Right Thoughts in Mind

Court Reinland

PureInsight | March 26, 2006


The rush of the world

Shall cull a thousand oysters

Just for one single pearl

And the rhetoric of men

Shall ever seek to requite

The many vanities of life

Taking liberty for comfort -

Whether by hook, or by crook,

Or by knife

But a gentleman truly is a servant of life

Finding great in the small -

And the true grail left among rocks

Such a one alone will find rest when the world turns to strife

But if a man has a mind to seek solace

So that he might escape from his pain

Though he seeks not the same as the others -

He still seeks all the same

And though a man rise as he walks on his path

Finds just as soon as he, one desire subdues,

Another fills in the place of the one he just overthrew

Some even so clever as to seem as though,

They have been put down

But when one's guard is later lowered,

Quickly come back around

Yet if he shall have the roar of the ocean settled

Into the most still of ponds

Unmoved must he be without a trace of thought remaining

For the things of this life - or what may lay beyond

And if he keep up, he is bound to succeed

But as sure no success can he find

Without right thoughts in mind

Not wanting, nor prying

No pursuit, and no lust

No single hair stirring,

Not one disturbed speck of dust

Not for Heaven, nor a thought of all there is to be gained

Nor for power, nor money,

Nor desire for fame -

Yet as he stands, and he lives, and he breathes,

He must cultivate himself just the same

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