Cultivation Anecdote: Witnessing the Creation of Heaven and Earth in the Universe

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | March 10, 2003

[] Recently, I have frequently seen scenes like explosions of fireworks in other dimensions, many of them igniting and exploding at the same time. Today I felt that those were not really fireworks. I sat down calmly and observed in the state of ding (tranquility) and realized that those were actually scenes of the creation of a new heaven and earth in the universe!

I saw that many celestial systems beyond the Milky Way Galaxy were being destroyed. It was as if intense heat melted and disintegrated them in an instant. The old celestial systems disappeared in flames and sparks, and new celestial systems created themselves in the resulting flames and sparks. This was happening in countless universes, so it looked like fireworks. The speed was also extremely fast. When a new celestial system was created, the material environment and life forms within that celestial system were also correspondingly created.

Some celestial systems were ruled by gods that looked like Buddhas, some were ruled by Daoist gods or other godly images. The material environment was indeed very pure, decorated with red flowers, green willow trees, and winding, jade-green rivers flowing into the distance. Everything is more beautiful, more peaceful and more harmonious than ever. All beings that entered into this new era could enjoy the blessings Dafa had bestowed upon them.

One of those celestial systems was in itself also a universe, and the god that ruled that celestial system was continually creating the universe below him. This scene of the creation of heaven and earth was happening layer upon layer. Its magnificence was beyond description.

This current time period is truly the last moment of the Fa-rectification of the entire universe. All beings that have entered the new universe are observing everything on the earth.

After I came out of ding (tranquility), I had only one thought. Since the truth has already been shown to us, what excuses do we have not to do what's required of us during Fa-rectification cultivation? Like Master said, "Dafa disciples' futures are certainly bright--they'll absolutely be bright." (Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.) We have no reason to not be diligent and must do well the three things Master talked about: 1. Study the Fa; 2. Clarify the truth and 3. Send out righteous thoughts. Time won't wait for us!

This is just my understanding at my present level, written down for your reference only.

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