Anomalous Facts--Anomaly #10 Therese Neumann

William Barkley

PureInsight | July 16, 2001

Therese Neumann was a well know Bavarian stigmatist who died in 1962. (Holographic, 110) To me, the most anomalous aspect of her life, other than stigmata, was the fact that she lived without eating or drinking anything for over 35 years! (153) This supernormal ability of hers began in 1923 when she began to exist solely on liquids for several years. Then, in 1927 she gave up both food and water entirely. Again, the remarkable aspect of this anomalous situation, and many others described by Talbot, et al., is that there was (is) an abundance of cynical investigators, witnesses and accompanying documentation. Are we to assume that these hundreds or thousands of investigators and witnesses over many generations have nothing better to do than try to bamboozle us? Unlike many of the 'experts' in our culture who have a vested interest (financial, political, social, educational, personal) in maintaining the established belief system, many of these investigators had nothing to gain and were actually trying to disprove or refute the anomalous events.

Editor’s note: In Zhuan Falun we learn that the capability of living without food or water was a rather common situation for certain types of people. They called it 'bigu'.

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