- The Fa spreads over the Four Seas
The chime arises in a mysterious mountain with a powerful river.
The boat of Fa makes sail and travels thousands of miles.
Despites millions of obstacles, the message from the Lord Buddha spreads over the Four Seas.
Our secular hearts are purged and the heavenly bodies are cleansed.

Autumn --- Solid like diamond
The clouds grow, the stout winds sweep and the leaves roar.
Saturn rises from evil and the earth begins to burn.
Millions of poisonous creatures attack Falun Gong disciples.
When Falun Gong practitioners are solid as diamond, all evil trembles in fear.

Winter --- salvation
White night is cruelly freezing and sends the world into an abyss.
The enormous lies poison the world's people.
Without fear or attachment to life or death, Falun Gong disciples repel the ghastly clouds.
They offer Lord Buddha's salvation to sentient beings with compassion.

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