Clarifying the Truth To People Who Refuse to Sign Our Petitions

A German Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 1, 2002

Experience Number One:

To everyone who refused to sign our petition, we said, “If you have time right now, may I ask, why do you refuse?” Some persons responded that they did not participate in politics, or they did not want to discuss politics at a music festival. Some said they did not know about it, and therefore did not sign. Others said they did not know German, or did not live here.

Our next sentence for example was, “In the past three years, if the international opinion against China’s persecution of Falun Gong had been presented, the persecution wouldn’t have spread to Hong Kong or Germany.” We could also let them see the persecution pictures from the English “Support Falun Gong” pamphlet, and told them this was the act of the dictator. They immediately understood. Many Germans believe in divine retribution, so we had even more discussion.

To those who thought that it had nothing to do with them, or did not want to leave their address in a public place, we told them that there are many other ways to support righteousness. For example they could write to the German president or chancellor, asking him to help stop the persecution. Many people said that they were good friends with the chancellor, so it was important that we spend the time and fully explain and clarify the truth during the festival. They didn’t necessarily take the flyer, but their minds had a greater understanding in that Falun Gong practitioners are not what was reported by the evil propaganda.

To the people who think that Falun Gong has nothing to do with them, we used the famous speech by Nie Mueller. We told them that anyone who speaks for Falun Gong in China will face prison, and for that reason the international voices of the righteous are very important. If everyone were silent about the evil persecution, the dictator would become even more fearless.

The above methods are very good examples for clarifying the truth, because we were not there to get signatures, but rather to save people for the future of Germany. In the July 1st Clear Wisdom article, “To Fellow Practitioners,” it said that Fa rectification is there to save people, so that people will establish the right thought towards Dafa.

Zhuan Falun tells about pulling teeth out with a small match. We were still trying to find the “match” that will save Germany. Then one day I understood that the “match” is powerful righteous thought.

When practitioners have the courage to chat with groups, when practitioners no longer fear the appearances of suits and ties, when practitioners take the environment of a music festival as a place where there isn’t anyone around and yet many other people can hear your conversation with another person, then you will know that after studying the Fa over and over, searching on the inside, advancing and advancing again, the most effective “match” is powerful righteous thought towards Master, and Dafa.

Experience Number Two:

I have some personal experiences after these days of clarifying the truth at the festival.

First of all, we must study the Fa if we clarify the truth every day, because if we don’t study well then we cannot clarify the truth well. Many questions that were asked could only be answered from a good understanding of the Fa. In the Fa, Master has answered every question asked by people. Studying the Fa will increase your confidence in clarifying the truth, and it will calm and purify the heart when clarifying the truth. The purer and calmer the heart is, the more the truth will move the hearts of people. The truth conveyed has a very close relationship to a practitioner’s personal understanding of the Fa.

Master said during “Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference,” “Wherever there's a problem, that is where you need to clarify the truth and save people. Don't take a detour when you run into difficulties. When you see something that does us harm, or when you see something blocking our validating the Fa, don't take a detour - you should face it, and clarify the truth and save those beings. This is the compassion (cibei) of a Dafa disciple, and it's our saving lives.” Therefore, when someone rejected a flyer or refused to sign, I used a compassionate heart and asked them why they refused. Some people were really moved by the honesty and persistency, took the flyer, and signed the petition.

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