My New Understanding of Illnesses and their Treatments

A Dafa Practitioner in North A

PureInsight | July 2, 2001

Shortly after I began to practice Falun Dafa, I read an experience-sharing article written by a practitioner in Beijing. She had been diagnosed with an advanced stage of kidney failure before she started practicing Falun Dafa. Even though she had seen numerous famous doctors and tried many herbal prescriptions, desperately hoping for a cure, she was still facing death, according to modern medicine. Doctors told her that she had to undergo periodic hemodialysis, as a substitute for kidney functions that would normally remove metabolites and toxins from her system, or she would die of intoxication within six months. Hemodialysis was very expensive, costing several hundreds of thousands of Yuan per year (Chinese currency equivalent to approximately US $60,000-100,000). Her family members had no choice but to ask for financial help from her employer. But her company was not willing to pay that amount of money to lengthen a "useless" person's life. Without the money, she was forced to go home and wait hopelessly for death. When I read the first part of her story, I immediately realized that she was one of my patients. She had also mentioned the name of my hospital in her article. What I recalled was her dark brown morbid face, the hopeless expression in her eyes, and her family members' distressed sobbing and earnest requests for doctors to save her life. Their hopelessness and helplessness left a deep impression on me. This was the same person! Then I remembered her name. Was she still alive? Does she also practice Falun Gong? I had just learned Falun Gong, and I was so impressed with the principles that Teacher taught and the miracles manifest in Dafa. But I had not expected that I would soon witness one of those miracles right in front of me.

I contacted this woman to find out more about what had happened to her. She told me that one of her relatives had given her the book Zhuan Falun just when she was lying in bed calculating how many days she had left to live. She read the book tearfully. She felt so lucky that she had found the genuine Buddha Law in the last moments of her life. After reading the book, she began to understand what the purpose of a human life truly is, and why it is so painful to live in this world. "Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening." She didn't have any regrets anymore. The second day, she got up from her bed to look for a group practice site. She hoped that she could assimilate to "Zhen, Shan, Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance) as much as possible in her limited lifetime. By studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, and cultivating xinxing, she became a healthy person with a ruddy complexion and high spirits in a very short period of time. She looked ten years younger than before. She said good-bye to all the traditional medicines and modern medical practices. She was grateful to the hospital and even to her employer, who had refused to pay the medical bills, so that she could obtain the precious Fa. The death date sentenced by the hospital went by quickly. Doctors said she would die of intoxication without kidney function. But she was still alive, and her life was becoming purer and expanding, as she bathed in the light of the Buddha Fa.

I was moved to tears upon learning this. I felt the compassion of the great Buddha Fa. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun: "we see the practitioner as most precious. If a person wants to return from this dimension to his origin, the Tao School says that he must practice cultivation to return to his original, true self. If he has the heart for cultivation practice, it is his Buddha-nature that has emerged. This heart is considered most precious, and people will help him. Under such difficult circumstances, this person is still not lost and wants to come back. As a result, people will help him and unconditionally give him a hand—they will help him with anything." In the case of this patient with an incurable diseases, contemporary medicine could only sentence her to death, and society, being controlled by the ideology of "money first" would not help her, but the compassionate, great enlightened beings saved her life, took on her karma, and installed the rotating Falun to rectify her body. Another dying person who was full of karma found new life, and embarked on the journey back to the original, true self.

My specialty is nephrology. I know that when the kidneys lose the function of waste excretion, that function has to be replaced by a machine in order to save the person's life. This practitioner's experience helped me to remove my deep-rooted preconceptions, which were related not only to thoughts about this particular case, but also to thoughts about the nature of the truth, and, ultimately, of genuine science.

Contemporary science has dissected and studied every organ of the human body and appears to understand their structures and functions well. They have also been extensively studying the tissues, cells, and molecules of every organ. A specialist might spend all his life studying a small protein, or a small gene in a type of cell of a particular organ. Think they can uncover the enigma of life in this way. But in the eye of the great enlightened beings, human beings are pitiful specks of dust, wallowing in mud on earth. Teacher said in his lecture at the Sydney Fa Conference: "The way modern empirical science develops now is very clumsy and slow. It is really like a blind person groping an elephant. It cannot recognize the existing form of matter in the entire universe and cannot recognize the existence of the characteristics of the universe. Accordingly, if it touches a bit of something, it will take it as the whole. It has only touched the leg of the elephant and claims, 'Oh, science is like this. This is the science that really understands life and matter.' It cannot see what this entire elephant is like. Thus, it cannot understand that the universe is made of countless and different time-spaces, nor can it understand other dimensions and the existence of other forms of lives as well as matter." Gradually people have become unable to see the leg of the elephant, by following the ways of studying life in modern sciences. They will think they have caught hold of the rope to save life when they have just touched the skin of the leg. For several decades research has not significantly advanced the treatments for most diseases, which still focus on the symptoms, and can only delay death. For patients who are in the end stages of severe illnesses, they can do very little.

