The Human Body and Yin Yang

PureInsight | November 5, 2001

The human body has been changing continuously over the course of history. With the decline in human morality, the structure of the human body has changed a lot. In the early days, the structure of the human body was excellent. But later, because of the deterioration in moral standards, the human body has become more and more complex.

Why do alien beings value today's human body so much? It is because the body of today's human race is very well designed and provides a lot of conveniences, while the body of the alien beings has a lot of defects. For instance, their male body only possesses the nature of yang, and their female body only possesses the nature of yin, and their appearance is very ugly. If they want to practice cultivation, they can only adopt the method of "double cultivation of a man and a woman", collecting yin to supplement yang and vice versa with mutual complementation for mutual cultivation. The cultivation method of "double cultivation of a man and a woman", which is widely adopted in Tibet, was originally a cultivation way of the alien beings. Today's alien beings lived on the earth a long time ago, and their bodies changed to what they have now. Today, as the Dafa is spreading, people on the earth can return to their origins with their own appearances. They cannot do that if they look like alien beings. Rather, they have to return in the image of gods. The reason why today's human beings have been created in the image of gods is that this Dafa was to be spread in the human world, and the cultivation in the Dafa is completely different from any cultivation ever seen before. The body of future human beings will be even better than that of today's human race, and the structure of the human body will also change. When the moral level of humankind becomes higher, the yin and yang of their bodies will also change for the better so that it will be more convenient for people to practice cultivation. So long as they want to practice cultivation, they will be able to do that. Alien beings can only practice cultivation in couples. If one of them doesn't want to practice, the other won't be able do it, either. They cannot practice cultivation on their own.

Yin and yang involve different dimensions, they are not only manifested in this physical body in this dimension.

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