Interpretation of Ming Dynasty's Liu Bowen Jinling Pagoda Monument Inscription Prophecy about China in the 20th & 21st Century

PureInsight | August 4, 2003

Background Information for Non-Chinese-Speaking Readers

China's Jinling pagoda was built at a Nanjing city suburb around 1400 AD by Ming dynasty's military advisor and famous scholar, Mr. Liu Ji (alias Liu Bowen). As the pagoda being torn down in early 20th century by order of Generalissimo Chiang Kaishek, this monument inscription was found. The inscription written in a Chinese poetic form with riddles foretold things that would be happening 500-600 years down from Ming dynasty.


[Jinling Pagoda, Jinling Pagoda]
Jinling pagoda in Nanjing, China

[Built by Liu Ji, Torn down by Jieshi]
Jieshi refers to Chiang Kaishek

[Pagoda down, People hearing army killing song]
Civil war in China

[Grass root against Man with a grass hat]
Grass root refers to Communist Party. In Chinese, a general with a grass hat becomes the word "Chiang".

[Ending up with "Half a Shrunk Turtle", "Flooding All Over", "Turning the Back to West"]
The riddles read as "Hair", "Big Vast Water", "East" to pronounce "Mao Ze Dong" in Chinese.

[The sun rises in the east and sets in the west]
Symbolizing Japan invading China and getting defeated by China and the West

[Every household suffering terribly]
Chinese people hurt by Japan invasion

["De" and "Yi" at ease then all gone with wind as if a dream]
Fascist Germany and Italy surrendering

[Red Flag, Big Star]
Communist China's red flag and the 5-corner star arising

[Every household still suffering]
Chinese people still living a life of poor quality

[Three mountains not standing tall, Five sons getting promoted]
Traditional culture being torn down and a few favorite sons with inner circle ties getting promoted

[Body and mind busy, busy, busy; "Clean Wind" bridge torn down and gone]
Those promoted ones getting busy for their own benefits; the original integrity corrupted and gone

[Your buddies, My buddies]
Buddies ganged together for selfish purpose

[Sitting high and enjoying fancy stuff, Never care about other's loss]
In reality, caring for their own power and interests only; No attention to the majority of the society

[28 people gaining popularity and thus small team obtaining power]
[Small star light blocking the shine; 20 generals and two men going to the north]

In Chinese character, "28" becomes the word "Communism". Communists seized power by cheating and lying to people so growing from a small to a big party.

[A "wood" nature group getting defamed and running away from home]
Later the Enlightened One (with wood nature, compassion, to save humans) and His practitioners getting defamed and becoming exiles away from China or homes

[The big sea locking up the door and the broad river not flowing broadly]
Communist China being a closed society

[Thousands acres of nice land not tilled by men; huge amount of good silk not processed by women]
Economic depressions under the Communist political movements

[Lady bias toward the right-hand man, You scratch my back and I'll do yours]
[Four water lucky wood day, Three tigers roaring strong]

"Four", 'Water", "Lucky" putting together to be the Chinese word "Ze", "Wood" plus "Day" to be the Chinese word "Dong", and "Three" plus "Tiger" to be the Chinese word "Biao".

[White people powerful but intending to leave the south water harbor; Foreign child coming back to motherland]
Hong Kong returned to China

[The ups and downs arranged and set]
Things are determined by Heaven's will.

["Spirit Mountain" at severe risk, Fire engulfing all ups and downs]
[Calamity, Calamity, Calamity - No one, deities or humans, may escape]

The "Spirit Mountain" as referred to by Buddhism is a big mountain in the universe, actually a gathering place for Buddha's, Dao's and Gods. The Fa-rectification in the cosmos is so powerful as to cleanse, assimilate, and re-arrange everything in the universe. That includes the "Spirit Mountain" and all deities or humans may not be excluded.

[East wind blows to cause sorrow of the grass and wood]
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) often take themselves as the East Wind. In the Fa-rectification process, the interfering old forces use the CCP to persecute Dafa and the human race. The CCP usually take people as lightly as just the tiny grass. Meanwhile, "wood" refers to the One of wood nature (Master of Falun Gong). In the evil persecution, the CCP employs means with lies to cause its citizens offending the Buddha Fa. What a sorrowful pity! The wood nature (compassion) Enlightened One feels sorrow for the humans and sentient beings committing crimes to the Dafa.

[Vast flood reaching the sky and chasing the sun]
The evils persecuting Dafa as if there were vast flood or fierce animals. They try in vain to suppress Falun Gong practitioners. Coming down brutally and fiercely, but still not able to cover the whole sky and the sun.