But why have some Falun Dafa practitioners been brought back to life from the end stages of incurable diseases such as leukemia, kidney failure, cardiopulmonary failure, and late stage cancer? In the eyes of modern medicine, these people would undoubtedly die upon losing the function of important organs. How is it possible that an organ that has suffered "irreversible damage" completely resumes its function? Teacher said in Zhuan Falun Volume II: "Western sciences have reached the extremes." From my own experience and understanding I have seen how and why modern science has reached the extremes: modern sciences are limited by their own definitions and prejudiced interpretations of experiences. There has not been anyone with the courage and insight to raise significant doubt regarding these definitions and underlying theories. For example, the naked eye and the microscope can find atrophy and sclerosis of tissues and cells. But there has been no medicine that could make the atrophied or sclerotic kidney recover its function. This is the limit of modern medicine. But the great enlightened beings could reverse these "impossibilities". The miracle that happened in this practitioner is clear proof. How did the great enlightened beings make the atrophied organ recover? We can only understand the principle of different levels from Teacher's Fa.

Teacher said at the European conference: "This is because the illness doesn't originate from the outermost surface of an ordinary human's physical body; rather, it comes from the plane of microscopic particles beneath the body made of the largest molecules. The human body is composed of molecules that have particles at different microscopic planes, and each plane of particles is a dimension. Of course, the dimensions aren't stacked up together. They are in the form of smaller particles comprising larger particles. Yet the realm of each plane of small particles is a dimension. There are many dimensions like these, and it's actually there that the causes of many illnesses reside. Illnesses don't come from the surface. What appears on the surface of a person's flesh or tissues is only the superficial manifestation of an illness." Since the origin of the illness exists in a more microscopic level, scientists who can only examine the molecular level are not able to reach it. Modern science has been trying to look for the causes of illness and the treatment of illness at the level of molecules. They have discovered that the diseased tissue is already abnormal at the level of molecules, but they cannot cure abnormalities at this level. Because modern science has only superficial knowledge at the molecular level, how could they touch the causes of an illness that are more microscopic than the level of a molecule?

The great enlightened beings can remove the origin of the illness at the more microscopic level because they are extremely powerful, and can see clearly the more microscopic dimensions where the illness originates. Teacher said at the European Fa Conference: "Actually, I can tell you that in this dimension, at the extremely microscopic level, they—including the enormous, pervasive matter—are all gods." Teacher also said in Zhuan Falun II: " What is science? Buddhas and gods grasp the utmost science. They know substances most clearly, they can see the substances in some microscopic levels, and the larger substances in the cosmos too." Teacher said in the U.S. Fa Conference: "As you know, humans are very deficient. How deficient? If humans want to accomplish something or do something, they need to use their hands and feet—they need to use physical labor to get it done. But Buddhas don't. Buddhas only need to think—the thought alone is enough, because Buddhas have a lot of divine powers, many supernormal abilities, and they also have their own powerful gong. Each microscopic particle of that gong is in the Buddhas' own image, and those microscopic particles are made up of more microscopic particles, all of which are in their image. Think about it, their gong goes out the moment their thought emerges. Starting from the extremely microscopic level, it changes the structures of particles of different levels. And the time they use is that of the fastest dimension, so it's done instantly. Buddhas do things very quickly, as they aren't restrained by this dimension and time of ours. They instantly change an object from its very foundation into something else. This is how Buddha Fa's divine power takes effect." Modern medical diagnosis regarding the diseased kidney is useless; but for great enlightened people, it just takes a moment to repair the kidney from the micro level to the macro level. It is just this simple. If one examines the kidney in this space, one will see that the atrophy and sclerosis have disappeared, the abnormality in the molecules has disappeared, and the kidney has recovered to normal. This is the only aspect I can understand. What the divine Gong of the great enlightened beings can do is beyond the description of language. As long as a person wants to assimilate to the cosmic characteristics of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," the great enlightened beings can help him with everything, and they do not ask for anything in return. But for everyday people, who pursue their personal interest without scruple, only care for themselves, and drift with the tide, the law of ordinary human society will restrict them. If they have damaged kidneys or cardiopulmonary failure it will be hard to impossible to save their lives.

I hope all people who are not deluded will think rationally and seriously about life and science, and consider the life miracles that have happened to Dafa practitioners. When you read Zhuan Falun and other Falun Dafa books, you will find that you have entered a world of truth. There are age-old prophecies about the gods' reappearance in the human world; you, however, don't think it could happen around you. Human beings who are deep in the maze have turned a blind eye to it. Gods created human beings, and the cosmic great Fa created the life environment for human beings. If human beings do things that depart from the morals and standards of existence for lives at this level that was made by the gods, and deviate considerably from the truth of the universe, what faces human beings is a blind alley, with no real science or true insight to show the way.

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