Prophecies of Enlightened Beings Are Being Realized

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | June 10, 2002

Since July 1999, Mainland China has seen the spread of locusts, crows blocking the sun, three suns shining together, snow in June, yellow snow falling in Jilin Province, extreme drought cracking the earth, peach and plum blossoming in winter and unseasonably high temperatures along with the current unusually cold weather. This series of strange celestial phenomena is by no means accidental. The Chinese government’s information and news blockage efforts cannot stop this information from spreading.

From March 18 - 21, 2002, eighteen provinces, the autonomous regions and Inner Mongolia, and municipalities such as Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, and Sichuan simultaneously encountered the biggest sand and dust storm attacks ever recorded in history. More than half of the above-named regions had never experienced a strong sand or dust storm before. Almost 50% of the country was covered by yellow sand.

The Catastrophe

“The dark, somber clouds have but a few days left
With the bitter cold fully over, spring now appears
Awakening, the sentient beings stand aghast at the things they see
Half of China Proper covered by sand and dust.”

The Cleansing

“Heaven and Earth turned upside down, raining sand and dust
The minds of hundreds of millions in the mortal world poisoned
How many can be saved by mercy
New graves cover the landscape of China Proper”
The predictions in the above two poems written by the founder of Falun Dafa are being realized at the present time.

Some people do not believe in the existence of enlightened beings. But they will not cease to exist merely because people do not believe in them. When people violate the principles of the universe, they think that nobody will interfere. Gods, however, will use a variety of ways to warn and punish people and to restrain people’s inappropriate behavior. The example of these sand and dust storms is one of the disciplinary punishments.

Along China’s ancient Silk Road there once existed a thriving state metropolis. Its vestiges buried by and under the billowing yellow sand still reveal its past glamour. But human prosperity from a material standpoint is often followed by degeneration of human nature, a kind of the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition, which has always existed in human society. But afterwards, people forget the lessons from history. Actually, before any of the disasters happened, there was always an enlightened being coming to earth, warning people, appearing as an ordinary person, and speaking human language. They tried to enlighten people’s benevolence that had been buried deep in their hearts and to rectify the warped behavior of humanity, to do their best to save those who could possibly be saved, even to the point of bearing the sins of humans. Sadly though, oftentimes some people who have sunk too deeply into this realm are incapable of extricating themselves from their desires. Instead, they slander the Buddha law, a crime that violates the rules of heaven. By doing so, they put themselves in a hopeless situation and risk expulsion by heavenly law!

Historically and culturally, Chinese people believe deeply in predestined relationships, and that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. If the beings persecuted are Buddha school believers and cultivators and they are brutally slandered and persecuted, the accusers will suffer severe punishment from heaven. This is the so-called “God’s justice manifest.” The good people will be rewarded and evil ones must meet with evil! Such a penalty is beyond the imagination of those who pursue all kinds of desires. It is not decided on the merit of whether people believe in it or not, nor can it be decided by whether people like it or not, nor is it decided by conventional thinking and so-called profound knowledge, because it is the law of heaven.

It seems that in contemporary Chinese society, all morals seem to have perished. In addition, many people are deceived by the lies the media broadcasts. These people are incapable of awakening from deception and are therefore slandering Falun Gong, the founder of Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners unaware of the consequences. What is more, some even help persecute the practitioners by betraying friends and family members in exchange for personal benefit and a tiny profit. Some people betray their consciences in exchange for a good career and future. Many people, especially the middle-aged people who have experienced successive political movements, are adeptly utilizing their survival skills learned from political struggle, and callously ignore this world tragedy. They know this is wrong and that in future days the tragedy will certainly be alleviated, because they have survived similar pains. But they also know that if they awaken their own consciences, they will certainly pay a price. In order not to have their benefits be affected, though, they would rather ignore their consciences, discard their human nature and discard humanity’s proper moral standards. These kinds of unprincipled people - shouldn’t heaven expel them?

Since the 1992 public appearance of Falun Gong, it has spread to over 50 countries around the world, and has received hundreds of awards from various organizations and governments in a wide variety of countries and municipalities. These facts cannot be blotted out by compiling some lies or by blocking the news and some other attempts at fooling people, such as the Chinese government has done. In a short time Falun Gong has been recognized and has become beloved by so many races, cultures, and people of all social strata and ages. It is by no means a simple phenomenon.

