Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Predestined Relationships

Yi Zhen

PureInsight | January 27, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Jane told me that she had a piano she wanted to sell, but she would not sell it to anyone before I saw it. I didn't need a piano so I put it off for a while. However, whenever she had the chance, Jane would again ask me to look at the piano.

Once, I happened to be walking by Jane's home with my husband, so we decided to stop in. Right after entering, I saw a black vertical piano standing in the living room. I couldn't help but walk over to the piano. With the press of just one key, my heart was touched by its beautiful sound and tears rolled down my face.

Twenty years ago when I was a student at a music institution, I had dreamt of acquiring a piano. At that time, I had many brothers and sisters at home, three of whom were attending college, and my family was not rich. At that time, in order to play the piano, I had to wait until very late at night when the piano room at school was empty to have an opportunity to play. The next day, I would have to get up very early to have the opportunity to play some more. At that time, my biggest dream was to have my own piano.

Seeing my reaction to the piano, my husband right away knew it was something I wanted, and so asked Jane for the price. Jane took out a receipt from a musical score that had been there on the piano for twenty years. Then my husband bought the piano.

Later, Jane told me the story about the piano:

"Twenty years ago, I bought this piano on a whim. Several days after I bought it, though, I left the U.S. on a job assignment to do research in Guatemala and other South American countries. I was gone for more than a decade. After I returned to the U.S., I got arthritis throughout my body and I could not play the piano. Several times I wanted to sell the piano, but I was afraid it would not go to the right person. The first day I met you, for some unknown reason, I knew it was for you that I had bought this piano twenty years ago. In fact, no one has played this piano since the time that I brought it from the shop. Today, it has found its true owner…"

I got to know Jane better several years ago around Christmas time. My clinic was about to close for the evening when she entered. She walked with difficulty and it was obvious that she had a problem with her leg. She told me, "Two weeks from now my left leg will be amputated. The blood flow is blocked and the doctor is afraid it will develop into necrosis. He suggested amputation." When looking at her leg, I saw that her left leg was almost purple and it was very cold. She told me, "I live by myself and both of my parents have passed away. I don't have any other family. If I have only one leg, how will I live?"

I asked her if she could come to my clinic everyday. If she could, I told her I would try my best to treat her. She said yes. Thus, I began treating her leg with Chinese medicine, acupuncture and massage. Two weeks later when her doctor re-examined her leg, he was greatly surprised -- the leg had turned red and its temperature had risen; the majority of the capillary blood vessels had been rejuvenated. The doctor told her, "Whatever your treatment is right now, continue with it, and then come back for another exam two months from now." Two months later, she could walk freely and the pain had been alleviated. Her doctor checked the blood flow every three months and found that she continued to recover. Today, she still has full use of her leg. Later, Jane's doctor learned that it was Chinese medical science that had cured her and he sighed, "We Western doctors know too little about Chinese medical science!"

Jane was very grateful that I saved her leg, and I was very grateful to her as well. The piano she had bought 20 years ago fulfilled a wish from two decades earlier.

How can people explain "predestined relationship"!

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