[Six roots not purified and drifting with the waves]
Those practitioners with strong attachments or not diligently studying Fa may not be counted as genuine cultivators; they can only drift away during the test.

[Righteous fruit may be cultivated for going up to Heavenly platform]
Only firm Dafa disciples may be able to go to Heaven, reaching consummation for the righteous fruit.

[248, 379]
2 plus 4 is 6. 248 means Lunar calendar 8th day of the 6th month. The persecution started on 7/20/1999 (Lunar calendar 8th day of the 6th month in 1999) till some spring in a certain year. "379" may mean Lunar calendar 16th of the 3rd Month.

[Root cause of the calamity being there long time]
It refers to (1) There is the cosmic rule of "Forming – Establishing – Decaying – Ending" and (2) Human beings have degenerated through time and lost the moral standards. From this viewpoint, it is bound to be for the interfering persecution of the Dafa and the sentient beings' facing wide base of cleaning out.

[Three and three or seven tenths of people, Silky nation changing color]
The good, the bad, and the surviving ones; Dafa will bring about the real human culture that should have been.

[Horse not nodding and stone submerging to the bottom, After the Red flowers White (Zhengjian Editor's Note: should be Yellow) ones in blossom, Some beautiful person coming to the Purple Golden Mountain]
If the persecution of Falun Gong did not end in the Year of Horse, the red corner stone is submerged. Communism can not go back to life. Falun Gong practitioners often dressed in Buddha's yellowish color. Falun Dafa will bring to the world its new prosperity and the new culture. "Purple Golden Mountain" refers to Beijing and the last sentence means someone coming from the Land of Beauty (USA).

[One catastrophe for another, One mishap for another]
Chinese Communist Party will pay for its crimes committed to the people in previously one political movement after another, including this time's persecuting Falun Gong. Retribution is coming one for one.

[19 years old sweetie at age 55, Nice place producing new outstanding elite]
[The Hero pulling out all Hairs on the Stone, Blood flowing as thousands groan]
[Horns on the head and light out of the eyes, Citizens no need to panic and cry]
[The time comes for China to be a prosperous country and a peaceful land]

Things to happen (specific future things not interpreted here)

[One Air kills thousands tens of thousands, Big Goat more fierce than a leopard or wolf]
"Big Goat" means Year of Goat in 2003. "One Air" refers to an invisible epidemic having something to do with breath. That may kill thousands of people.

[Light Air moves mountains, One line even iron hard to block]
The epidemic moves like light air but to shock and awe China (and the whole world). It is so severe and no way to block it.

[Hard to avoid the fierce Tiger, Fortunate people live at a mountain village]
[Vanity cities submerged by vast flood]
[Fancy skyscrapers became muddy ruins]

The fierce Tiger refers to Jiang XX born in a Year of Tiger, of crude and faked personality. Its persecution of Falun Gong causes calamity and catastrophe to the human beings. Tyranny is as bad as a tiger. The administration has no compassionate notion, and the citizens are suffering. Fortunate are those upright and nice people who do not bow to go along with the bad gangs in the Jiang regime.

Vanity cities and fancy skyscrapers symbolize modern China covered by the illusion of fake prosperity. "Submerged by vast flood" and "became muddy ruins" remind us what has been described in the Book of Revelation from the Bible's New Testament about the falling of the Great Babylon city. There the city actually means Beijing.

[People dying, Not easy to bury them]
[Bodies of parents carried by children and grandkids]
[All living things in calamity, Bugs and ants included]

When Fa rectification comes to the human world, the sinful ones will be eliminated by epidemic, flood, fire, or some other way. It will be sad and sorrowful scenes.

[Fortunately there are two huge wood pillars to help support the mansion, Goat gone and birds flying back to the homeland]
[Encountering the Wood Rabbit may give people long life; Sentient beings are blessed to be happy and healthy]
[Thou realize the hidden meaning, Fortunes and glory of hundred generations for thee]

Simply put it: Confronting by the calamity, human beings are fortunate to be with Falun Dafa taught by the compassionate Enlightened One born in the Wood Rabbit year. If you can attain the Dafa, you and your environment are blessed. Even if you are not interested in cultivation, treating the Dafa and practitioners well will certainly bring you good rewards.

[Skyscrapers and layers of buildings daily here, Heavy traffic and busy activities suddenly disappear]
[Fishes in a shallow water pond, Calamity finally coming upon, Vanity of hundred years suddenly collapses as a dream gone]

Communist China's superficial prosperity is really a shallow fake that can't last long. Once the final judgement arrives, all lies and illusions will be wiped out. Then good innocent people will enter the new epoch of time.

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