Reinforce Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate Old Forces Evil Factors

Tian Yuan

PureInsight | May 22, 2014

[] The evil old forces are still intensely using the evil beings of the lowest levels and bad people to persecute Dafa disciples. The old forces use the forms of transformation classes, brainwashing classes, kidnapping, torturing and so on to persecute Dafa disciples and to force cultivators into giving up their cultivation by weakening their will. The evil old forces also cause tribulations in the form of sickness to interfere with practitioners who are not cultivating diligently. The old forces harm certain practitioners by using intensive evil factors that come from the lowest level. They cause some practitioners who are not diligent to have their previously cured illness to recur and also make them think that it is an illness. Their mind will become muddled. As they cannot keep up with diligent Fa study, practicing the Five Exercises and cultivating Xinxing, their bodys are unable to be purified. The evil old forces take this loophole of them and continuously pour concentrated evil factors into their physical time space. The evil old forces intensify their persecution of them and make them have pain all over their body. The old forces use the evil beings and factors from the lowest level to do these things. Holding on to human attachments can cause a practitioner to lose one's righteous thoughts. Today he/she may say he/she has got this illness and tomorrow he/she will say that he/she suffers from that sickness. He/she is unintentionally asking for sickness and immersed in the ordinary people’s state. As an ordinary person, one will suffer illness. He/she could be sent to a hospital, he/she could even die after a few days. However, a genuine practitioner has no illness at all.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference (Questions and Answers), “Currently, whether it is karma elimination or interference from evil factors, that is all the work of the old forces. It’s all the same—they are just called different names. I am against all that the old forces do. I don’t accept any of it. And even less so should Dafa disciples be made to endure such suffering."

Therefore, we must reinforce our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil old forces. Thoroughly eliminate all evil and stop all persecution.

There is a diligent practitioner from our area, one day, he suddenly suffered symptoms of chest tightness, dry stool, shortness of breath and was even out of breath. A few fellow practitioners helped him to send forth righteous thoughts. Two of the practitioners who had their celestial eye open saw a scene in another dimension. The practitioner who felt unwell had his time space full of evil factors. The old forces used the evil beings which came from the lowest level to densely occupy his time space. When asked why they were persecuting him, the old forces replied that this practitioner had an agreement that he would die at this moment in Fa Rectification. The practitioner said, "I want to deny and eliminate all of the evils' arrangements, oath and agreements. The evil is not permitted to persecute me." But the evil did not stop persecuting him. He kept on sending forth righteous thoughts. Other practitioners also helped in sending forth righteous thoughts continuously for five days. A large amount of the evil factors were eliminated. At 9am on the fifth day, this practitioner's incorrect state disappeared completely. His body was restored back to a healthy condition.

One night, when we were about to send forth righteous thoughts, a young woman arrived. Her nose was watering; it was constantly dripping from her nostrils. She used tissue paper one piece after another. A practitioner who sat next to her said, "Please push your suffering back onto the evil." As soon as she finished that sentence, the pain went back onto the evil. A practitioner with celestial eye open saw that a dark and rolling cloud, that was about fifty meters above her head, covered half of the sky. A black, evil dragon stretched out half of its body, which was quite big, from the dark cloud. It had two large horns on its head, with a pair of vicious eyes, yawning and sneezing with its nose watering from two large holes in its nose. In its dark cloudy area, there were also a lot of hidden evil dragons. It opened its large mouth, shaking its head and fiercely attacked us. We used a strong divine power that Master had blessed us with to send forth many swords, laser lights and true fire to eliminate them completely. Then, the practitioner stopped sneezing and recovered the next day.

On our path of cultivation, we have to encounter various tests and tribulations. We must have a strong will and have very firm righteous thoughts. We must completely deny the old forces' evil arrangements. We must totally deny these things, without acknowledging or accepting any suffering that is forced upon us. We must disintegrate the evil old forces and evil beings. We return all suffering and misery that the old forces push onto Dafa practitioners, back onto them, themselves. We must reinforce our righteous thoughts. No matter whether our celestial eye is opened or not, our divine power will disintegrate the evil old forces, evil factors, and those evil lives that interfere with the Fa Rectification and persecute Dafa practitioners. Let them repay in the current life in full for what they have done. We must disintegrate the evil environment that was created by the old forces. We must assist Master to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. We must walk correctly and well on the path of Fa Rectification that Master has arranged for us. We must explore Dafa disciples' strength and establish our mighty virtue.

Due to the level of my own understanding, my sharing may have some shortcomings. Please kindly point out any corrections.

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