Falun Dafa is a high level Buddha school cultivation method. It teaches people to follow the uppermost principles of the universe, 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' to cultivate ourselves. We must tell the truth, do things truthfully, be kind-hearted and value and accumulate virtue. In addition, we must not hit back when being hit, nor talk back when being scolded or insulted. Practicing such a cultivating method enhances our own xinxing [mind nature/moral character] and urges us to remove our own attachments and shortcomings. We must cultivate our mind to reach kindness; afterwards, our compassion will be revealed to achieve selfless altruism.

Falun Dafa cultivators receive the Buddha Law to purify themselves, and to show mercy to all beings. With the purity and mercy that we receive from the Buddha school of cultivation we gently persuade every person who has a predestined relationship with the Fa and tell them the truth, hoping that they will be able to extricate themselves from the deceit, so that their eternal life can possibly be saved.

The founder of Falun Dafa who spread the Fa to mercifully save human beings tells his disciples, “Other people may treat us badly, but we do not treat others badly, nor do we treat people as enemies.” (From 'A Brief Statement of Mine') Meanwhile, he repeatedly urges and warns the deceived people, hoping that they can stop the persecution against Dafa. Persecuting Dafa will lead to their destruction. He also hopes that those deceived people can wake up from their nightmares, lay down their narrow-minded, conventional thoughts, get rid of their selfish ideas and calmly and soberly ponder about the things that are happening around them.

“Mankind, do not consider Falun Gong insignificant just because it has a qigong name. In the ancient times, all the various schools of thought, and all trades and professions in the human world were called “Dao.” Lao Zi told people, however, that the Dao he taught was different, saying that ‘You can call the Dao [I teach] a Dao, but it is not an ordinary Dao; you can give the concept I teach an ordinary name, but it is not an ordinary concept.’ When Buddha Sakyamuni taught his Fa twenty-five hundred years ago there were eight religions being spread at the same time. The Buddha Fa, the true Dao, was amidst them.'

'In fact, when everyday people see a God’s or Buddha’s image grandly manifest, it is certain that something major is unfolding in the human world and it is very likely the time when the humankind's sins will meet with due retribution. Whether it be a Buddha, Dao, or God, when he saves the world’s people, he certainly must descend to the world and walk the earth with a human image and use human language to make Fa-principles known. Moreover, when an Enlightened Being descends to the world, it is usually at a time when people’s morals are declining day by day, when people’s sins and karma are enormous, or when people’s morality is degenerate. Once the saved ones have attained the Fa and left, the dregs of humanity and the degenerate world that are left behind will be weeded out.” (From “The Vows of Gods are Being Fulfilled” in Essentials for Advancement II)

The Foretelling

“Autumn is not over
yet spring has arrived
What humans don’t believe in
all now comes forth
The sky cracks open
and the earth burns
The evil tries to hide
the wicked ones to flee
As gong surges forth
evil spirits wail and scream
The Dafa disciples
ascend to the heights of the heavens
In control of Heaven and Earth, rectifying the human realm”

The present events are very similar to the suffering that Jesus Christ experienced long ago. Jesus was also falsely charged by those in power and was captured and killed. The rulers also fabricated charges and rumors against Jesus’ kind-hearted followers. When teaching his Fa, Jesus enabled many average people to have the opportunity to know the genuine law. When Jesus was suffering from distress he withstood everything silently, and mercifully told those people who harmed him that after three days he would revive! But at that time, how many people would believe in what he said, including those who had benefited from him? People stubbornly defended their own conventional thinking. They even used malicious words to ridicule him. After suffering distress for three days, Jesus really did rise and emerge from the tomb in front of people. People were startled and speechless. By the time people really see the true God, they have already committed their sins [and it is too late for redemption].

The similarity to these present events in history is also a God’s and Buddha's mercy. God and Buddha always want to remind each kind-hearted person: treasure your life. In the face of this unsurpassed Buddha law, do not miss this lucky opportunity, which will not be available forever. If someone ignorantly slanders God and Buddha and Buddha law for his small personal gain, what is waiting for him will be permanent repayment of wrongdoings and retribution.

Please, lay down your experiences, your official career success and your business wealth. Everything presented in front of you at present is real. The existence of Gods and Buddha is a serious reality. Not believing in the existence of Gods and Buddha is a crime that violates heavenly law. It inevitably resulted from people’s endless pursuits [of worldly things]. The evil consequence is inevitably unavoidable for those people who pursue desires and do not attend to moral standards, regardless of whether you like it or not.

The heavenly law will expel the wicked ones who violate it.
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