My Long-Searched-For True Fa

A Recent Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | April 22, 2007

[] I am an elderly woman Dafa practitioner who began practicing less than two months ago.

I have been a pious Buddhist for 67 years and firmly followed all
the rules. I burned incense, kowtowed, became a vegetarian, and
recited scriptures every day. I have no formal education; therefore, I
asked another practitioner to write this article for me. I hope that
the lay Buddhists who have not practiced Falun Dafa will enlighten to

The reason for my becoming a Dafa disciple are Master's many
enlightening hints and other practitioners' often clarifying the truth
to me. They told me that Falun Dafa is an upright practice, a part of
the Buddha School, and a true cultivation path that offers salvation.

My son and daughter-in-law have been practitioners for more than ten
years. They often clarified the Dafa truth to me. Follow practitioners
came to visit me and talked to me, but I refused to listen. I thought
that only Buddhism was the real Fa and, one day, everyone would become
a Buddhist.  Initially I did not understand and even uttered
disrespectful words about Master and Dafa. I thought that I believed in
Buddhism long before they were born, and "what would they know." 
My Buddhist teacher had told me so much about the future, which are
heavenly secrets and no one knew more than I.

Visitors coming to my house were all well-known lay Buddhists. Many
monks and nuns from the temples used to come to pay their respects to
me. During the "Agrarian Reform" many villages wanted me to be their
leader, but I refused. They wanted me to be a Party member but I
refused. My husband was killed during the Cultural Revolution and, even
under severe pressure, I did not give up being a Buddhist. Because I
wanted to be a Buddhist I taught myself to read and write. I have
copied many books about Buddhism.

My son, daughter-in-law, and other practitioners have helped me from
their sincere heart. They clarified the truth to me, let me read the
Dafa materials, and read the Fa to me sometimes. Thus, I slowly
understood Dafa. I recall from the writings I read, "Falun rotates
forever," and "True Buddha comes down to earth." It even told of "Mu
Zi* is going to spread the true scriptures;" "Maitreya teaches the real
Fa;" and "King of Falun Paradise will come down to offer people

I thought about these words again and again  understood that must
be Master Li. After I gained some righteous thoughts, my son and
daughter-in-law let me read some of Master's lectures and sharing
articles from practitioners.  I saw one lay Buddhist practicing
Dafa and he also learned tolerance.

That was my shortcoming: I could not forbear. Even though I had studied
Buddhism for over 60 years, I could not tolerate any criticism from
other people. It was all right that I criticized others, making my
daughters and relatives afraid of me.

I used to say that fire burns off all virtue. When I was hesitating and
did not know what to do, Master enlightened me in my dreams.

In the winter of 2006 I dreamed of a big brick incense burner in need
of repair, and someone said, "Let you son repair it with a few new
bricks." My daughter-in-law realized that it was Master wanting me to
concentrate on Dafa practice. In another dream someone said to me,
"This is the Fa you are looking for in this life." "Aren't you looking
for Mu Zi?" He added, "Your Master in this life time has reincarnated
into a human being and he is not very far from you." My daughter-in-law
said that Master had already told me everything, and I should hurry up
to study the Fa. I understood what she said was true, but I just could
not let go of "my" Buddhism. After practicing it more than 60 years, I
found that it was harder to give it up than to go to heaven. I suffered
a lot because I did not know what to do. I was afraid of walking on the
wrong path, and also afraid of losing a rare opportunity. I wanted to
have a good cry. Then the demon led me to think that if I made a wrong
move, I would waste my 60 years of cultivation. Master knew all that
and guided me step by step.

On the eve of the 2007 Chinese New Year I got up in the morning and
could not remember anything. I did not know where the incense was, nor
the matches. My daughter-in-law asked me "How old are you?" I said, "I
don't remember, and I forgot everything that happened in the past."

She said, "Master is taking care of you, and he wants you to forget
about Buddhism and concentrate on Dafa." The next day Master's fashen
led me to my daughter-in-law's room to do the exercises with them. In
the evening I walked over to them and joined the group study. I even
asked them to teach me to send righteous thoughts. My daughter-in-law
asked me, "No matter how many times we asked you before, you said that
you did not want to learn; now you come without anyone asking you?" I
said, "I don't really know how I came in here." Actually, it was Master
who led me into their room.

When I started to learn the exercises on the fifth day, two
practitioners came to see me and explained to me the importance of
practicing one cultivation way only. I understood that, but it was
rather difficult to give up all my Buddha statues after all these
years. But I had to do it! So five of us cleared away about six bags of
Buddha statues and books. It took us four trips. When that was done, I
was able to concentrate on one cultivation way only.

Initially, my son and daughter-in-law took turns reading Dafa to me.
Now I can read it myself. It has been less than two months, but there
are tremendous physical changes in me. The ulceration in my mouth
disappeared after a few day of studying the Fa, frequent urination
became normal, my hearing improved a great deal, and I can hear without
hearing aids. My son and his wife say that I have also learned
tolerance. I also gained some weight and have more energy. I know that
all these are from the mighty power of Dafa, and our Master is truly
magnificent. I told my daughter-in-law that our Master is an
extraordinary Buddha. Otherwise, at his age, with so many disciples all
over the world, Master could accept incense and kowtowing from every
disciple without ill consequences.  

I felt quite tired once when I had completed the exercises. My
daughter-in-law asked me whether it was too much hardship for me. I
said, "No, I want to practice." No matter how hard it is, I must
continue. Without hardship one will not obtain the Tao. Without demons,
one cannot cultivate to become a Buddha. Even though it is hard, there
is nothing better than cultivation. Ordinary people are all in this
worldly maze and don't know anything. I need to tell other lay Buddhist
the truth about Dafa so they will start to practice Dafa. My relatives
are coming to see me in January and I have asked my daughter-in-law to
put a few of Master's lectures on the table. I just cannot wait for
them to start practicing Falun Dafa.

I hope that everyone cherishes this rare opportunity. This is the true Fa we have been waiting for lifetime after lifetime.

* Mu Zi are the two characters that make up Master's Last name

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