Ke Zheng

PureInsight | February 7, 2003

[] Everything in this world is a result of predestinated relationships and subject to human sentimentality. However, predestinated relationships have a stronger and deeper effect than sentimentality in each episode in one's life. A predestinated relationship may be a promise from one's previous life. When one person marries another, they have fulfilled their promise to each other.

It is also predestined if one has to go through a tremendous number of obstacles before he or she can marry. The obstacles might be caused by karma, or one's refusal to let things run their natural course as one is fueled by sentiments.

It is also predestined if one has gone through obstacles but still could not marry the person that he or she wanted to. It is hard to tell what kind of future predestined relationship is formed from his or her strong wish to marry that person in this lifetime.

To die for love is a sin. It is an act against the laws of heaven. Whether or not they are predestinated to be together, they must repay their karma that they have created by committing suicide for love in the next life.

The institution of marriage shows proper respect for predestinated relationships. It shows the couple's sincerity in their promise of being together in this life. Whether or not a couple is destined to be together for life, an unmarried couple living together shows disrespect toward their promise from the previous life. This is an act that an honorable person would consider most disgraceful.

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