Reincarnation - Recognizing Belongings from Previous Lives

Shi Wen

PureInsight | May 19, 2003

PureInsight Editor: Present social relations are all based on predestined relationships. The predestined relationship is closely related to reincarnation. In this series we will present some stories on reincarnation picked from ancient Chinese books. We hope that we may be inspired from these stories and realize the importance of treating everyone we meet with a kind heart.

Xiang Jing (A.K.A. Fengren) was born in Henei. When he lived in Wuxing Shire, his daughter died from a disease early in her childhood. On one occasion when the daughter had just fallen ill, she was fooling around with a knife. Her mother was afraid that the young girl might cut herself, so she tried to take the knife from her. In the process, the knife cut the mother's hand.

One year after the daughter's death, Xiang's wife gave birth to another girl. At the age of four the second daughter asked her mom, "Where's that knife? You were cut by the knife when you tried to take it from me. Where has it gone?"

Her mother was shocked and told her husband about it. He asked her, "Do you still have that knife?" His wife said, "I stopped using the knife since our first daughter's death because I miss her so much." Xiang Jing said, "We can mix that knife with several other similar knives to see if the girl can single it out."

The girl was very happy when she saw the knife. She recognized it immediately.


A Detailed Record of The Netherworld (Ming Xiang Ji)

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