A New Method for Treating Children's Body and Mind Diseases

Qing Qing

PureInsight | April 21, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Many parents who have raised children have experienced that most young children are afraid of booming sounds, fire or water. Carol Bowman, an author, is one of those mothers who have had such a kind of an experience. Different from most mothers, she did not ignore her child's fear. Instead, by having the child undergo hypnotherapy she attempted to explore the cause of the symptoms. Her unexpected findings not only changed her way of life but also led her to the front edge of a modern scientific research domain – reincarnation.

Carol and her family live in a quiet residential area near Media, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On March 29th, a dark and rainy spring morning, Carol was interviewed in her studio by a PureInsight reporter. The author of the best seller, Children's Past Lives, told the interviewer how she found the cause of her child's fear from his past life.

On the Fourth of July holiday, when her son Chase was five years old, instead of being delighted as in the past years to view and admire the firecrackers and fireworks soaring into the sky with loud booms, Chase began to cry hysterically. He did not calm down until Carol took him home, far away from the booming explosions. Chase's unusual behavior puzzled Carol very much since he had otherwise been an adventurous and daring child. Later, Chase's fear returned. It was in a swimming pool area, where he heard the loud noises from people diving into the water. Heeding the advice of a friend, Carol attempted hypnotherapy to help Chase to get rid of his fear. What Chase described during hypnotherapy was far beyond Carol's imagination.

Chase, at the very start, said he was an adult soldier, hiding behind a rock and shooting at the enemy. Smoke, flashes and loud booms were everywhere. A bullet had hit his right wrist. The wound was bleeding. He described his various moods and distresses when he was in the battle. Chase's descriptions were so vivid, as if he were personally on the scene. It is virtually impossible for a five year-old child to have undergone such experiences.

Carol was astounded to discover that the location of the wound Chase described on his right wrist was exactly the same location as that of a persistent rash he had suffered since he was a baby. He always scratched that wrist until it bled. Carol often bandaged his wrist to prevent him from scratching and the wrist from bleeding. To Carol's astonishment, within a few days of his regression to the lifetime as a soldier, the eczema on Chase's right wrist vanished completely, and it has never returned. Chase's fear of loud noise was healed, too.

This personal experience caused Carol to become interested in the study of children's reincarnation. Since then, she has devoted herself to collecting and cataloguing the cases of children's reincarnation for more than ten years. She has written two books, Children's Past Lives [1] and Return from Heaven [2] that are based on her studies. In the book Children's Past Lives, the cases of Chase and other children who remembered past lives are described in detail. Chapter one, "A Guide for Children's Memory of Past Lives," is to guide parents to distinguish between the experience of children's past lives and their imaginations, and how to deal with it when your child is found to have memories of past lives. This book has also been published in Chinese.

In her over ten year collection of case studies, Carol said that the thing she felt most touched by was that many children in North America were able to remember and describe their experiences from their past lives. Most of time, their parents just regarded them as children's illusions and ignored them. Some children's psychological problems such as fear are related to experiences in their past lives and could be healed with hypnotherapy. Her purpose in writing the book is to help other parents to better communicate with their children. Communicating with your children when they talk about their experiences of past lives is valuable. Ignoring and suppressing children's memories of reincarnation will be an opportunity lost for healing your children's diseases.

Carol said that her personal experience and her reincarnation studies for the past ten years allowed her to have a deeper understanding of life and death, that a human has not only one lifetime, that his spirit is still alive after he dies.

It is possible to be reincarnated as a human again. Human life is like a stage. Every lifetime is like playing a role on that stage. To be kind to others is the same as your wishing to be treated kindly by others.

She said, "I am not afraid of death anymore since I can continue to love; once I have loved, after being reincarnated I can be with them again. When we have learned how to love, how to live with benevolent compassion, and to elevate ourselves through our [good] behavior and thoughts, we will be lighter and lighter, more and more rational, and finally form one body with the creator of life - god. That is to say, through continued elevation of thought and behavior, one will get closer and closer to the realm of god, become more and more merciful, and know the relationship existing among all lives."


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[2] Carol Bowman, Return from Heaven: Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family, HarperCollins, April 2001.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/4/2/21044.html

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