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PureInsight | November 6, 2014

[] In the many years of cultivation, many things happened to me, all of which validated that the Fa taught by Master is absolutely true. Here are several examples.

Having a Compassionate Heart, Classmates Tears Up

Once, a conflict arose among the classmates in my dormitory. One of the classmates was an only child in her family, so she was accustomed to aggressive behavior without considering other people. As a result, other classmates in the same dormitory all disliked her and did not speak to her. She was very upset and thought everyone was ostracizing her. She had a frown all the time, did not look inside for her own reasons and treated us disdainfully. I told other classmates, “We shouldn’t ignore her. She isn’t actually a bad person. She’s just a bit capricious. How about we forgive her and talk to her frankly?” The classmates responded, “It’s not that we are trying to ostracize her. She is just too self-willed. She thinks everyone should obey her, which is really unreasonable. None of us dares to speak to her for fear that she would get angry at us. If you want to talk to her, just go yourself. If she is mean to you, don’t cry. ”

I could feel her pain; I didn’t want to see bad blood among sisters in the same dormitory. However, I feared that I could not speak well and would irritate her. When teaching the Fa, Master said at Teaching the Fa at the conference in Singapore, “I often say that if a person is free of any personal notions, isn’t motivated by self-interest, and is truly looking to benefit others, then when he points out another person’s shortcoming or tells the other person what’s right, that person will be moved to tears”. Why not give a try? Then I adjusted my mentality, let go of the fear and prepared to criticize her benevolently, let her know of her shortcomings and learn how to get along with other people.

I gathered all my courage and went to see her. I communicated with her out of good will and told her some experiences getting along with others in my cultivation. I also encouraged her to change her weaknesses and assured her that classmates would forgive her. While I was speaking, I saw the usually fierce looking girl become very gentle. Tears came down from her eyes. When I returned to the dorm, the other classmates couldn’t believe this outcome. Later she wrote a letter to me asking me to point out her shortcomings to her if I noticed any. She wanted to become my good friend. From then on everyone got along with each other very well without anything like this happening again.

From deep inside, I really experienced the power of compassion and increased my faith in Master and in Dafa.

The Extorted Money Was Returned

In 2003 I rented a unit near my company. Due to fear of the insecurity of using natural gas, I used an electric cooker to cook meals. One day the person who collected the gas fee came to my home and asked me to pay the fee that was two months overdue. I told the person who collected the fee that I had just rented the property, so the gas fee should be charged to the landlord and that I used an electric cooker to cook meals. The person said, “Okay, then I shall turn off the gas supply for you.” I agreed.

A few days later, the landlord suddenly came to my office and blamed me in the presence of other colleagues. I was very confused and did not know how I had irritated her. I said patiently, “Auntie, please don’t be agitated. What did I do wrong? Please speak rationally.” It turned out that the landlord was angry because I didn’t pay the overdue gas fee for her and also asked the person from the gas supply company to turn off the gas supply. I immediately apologized to her, saying, “Sorry I didn’t know the situation about the gas usage. It will be fine once we turn on the gas supply again.” She said, “There is a fee to turn on the gas again. You must pay me 50 Yuan.” I thought, “You rented out the property without clearing these fees and letting me know. I shouldn’t be responsible for these misunderstandings.” Later I thought I am a cultivator and shouldn’t view things the same way as an ordinary person. Let it be; it’s fine to shoulder this. Master has told us, “No loss no gain” (Zhuan Falun). So I gave her 50 Yuan.

A week later, my friend asked me to go shopping with her at the supermarket. I was told that I could swipe my salary card without paying cash, and there would also be a chance to win an award. I said, “The probability for these things is rather low. In addition, I don’t want to win an award.” The weather had recently turned cold, and I wanted to buy an electrical blanket for my mom, so I went with her. I didn’t think that while checking out, I won 50 Yuan. My friend said enviously, “You are so lucky! You win 50 Yuan the first time you use the salary card, yet I’ve swiped my card many times without winning an award.” I was unmoved inside but suddenly understood why this 50 Yuan came to me. It was because I was extorted 50 Yuan by other people. I enlightened that Master managed everything of mine. If something belonging to me were robbed by others, it would come back.

Receiving Ill-gotten Gains Comes with Greater Loss

My section chief privately created a treasury and asked me to do accounting and management for him. I knew it was not right, but I didn’t want to report him to the company. I was very conflicted. I was unwilling to help him do the management, but I didn’t know how to refuse, fearing that he would cooperate with the evil to persecute me if he found out I practice Dafa. I thought, “As long as I do not take his money, it will be all right.” Later when I got married, the section chief insisted on buying a color TV for me. I refused repeatedly, but to no avail. He bought one using the money from the secret funds and sent it directly to my home. He said that I was a conscientious worker, and as a reward, he bought me the TV, which cost 1500 Yuan.

One day about a month later, I withdrew 2000 Yuan to pay for the rent. When going to the food market to buy food in the afternoon, my sight was suddenly attracted by a vendor selling winter melon. I blankly watched him cut winter melon. When I regained consciousness, I found someone else had opened my package and my wallet and new cell phone were lost, a total of 3500 Yuan. My salary then was only about 1000 Yuan, so it was really a big loss. I was very upset. I thought about it over and over again and understood that nothing was accidental. I have always been prudent, and I never lose money. Why did I stare blankly this time? Later I realized that this was all because I obtained the ill-gotten TV. Obtaining ill-gotten wealth will lead to bigger losses. I gained 1500 Yuan but lost 3500 Yuan. This was all because I failed to guard my character.

I really consider myself lucky. I was able to gain the Fa of the cosmos. I hope ordinary people who are still lost in delusion can be awakened earlier and get to know the truth, assimilate to Dafa and choose a bright future for themselves.

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