Another World Underneath a Drop of Water: (Part 4) Snapshots of Mysterious and Beautiful Images

Lin Xiao Xu

PureInsight | March 17, 2003

[] When I casually browsed the book Messages from Water, I was struck by the marvelous photographs of hexagonal crystals. Some crystals were clear and some were hazy, some were intricate and some were simple. The photographs appeared almost three-dimensional, new and different, and very pleasing to my eyes.

At the first glance, the photographs appeared to be the masterful work of a great photographer. However, when one looks closely at the captions of the photographs, one will see that the photographs are results of a scientific experiment. They were the snapshots of water crystallization taken under a microscope by the author Dr. Masaru Emoto, head of the Hado Institute (IHM Corporation) in Tokyo, and his research team.

According to what was described by the chief researcher of the experiment, the following is the procedure used: While in a laboratory set to –5C, an experimenter takes out a glass container from a refrigerator and quickly puts it under a microscope which has a camera mounted to it. A drop of water that has been exposed to a unique mind-intent, or a language, or a form of music, or a word, or a physical factor is placed in the container, which becomes frozen and form a small ice hummock When the light from the microscope shines on it, it causes the ice to start to melt. At the top of the ice hummock, a water crystal is quickly formed which can only survive for a few seconds. The biggest challenge for the experimenters is to focus the camera rapidly enough to capture the beautiful image.

As we can see, the approach used is quite straightforward. For a given set of the test environment, the researchers would conduct the same experiment on approximately ten to a hundred different water samples and then do statistical analysis on them. The photographs of water crystals shown in the book are the most representative of the results obtained. In the experiments, the response of water when exposed to different mind-intents, languages, forms of music, words, physical factors (such as vibrations, microwaves, electro-magnetic waves, etc.) and many other factors have been systematically observed. They are diverse and vivid. The results are so astonishing and wondrous. For example, water samples taken from a lake after an earthquake had just occurred were not able to produce crystals at all. However, after some people said a prayer, the water samples were again able to produce crystals. In another experiment, when the same word, such as "wisdom," was written in different languages and then placed on the labels of different water sample containers, the water crystals produced had the same shape and structure. The water taken from containers that had good words such as "love" and "thank you" placed on them produced marvelously brilliant crystals, while the water taken from containers with the bad words such as "hatred" and "demon" on them made extremely horrifying and ugly water crystals.

Another amazing discovery is that when a piece of ice is just about to melt, the crystal formed looks the same as the Chinese character for water.

The experiments are enough to make us sigh in wonder and ask ourselves how little we know about water. How can water respond to the different emotions and feelings of humans? Is it possible that water has sensory functions and the ability to change according to its environment? Can water distinguish good from evil, beauty from ugliness? If it can, how does it do it? What is the real origin of water? Are there common universal messages that go beyond words and language? Life cannot exist without water. If water is able to sense things, do we need to re-examine our understanding of life all over again? How should we use this knowledge to improve the quality of our lives?

Those questions seem to beyond what the so-called mainstream contemporary science can answer. With the current notions of science, it is difficult to explain how it's possible that emotions, words, prayers and so on can affect the crystallization of water.

There seems to be ways to improve the experiment. The process of crystallization is on a microscopic level and disappears in the twinkling of eye. If the whole crystallization process is shot with a video camera instead of the several still photographs taken from a camera, the results would be more convincing. Furthermore, scientists might start to ask different questions. One question is what kind of transformations are taking place on a physical and chemical level by those emotions, words, mind-intents and so on that can affect water crystallization. Perhaps doing more research in these areas will allow us to better understand the water crystal experiments. In turn, it might breakthrough some of the outdated and rigid mindsets scientists have currently.

However, Dr. Masaru Emoto has no interest in trying to gain more acceptance from the community of mainstream science since what he has realized from his experiments has broadened his vision. He wrote on the cover page of the book Messages from Water:

"Hado (wave) creates words
Words are the vibrations of nature
Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature
Ugly words create ugly nature
This is the root of the universe"

It is obvious that he has raised the significance of his series of experiments to a very high level. When I met Dr. Masaru Emoto in Boston last year, he clearly stated that he had no intention of getting into a debate with the community of mainstream science. Instead, he wants to disseminate the knowledge to people in society so that the public and the younger generations will realize that kind thoughts such as love and thanks can make changes to water and the environment around us.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is invited to many countries to present his research discoveries and philosophical thoughts. He acts as a messenger using his unique perspective to bring forth love in human beings. He has initiated a global activity called "Expressing Our Love and Thanks to Water." He hopes to change the quality of water and purify the Earth's water resources through people's kind intentions. After referring to the mysterious Mayan calendar and prophecy, he has declared July 25th 2003 as the global commemoration day for this activity.

In fact when people can treat water, the source of life, with love and thanks, is it only the water that people will improve? The significance of the water crystal experiments will transcend the imagination of everyone.

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