Tales from the Practice of Medicine: The Case of Nancy (Part 2): My Primordial Spirit Left My Body

Yu Ling

PureInsight | April 7, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Nancy's doctor was too shocked to utter any word when he learned that Nancy had heard the surgeons' conversations while she was under general anesthesia. A few days later, the doctor approached Nancy carefully, asking her to recount her experience in detail.

So Nancy began her story.

"As I was sent into the surgery room, I had a wish in my mind: I don't want to die during surgery while under anesthesia. It is my biggest fear to die during surgery because my mother, uncle, and aunt all died in surgery. Apparently, my family is particularly allergic to anesthesia, a type of allergy that has no cure yet. An injection of anesthetic can kill us. It is as deadly as the allergy to penicillin. There is no way to be resuscitated once the allergic symptoms surface. This is the reason why I specifically asked you to use the minimal amount of anesthesia because I had hoped to be in a semi-conscious state. But in reality, I completely lost my consciousness once the anesthesia was administered.

During the surgery, I felt there were two of me. One lay on the surgery table, while my soul hovered over the surgery table, watching the surgery. I watched you slice tissues off my breasts and close the openings with stitches. I remember each of your skilled movements and procedures. I even had some complaints about the nurses.

I was shocked to hear you casually declare bad news about my breast cancer right in front of me, as if I were not present. Then I realized that my body was still on that surgery table. You had sealed three layers of muscles of my chest with stitches, and applied a different technique for each layer, right? You had experimented with different sizes of plastic tubes before you finally planted one in my chest to prevent liquid accumulation or inflammation, right? You had removed 18 pounds of my breast issues, right?"

The doctor turned blue and made an exit with an excuse to get a cup of water, as if he feared that he might swoon in front of his patient. When he returned to the room after a long time, he said to Nancy, "My god! Fortunately it was you that watched the surgery. If it were God himself that had watched me perform the surgery, I would surely have been afraid to close the incision."

Nancy's unusual experience inspired the doctor to reflect upon his job as a surgeon. He later shared with Nancy some of his thoughts. He said, "Man might indeed be created by God. I thought I have been doing a good deed to remove my patients' body parts in surgery. In the next life, what or who should I reincarnate as in order to avoid the unpredictable punishment for removing peoples' body parts?"

[To Be Continued]

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/2/10/20380.html

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