Walks in the Apricot Forest: Cow Bezoar

PureInsight | March 10, 2003

[In Chinese, "Apricot Forest" is another term for the medical community. For more details see: http://www.pureinsight.org/pi/articles/2003/1/23/1368.html]

[PureInsight.org] In Chinese medicine, Cow Bezoar is often used to treat diseases of the mouth. It works exceptionally well in curing gum pain. Western dentists resort to complex equipment and medications, while Chinese doctors can cure many acute mouth diseases with Cow Bezoar.

In China, Cow Bezoar has been used as a medicine for over two thousand years. Holy Farmer's Glossary on Fundamental Herbs classifies Chinese medicines into different categories and places Cow Bezoar in the highest rated category. Because Cow Bezoar reduces fever and removes toxic substances, it is often used in treating high fever, unconsciousness, convulsion, stroke, epilepsy, and other illnesses.

Cow Bezoar is a type of gallstone that grows in a sick cow. When afflicted with it, the cow becomes emaciated, eats little grass, and drinks lots of water. It lacks strength for walking and its eyes turn red. Eventually, it dies from the illness. A naturally formed Cow Bezoar is often produced at the cost of the life of a cow, and is therefore very expensive.

There is an interesting story about Bian Que and Cow Bezoar. Bian Que was a famous doctor in ancient China who had supernatural abilities and was able to cure many people. One day, Bian Que had obtained a Qingmen stone (carbonate schist by chloritization) for his neighbor, Gu Yangwen. Bian Que planned to grind it into powder to treat Gu Yangwen's stroke and paralysis. Suddenly, Bian Que heard noises from outside his home and asked for the cause. Yangbao had asked someone to kill the 10 year old cow of Yangwen's family, who had been sick for the last two years ago. After the cow was killed, Yangbao found a stone in the cow's gallbladder. Bian Que was interested in the stone and asked Yangbao if he could have it. Yangbao smiled and asked, "Doctor, do you want to use it as medicine?" He then placed it alongside with the Qingmen stone.

At that moment, Yangwen suffered another stroke. Bian Que rushed to him and saw his eyes flipping upward and he was making gagging noises, his limbs were cold and his breath was short. He was in a critical condition. Bian Qu told Yangbao, "Quick, give me the Qingmen stone that I have left on the table." Yangbao ran to Bian Que's house and brought back the medicine. Bian Qu didn't have time to look at it closely and quickly ground it into powder. He then measured out a serving and fed it to Yangwen. Soon, Yangwen stopped convulsing, his breath became calm, and he regained consciousness.

When Bian Que returned home, he found his Qingmen stone still lying on the table, while the Cow Bezoar was gone. He asked his family, "Who took the Cow Bezoar?" His family said, "Yangbao came to get the medicine and he said he was following your order." This accident made Bian Qu think, "Does Cow Bezoar have the ability to release respiratory clots and pacify the systems?" On the next day, he intentionally used Cow Benzoar inYangwen's medicine in place of Qingmen stone. Three days later, Yangwen's condition improved miraculously. He not only stopped convulsing. He also regained movement in his paralyzed limbs.

From this case, Bian Que concluded, "As Cow Bezoar was submerged in the gallbladder of a cow for a long time, thus its coldness property can reach the patient's heart and the liver. It can clear the heart, open the points, pacify the liver and cure the paralysis."

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/2/18/20430.html

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