Tales from the Practice of Medicine - Fulfilling A Wish, Following a Dream


PureInsight | March 24, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Before I started to practice medicine, I often had the same strange dream. Every time, when I woke up from the dream, I would still be able to remember every single detail from it vividly. At first I did not think much about it. As time went on, this dream started to occur more and more frequently and the dream was always the same. I began to think about why I was having this dream and what it meant. Sometime later, when I had to choose between going to medical school and becoming a professional musician, maybe my unconsciousness was at work, I chose medical school without any hesitation. To my surprise, from that day on, I never had this dream again, but the shocking scenes in the dream were etched into my mind.

In the dream, I was fleeing with my wife and son during the chaos of a war. I was carrying a lot of things. On the way we ran into many wounded soldiers and pitiful beggars. Some of them had lost a leg or an arm; some of them were bleeding from head wounds. They reached out their hands towards me crying, "Doctor! Doctor! Help me! Help!" Ignoring them completely, I kept on fleeing in panic. I only hoped to leave this place as soon as possible with my family. But my legs were heavy, and in my heart I knew that I had let these people who needed me down.

Now when I think about all the patients that I have had since I first opened my clinic twelve years ago, it seems that many of them had been sent to me mysteriously. I seemed duty bound to relieve their physical agonies and lessen their emotional anguish.

One day a new patient came to my clinic and she suddenly made me understand what that old dream meant. The dream, a riddle that had puzzled me for so long, was solved entirely by chance.

Barbara had come to visit her relatives and do some sightseeing. On the night she arrived, she slept with the window open. She was tired from her trip. She also had a lot of stress back then. The next day when she woke up she found her face was completely paralyzed. She could not close either her eyes or her mouth. She became very scared. Her sister Sue, who had been my patient, immediately brought Barbara to my clinic.

As soon as I saw Barbara, she reminded me of a twisted face from my dream. I was shocked and stepped backward automatically. Then I calmed down and realized that whatever kind of predestined relationship this was, I could not escape it anymore. I started to treat her. I only had to place needles in two of her acupuncture points before the swelling in her face began to go down right in front of our eyes. The throbbing ache behind her ears disappeared too. Her face was slowly going back to normal and the wrinkles on her forehead could finally be seen. She could close her eyes somewhat and slowly move a corner of her lip. She was able to stop saliva from flowing out of her mouth. Witnessing all these changes happening so quickly and miraculously, in her excitement, her sister Sue burst into tears.

Barbara kept on staring at me and suddenly said to me, "Say, you look so familiar. I think I have met you somewhere before."

"How could it be possible?" Sue interrupted. And then she turned to me and asked me, "Have you been to South Carolina?"

I did not answer her question. I thought to myself, "In the dream I was running so fast that you could not catch up with me."

I know that when I was running for my life and showed no concern for the needs of others a long time ago, I must have owed countless debts that I could not pay off. Now I am paying my debts off, little by little. This time I tell my patients the principle of "good is rewarded with good and evil is met wit evil" and about reincarnation. I want to bring joy to their hearts and make their spirits soar. That day will come, perhaps not today or tomorrow, but one day in the future I am certain they will understand these principles.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/2/25/20567.html

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