An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | December 31, 2006


One Heart, Many Petals

One heart broken

many petals scattered

a flower near withered and grey.

With wellsprings dry

and rage of storm

a people under darkest days.

Come, lift this cloud

let the light prevail

China, now emerging from the cold.

Where one heart shines

many petals wide

a flower awakened gold.

To Forever Flower

Like a petal of a lotus flower

like water upon the calmest sea

like gold of a precious heart

a purest heart to be.

Like beauty of a rising dawn

like hope upon the brightest shores

like worlds unseen and awakening

awakening as never before.

Like fields under falling snow

like Spring upon a darkest hour

like lotus and hearts now destined

destined to forever flower.

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