Modern Science Is Based on Atheism

A Practitioner in China

PureInsight | January 28, 2002

Although science has provided many conveniences for people’s material life, it has also excluded and heavily damaged their morality. Humankind is at one level of being in the cosmos and cannot stay deluded forever. How can their delusions be broken through?

1. The Basis of Modern Science is Atheism

Providing knowledge is just the method that modern science uses to obtain people’s trust, but it is not its true nature. Modern science does not want to admit that it has already exhausted its ability to explore the truth of this universe.

Modern science has a clear standard for selecting which newly found facts and theories that it accepts as the truth. If they can pass experimental testing and become proven according to traditional theories, all those that advocate atheism can be accepted and become a part of mainstream science. On the other hand, those facts and theories that support theism will be completely rejected, even if the actual phenomenon has already taken place and clearly observed. The general attitude is that in such cases, repeated experiments will be needed to see if the original experimental methods or observations were incorrect. In such situations, an excuse will be given stating that the theories of science cannot currently explain the phenomenon at this time and an explanation will be given at a later date when science has advanced further.

Atheism is the essence of modern science.

2. The Fundamental Nature of Atheism is the Negation of the Consequences of Xinxing [Mind/Heart Nature]

The conflict between atheism and theism, as well as the theory of evolution verses creation, only appears to be a conflict between theories; in actuality it goes much deeper than that.

According to religions of the past, humankind was created by gods. Obviously, gods had requirements and expectations for mankind when they first created them. Therefore, the importance of xinxing, de [virtue], and compassion for mankind became a natural and obvious truth for everyone. However, from the perspective of atheism, humankind was not created by gods. Instead, it developed through evolution. At the same time, evolution is based on the theory of “natural selection.” Whether a certain bodily function of an animal will remain or not solely depends on its usefulness. Therefore, xinxing has become unimportant. Some people are still preserving their sense of morality out of their sheer kind thoughts. It is true that modern science has revolutionized the methods of production. However, mass production is just as responsible for the degeneration of human morality as any war or looting is. This is further supported by the theory of evolution, which rationalizes the competitive mentality as something “good” and “necessary.”

Because of its own shortcomings, modern science has become a tool that is destroying human morality.

3. The Theory of Evolution is an Essential Part of Modern Science

The knowledge about matters that are brought to people by modern science should not change people’s faith in gods. Before the founding of the Theory of Evolution, no matter how much knowledge people obtained about matters, it only enhanced people’s faith in gods. That is because people were stunned by the gods’ profound greatness in creating this world. But the situation has completely changed since the birth of the Theory of Evolution, which believes that gods created nothing. When people believe in the Theory of Evolution, they are really abandoning their faith in gods.

The Theory of Evolution is the essence of modern science. The difference between theism/creation and atheism/evolution does not lie in how complex this world is, or whether the earth is the center of the solar system or not, it’s about where the world came from.

The best evidence for people to break away from the Theory of Evolution is the existence of prehistoric civilizations. When the Theory of Evolution is proven to be wrong, the wrong notions taught by modern science will be destroyed at their root. The remaining knowledge about mind and matter will continue their development.

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