Setting an Example to Verify the Fa

PureInsight | October 15, 2014

[] Over 16 years of Dafa cultivation, I have made it to today through a rocky, stumbling path. Under the guidance of Master’s infinite benevolence and Dafa principles, my thoughts have gradually returned to my original true self. Cultivating Dafa has made me turn a new leaf and transformed me into a new person. People feel pleased when drinking, content when smoking, joyful when playing mahjong and at ease when fishing. They consider that really living their lives. Cultivators, however, know the true meaning of life and have reserved mindsets. Even if they’re poor, cultivators remain bright inside. Ordinary people will never understand this. I used to often talk with colleagues about Dafa principles and reincarnation, yet they were contemptuous and thought cultivators were too idealist, impractically pursuing nothingness. I couldn’t change their minds. Next, I would like to share my cultivation experience at work; that is, setting an example for others in order to verify the Fa.

I am a teacher in the countryside. The school that I work for set up a concession stand and a mess hall on which people casted their covetous eyes, and leaders tried every possible means to take a side profit. Under the Communist Party’s domination, no officials are clean-handed, and they gain special perks in favorable positions. Teachers collectively operated the concession stand and the mess hall. Somehow, school leaders, whether good or bad, all directly or indirectly interfered with the operation. Meanwhile, they profited either publicly or privately, promoting corruption. Teachers choked with silent fury, were eventually infuriated and decided to collectively vote on a concession stand and mess hall manager. Before the election, they reached a consensus that the ones who practice Falun Gong pursue no fame or gain and are not corrupt. They did their utmost effort to elect me to be in charge of the cash deposit and withdrawal.

I knew I would not have smooth sailing and would possibly wind up causing discontent when running the concession stand and mess hall. It was an arduous task, so I didn’t want to take the responsibility. Nevertheless, the thought of being a Dafa disciple who practices “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and Master teaching us to think for others manifested, so I decided to shoulder the burden. Given that it was everyone’s wish, I made up my mind to put in my best effort.

I bore in mind that I am a cultivator who abides by the Fa and must set an example to alter coworkers’ perspectives. I could never have covetous thoughts while managing the account. I thought to myself that Master requires us to put ourselves in others’ shoes in every aspect. What should I do to run the business better and earn credit from the teachers who held shares? I concluded that I first had to save money, cut down expenses and then shop around to stock in with guaranteed quality and lowest prices. The main customers were students. The business revenue mainly came from students’ consumption at the concession stand and their dining cards. The money was handed over to me, so it would have been very easy for me to do something with it. Some teachers came up with ideas and told me how to reap profit under the table. Nonetheless, I didn’t share the same thoughts and was aware that I practiced Falun Dafa. Only by accomplishing what Master demands and letting go of fame, gains and fortune and physically and mentally putting it into practice can one be a true cultivator. Therefore, I couldn’t go with the flow. On the contrary, I had to maintain my xinxing level.

So how could I concretely obtain optimal effectiveness? The easiest way was to open up account handling (it had been the other way around). Every operation’s revenue and expenditure were listed in chronological order, which was self-explanatory. School- teachers were content, and I felt relieved. After a semester, the revenue nearly double compared to previous periods run by the leaders. My colleagues benefitted and acknowledged that Falun Gong is good and stopped speaking ill of Falun Gong. This showed that Dafa disciples’ setting a good example has a significant influence on ordinary people. In short, Dafa disciples have to truly cultivate themselves in order to verify the Fa.

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