A Few Poems to Share


PureInsight | March 1, 2006


Will You?

Will you - brave the cold

the frozen sea?

Will you - climb the summit

the high mountain?

Will you - endure the pain

a thousand hardships?

Will you pass the test?

Child's Heart

The light in the heart

shines bright.

In the day and dark

of night.

It is known without the

sense of sight.

It can't be lost

or bought or broken.

It knows of worlds & things unspoken

The Great Hand Signs

Majestic splendor

Like swords through air

- arched with no miss

nor waste

Bright curved sweeps

& sharp wrist twist

Immaculate _Expression -

The language of Heaven!


We span the seas

with thoughts & energy.

To plant - again

the seeds of righteous.

Throughout the field

of chaos. (China)

Cleaning the cosmos

of settled dust.

The Step Forward

- As vowed in the past

to fulfill the Grand Mission.

We, having transversed

time - unknown

space - too deep

dimensions - unfathomable

& levels - so steep

First, was the body

transformed into gold.

Then, all beings, the

Truth to behold.

- so to not fall

while rectifying the old.

Now, the step forward

from Master, we're told.

Consummation - so Grand,

such a cosmos to hold.

Setting all to right

Out of human sight

- evil minds aflight -

cast into unright.

No more the wicked

eye shall see -

No more condone

atrocities -

Now the play will change -

the roles to rearrange...

And from the sky it comes,

Thunder from the righteous drums....

 - Setting all to right!!!...

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