Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Communicating with Your Inner Self

Yu Lin

PureInsight | February 3, 2003

[PureInsight.org] A friend of mine was a doctor of Western medicine. The hospital where she worked is very close to my clinic. We often referred our patients to each other. She died seven years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Whenever I think of this beautiful and healthy woman dying in the prime of her life, my heart is filled with regret and sadness.

I hadn't known how ill she was until she came to my clinic as a patient one day. She filled out the registration form and wrote the following at the end of the form, "My cancer is in its final stage, and I may only have one or two more months left to live. Both God and I have given up on me. I am here to seek temporary relief from my pain." She carried a bag with her, in which there was a bottle of morphine solution with a tube that was connected to her body 24 hours a day. But she was still suffering from excruciating pain.

She had been diagnosed with breast cancer about seven years earlier. She immediately had her breasts removed, which was followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. All of her hair fell off and then grew back again. She went into remission, and she thought she had put the ordeal behind her. Her life went back to normal, and it seemed nothing had happened.

But five years later, the cancer came back. The tumor grew quickly, breaking through her muscles and skin. It looked as hard as rock and felt coarse to touch. The surface appeared uneven. It was also connected with many sensitive nerves and blood vessels in her body, making her feel extremely painful. She first sought treatment at a cancer research institute and then transferred to a specialized hospital. Her doctors had no solutions after taking various the measures and administering the treatments of modern western medicine.

She told me in tears, "I am so disappointed with Western medicine. They treat people as machines. They only know how to change the kidney, liver, and cut out internal organs. Then they would put in nails, bury tubes, or add steel rods. But all of those tools are useless on my body, and I have been abandoned like a piece of junk."

Hearing this, I started thinking, "Yes, she is right. Machines are made by human beings, but human beings were created by Gods. When humans use man-made steel and electric instruments to repair the human flesh body that has a spirit and is connected to the universe, how can they really solve the fundamental problem?"

"Have you ever communicated with your body?" I asked her.

She looked confused and didn't seem to understand me. Suddenly, she realized something and asked, "Are you saying that human beings can communicate with their bodies?" She appeared to feel quite painful, "I now hate this ugly body. It has a terrible tumor that I would never have accepted. However, I live with it every day and I am controlled by it and tortured by it." She was very angry but also felt helpless. She was overwhelmed by the two emotions mixed together and tears covered her face. I watched this proud and once extremely successful physician fall apart and painfully surrender to her own body.

She continued, "Soon I will no longer suffer because of this body. I'm going to be relieved. If God would give me another opportunity and give me another body, I'll live like you. You know, I often see you sitting there and practicing meditation. I admire you very much for you taking care of your mind and body. Unfortunately, it's too late for me…"

I wrote this story because I hope people who read this article will not follow her mistake and have regrets. That would be too late.

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