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PureInsight | October 28, 2002

We are pleased to announce the Sydney Future Science Forum, which will be held on Saturday 9 November 2002 at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Many scientists would agree that a new scientific era has arrived: New discoveries are being made from multiple time-spaces to the human genome; New theories and models are emerging in many fields including medicine, biophysical and biochemical sciences, and cosmology; and more scientists are asking: "What connects human beings, nature and the universe? What are some of the unexplored frontiers that might lead to major breakthroughs in our scientific research? Have we missed something?" Maybe it is time to re-evaluate the conventional approach and explore different alternatives to existing models.

Many scientists have already begun the process of exploring new frontiers. It is in this spirit that we hope the Sydney Future Science Forum will help raise awareness, among the scientific community and the general public, about this emerging scientific paradigm in order to advance our visions for future science developments.

This Forum intends to provide a platform for scientists from diverse fields to share insights from their latest research. In so doing, we trust that the Forum will provide its participants with wide-ranging and in-depth views of some directions for future science. This process can help shape a new vision for future scientific exploration. We invite all interested parties to participate.

If interested in giving a presentation at the Forum, please send a one A4 page summary to:

Sydney Future Science Forum
PO Box 1959
Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012

or email to: info@iifsc.org, inquiries: (61)-421-34 8698 (mobile)

Sponsored by the
International Institute of Future Science & Culture

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